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Publisher's Main Spot!

Greetings and welcome to HOA Political Scene 54. I welcome also the new members of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter on board, as I have got some subscribers, since the last time I sent this newsletter.

And, yes... despite the fact that I fed up of the Sudanese revolution and I fed up of the conspiracies in the Horn of Africa, which are still continuing to threaten the simple masses in every state, despite all of that we still have new members everytime. The list of members are still growing.

We are growing and we are in the move steadily after the conspiracy agreement against the Sudanese revolution and the dramatic failure of the revolution. It is still a conspiracy against the masses in Sudan.

In the other states in the Horn of Africa the personal bias are still driving leaders who know nothing about the emergency to integrate and they are still conspiring to make their states fragile and expose the masses to dangers.

Since last week, only after receiving the updates from the UNHCR and until this moment Tigrayan influx into Sudan continues, following 2 weeks of armed conflict. "33,000 Ethiopian people have already crossed the border to Sudan in less than 10 days, with around 2-3,000 more arriving daily", the UNHCR estimates. This is one example. DONATE https://www.unhcr.org.

The continuing support to the network from people I don't know personally have encouraged me to get out of the isolation caused by the failure of the revolution. During the time I stopped sending this newsletter, I engaged in some academic studies and I was busy working some projects to mashup the revolution globally.

Precisely, after the failure of the Sudanese revolution and despite that I have been fed up, I tried to use the same mechanisms I planned for the Sudanese revolution and failed to have the main groups of the revolution to accept them that time, so I tried to shift them to a global revolution.

The demands of such international revolution have been in my opinion since the escalation of the problems that have been caused by Climate Change. As theorist, I investigated the mechanisms to setup the global dynamics of the international revolution.

It was not only climate change, but the impacts of climate change, which are still endangering the lives of the masses everywhere that have encouraged me to successfully build the global dynamics.

Many of you friends know that the Sudanese conspiring agreement has planned to break the protests when they reached the million protestors milestone and has been signed by what's called the power of Freedom and Change with the Janjaweed, who are remnant of the Muslim Brothers' terrorist regime led by Omar al-Bashir.

You know also that the Janjaweed banditry along with the army and security apparatus of the regime of what's called National Congress Party have committed the massacre that has preceded the break of the sit-in in the general command of the Muslim Brothers' army in Khartoum.

I continued to have been very busy to bring these issues to the human rights organizations, especially to those I work with them since the eighties. I also continued to pursue international powers like the EU, some USA decision making circles and the ministers of foreign affairs to understand the Sudanese dilemma correctly.

I urged many of you, dears in the social media before and after breaking the revolution to support these efforts to let the international community know more about the terrorist elements in Khartoum by only signing the memoranda I continued to wire to the organizations.

* This is a reminder to refresh your memory.

When the time passed bye, and the new impact of climate change, which is the COVID-19 escalated, the global revolution mashup in my mind has produced many global lessons to learn from them why we need a global revolution to rise in every place in the world. You will learn the (ins and outs) of this international revolution in videos and on many articles on the sections of the Global Dynamics.

There are more than 100 pages about these dynamics in many languages to learn from them how to setup international revolution. This is why the oppression and the fed up situation and the isolation and the personal attacks that targeted me have all changed positively (against the enemies and the envious biased bad boys) to motivate me to work as hell, to produce all of these projects and even in so many languages for my friends so they will get through to know more and join the global revolution.

The very important thing is that we do not want to do this as the Sudanese people did in their revolution and failed. There are mechanisms and plans to setup first before moving into any revolution.

This is what I was talking about continuously to the Sudanese groups of the revolution before the failure and found out that they don't learn at all. This was also a motive for me to mashup the dynamics of the revolution and change them into international revolution.

Read HOA Political Notes 24 for more explanation.

Now to the other columns in the HOA Political Scene 54.

HOA Political Scene 54 Highlights the Global Dynamics!

Why Do We Need International Revolution?

The world is deteriorating since the end of the Cold War:

  • Climate change is caused by global warming. The melting of the snow brings epidemics. It brings also nature crises, Hurricanes and Tsunamis are not the least.
  • Economies shrink.
  • Our food is poisoned by chemicals and hazardous waste and the following:
  • Planet is at risk with the insane manufacturing of biological, bacterial, chemical and nuclear plus hazardous waste. 
  • Public health is at risk in many places, because of all of that.
  • Innocent people everywhere don't know anything about how life is at risk.
  • The first step in the international revolution is learning.

Humans and planet are facing serious problems, which have been created by classic systems since the era of the Cold War. The policies oriented to end the Cold War have exacerbated all of these problems, which have dangerous consequences in the new world order they have created. So, the world masses are required to save their world. They need the LPE of the Masses Era to do that.

The LPE of the masses era is my present to the global masses. It is a gift of love that will keep giving until life ends. I am giving my efforts and time for the global masses without expecting any personal gains from such great project. I will be head off planning and creating for better future for all. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

HOA Political Scene 54 - Words of Wisdom!

What's the "LPE of the Masses' Era"?

The "LPE of the Masses' Era" is the backbone of the "era of the masses". The method, which is consistent of 3 segments holds some units concerning every aspect of life. It provides the map of the way for intellectuals to make everyone intellectual and improve everything in life.

The strategies and tactics involve two functional areas for the "masses" to go through. The first is the organizational area and the second is the executional. Both of the organizational area and the executional areas have programs, focusing in building the "system of the masses" to replace the "classic systems" of the "ruling elites of classic political parties". So, say farewell to those parties and thank you for what you have done.


Learn more about the "LPE of the Masses' Era" on the following pages and videos:

HOA Political Scene 54 - The Resources of the Global Dynamics!

* In Albanian - Idetë dinamike: Idetë dinamike thonë se epoka e partive klasike përfundoi në praktikë me dështimin e vazhdueshëm të qeverive, të cilat prodhuan katastrofa ekonomike, katastrofa klimatike, katastrofa natyrore që shoqëruan katastrofat mjedisore dhe katastrofat humanitare në të gjithë botën.

* In n Amharic - Invitation to Comment 158: ተለዋዋጭ ሀሳቦች and Invitation to Comment 159: ተለዋዋጭ የፖለቲካ አመለካከቶች: ተለዋዋጭ ሀሳቦች-የዓለም ህዝቦች ክላሲካል የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች መንግስታት የአየር ሁኔታን እየለዋወጡ እና ወረርሽኞችን እያመጡ መሆኑን ማወቅ አለባቸው ፡፡ ዓለምን በትክክል ለመረዳት እና ለመለወጥ ።

* In Bulgarian - Invitation to Comment 155: Динамични идеи and Invitation to Comment 156: Динамични политически мнения: Динамичните идеи също така казват, че ерата на масите е време на масите с техните организации да заменят класическите политически партии.

* In Chinese - Invitation to Comment 157: 动态想法: 动态思想(AFKAR DYNAMICYAH)不仅是关于创造和领导群众时代的思想,而且还建立了群众运动的创造,领导和活动的方法。

* In Czech - Dynamické nápady and České dynamické perspektivě: Chcete-li vést masovou éru nebo se k ní připojit, musíte se organizovat s místními organizacemi a spojit se s mezinárodními organizacemi.

* In Danish - del 1 Danske Dynamiske ideer, del 2 Danske Dynamiske Perspektiver, del 3 Danske Dynamiske Meninger, del 4 Danske Dynamiske Tanker, del 5 Danske Dynamiske Indsigter, del 6 Danske Dynamiske Punkter, del 7 Danske Dynamiske Synspunkter og del 8 Danske Dynamiske Planer.: Alt, hvad der har bidraget til klimaforandringer, er gift med vores mad. Undersøg den mad, du spiser, og spis ikke bare som...

* In Filipino - Dinamikong Ideya, Dinamikong Perspektibo and Dinamikong Pag-iisip: Ang lupa ay nasusunog at ang kalangitan ay nalason ng pang-industriya na carbon dioxide. Ano ang gagawin mo tungkol dito, bilang isang indibidwal?

* In French - Idées Dynamiques, Perspectives Dynamiques Françaises, Opinions Dynamiques Françaises, Avis Dynamiques Français, Pensées Dynamiques Françaises, Vues Dynamiques Françaises, et la septième partie à Théorie Dynamique Française: Tout a contribué aux poisons du changement climatique sur notre alimentation. Examinez la nourriture que vous mangez et ne vous... 

* In Greek - Invitation to Comment 160: Δυναμικές ιδέες, Invitation to Comment 161: Ελληνικές Δυναμικές Ιδέες, Invitation to Comment 162: Δυναμικές πολιτικές απόψεις and Invitation to Comments 163: Ελληνικές δυναμικές προοπτικές: Οι μάζες πρέπει να γνωρίζουν ότι η κλιματική αλλαγή προκαλεί πανδημίες. Πρέπει να διαβάσετε για να κατανοήσετε σωστά και να αλλάξετε τον κόσμο.

* In Hebrew - <a href="https://www.hoa-politicalscene.com/invitation-to-comment164.html">Invitation to Comments 164: רעיונות דינמיים</a>: רעיונות דינמיים: ההמונים צריכים לדעת ששינוי האקלים גורם למגפות. כך ההמונים חייבים לנוע כדי להסיר את המערכת שגרמה לשינוי האקלים.

* In Indonesian Ide Dinamis, Perspektif Dinamis Indonesia, Pemikiran Dinamis Indonesia, Pendapat Dinamis Indonesia, Wawasan Dinamos Indonesia and Pandangan Dinamis Indonesia: Iklim terluka, massa terluka. Ini adalah satu-satunya faktor yang membuat elit penguasa partai politik klasik dengan pemerintahannya korup.

* In Irish Smaointe Dinimiciúla, Peirspictíochtaí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann, Smaointeoireacht Dhinimiciúil na hÉireann, Tuairimí Dinimiciúla na hÉireann and Léargais Dhinimiciúla na hÉireann: Gortaítear an aeráid, gortaítear na maiseanna. Is é an t-aon hata fachtóir a dhéanann mionlach rialaithe na bpáirtithe polaitiúla clasaiceacha...

* In Italian - Idee Dinamiche, Prospettive Dinamiche Italiane, Opinioni Dinamiche Italiane, Insight Dinamici Italiani, Pensieri Dinamici Italiani, Viste Dinamiche Italiane, e parte 7 al Pensiero Dinamico Italiano: Noi masse risolviamo i problemi della nostra pianta, che sono stati creati dalle élite al potere dei partiti politici classici, riunendoci attorno alla LPE delle masse per porre fine all'era dei sistemi classici e costruire l'era delle masse. Prendi le strategie e le tecniche dell'LPE dal veterano attivista, giornalista e poeta Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* In Japanese - Invitation to Comments 165: ダイナミックなアイデア: ダイナミックなアイデア: 大衆は気候変動が流行を引き起こすことを知っていなければならない。 したがって、大衆は気候変動を引き起こしたシステムを取り除くために移動しなければなりません。ダイナミックなアイデア: 大衆は、気候を回復し、健康を改善するために、権力を掌握し、古典的な政治システムを至る所で変える必要があります。

* In Korean - Invitation to Comments 166: 역동적 인 아이디어: 대중은 기후 변화가 전염병을 유발한다는 것을 알아야합니다. 따라서 기후 변화를 일으킨 시스템을 제거 할 수있었습니다. 대중은 기후를 회복하고 건강을 개선하기 위해 권력을 장악하고 모든 곳에서 고전 정치 시스템을 바꿔야합니다. 우리는 공개적이며 정부가 우리를 위해 일하지 않는 한 정부를 선출합니다. 이제 우리는 힘을 얻습니다. 고전 정당의 시대는 끝났습니다. 이제 대중의 시대입니다. 전 세계 시민 단체를 조직하여 선거에 참여하십시오.

* In Latvian - Dinamiskās Idejas, Latvijas Dinamiskās Perspektīvas, Latvijas Dinamiskie Atzinumi and Latvijas Dinamiskā Domāšana: Klimats tiek ievainots, masas tiek ievainotas. Tas ir vienīgais faktors, kas padara klasisko politisko partiju valdošo eliti korumpētu. Klimats tiek ievainots, un tas izraisa epidēmijas ar sniega pazušanu. Tas ir rezultāts klasisko politisko partiju valdībai ar valdošo eliti. Klasisko politisko partiju laikmets ar valdošo eliti ir nodarījis kaitējumu mūsu pasaulei. Klimata pārmaiņas nav vienīgais sliktas plānošanas rezultāts.

* In Malay - Idea Dinamik, Perspektif Dinamik Melayu, Pemikiran Dinamik Melayu and Pendapat Dinamik Melayu: Para elit parti politik klasik yang berkuasa telah banyak merosakkan planet kita. Apa yang akan anda lakukan mengenainya? Masalah yang dihadapi oleh planet kita kerana pemerintahan parti politik klasik yang korup adalah besar. Terdapat kaedah untuk mengusir pemerintah parti politik klasik untuk menyelesaikan masalah planet ini. Kaedah untuk menjatuhkan pemerintahan parti politik klasik memerlukan rancangan penyelesaian dan peta pelaksanaan yang baik.

* In Norwegian - del 1 på Dynamiske ideer, del 2 på Norske Dynamiske Perspektiver, del 3 på Norske Dynamiske Meninger, del 4 på Norsk Dynamisk Innsikt, del 5 på Norske Dynamiske Synspunkter, del 6 på Norske Dynamiske Tanker, og del 7 i Norske Dynamiske Mål: Menneskets liv er i faresonen, så lenge farer som påvirker alle aspekter av livet vedvarer. Klimaendringer med epidemier er en alvorlig fare, og massene i verden er pålagt å lære å vite for å løse et alvorlig problem som dette. Livet er ikke alltid underholdning, å spille forskjellige typer spill, reise og gjøre jobben din for å tjene til livets opphold, så lenge farer som påvirker alle aspekter av livet vedvarer. Klimaendringer med epidemier er en alvorlig fare, og du må lære deg å vite for å løse et alvorlig problem som dette. Hver eneste person blir skadet av politikken til de regjerende elite fra de klassiske politiske partiene! Løsningen på forgiftet planet og problemene våre er i massene! Ta leksjonene fra veteranaktivisten, journalisten og dikteren Khalid Mohammed Osman på Horn of Afrikas nettverk.

* In Persian - Invitation to Comments 167: ایده های پویا: توده ها باید بدانند که تغییرات آب و هوایی باعث می شود اپیدمی ها برای از بین بردن سیستم باعث تغییر اوضاع شوند. توده ها باید قدرت را به دست گیرند و سیستم های سیاسی کلاسیک را در همه جا تغییر دهند تا آب و هوا و بهبود سلامت را بهبود بخشند. ما توده ها هستیم ، دولت را انتخاب می کنیم ، اگر آنها برای ما کار نکنند ، ما قدرت را به دست می گیریم و سیستم ها را تغییر می دهیم.م.

* In Polish - Dynamiczne Pomysły and Polskie Dynamiczne Perspektywy and Polskie Myślenie Dynamiczne: Problemy, przed którymi stoi nasza planeta z powodu skorumpowanej guwernantki klasycznych partii politycznych, są wielkie. Rządzące elitami klasyczne partie polityczne wyrządzają wiele szkody naszej planecie. Co zamierzasz z tym zrobić?

* In Portuguese - Ideias dinâmicas, Perspectivas Dinâmicas Portuguesas and Pensamento Dinâmico Português: As massas precisam saber que a mudança climática está causando epidemias e avançar para derrubar os sistemas políticos. As massas devem tomar o poder e mudar os sistemas políticos clássicos em todos os lugares para recuperar o clima e melhorar a saúde.

* In Romanian - Ideile dinamice, perspective dinamice românești and Gândirea dinamică românească: Partidele politice clasice au eșuat în componența lor, iar schimbările climatice și pandemiile sale sunt teste. Un cuvânt de înțelepciune pentru a rezolva toate problemele globale este într-un termen care spune că corpul sănătos este în mintea sănătoasă. Vei fi schimbarea, atunci când îți vei schimba sistemele, la nivel mondial, prin lansarea mai multor Green Peace și câștigarea alegerilor.

* In Russian - Invitation to Comments 168: Динамические идеи and Invitation to Comments 169: российских динамических мнениях: Динамические идеи: Масса должна знать, что изменение климата вызывает эпидемии. Мы массы, мы выбираем правительства, если они не работают на нас, поэтому мы берем власть и меняем политические системы СЕЙЧАС. Эра классических политических партий закончилась. Это эпоха масс.

* In Slovak - Dynamické myslenie and Slovenské dynamické perspektívy: Masy by mali vedieť, že zmena klímy spôsobuje epidémie. Masy sa musia presunúť, aby odstránili systém, ktorý spôsobil zmenu podnebia. Medzinárodné stretnutia prinesú v dnešnej politike obrovské zmeny a poskytnú riešenia všetkých našich problémov. Masy musia získať moc a zmeniť klasické politické systémy všade, aby liečili klímu a zlepšili zdravie.

* In Spanish - Ideas dinámicas and Perspectivas dinámicas españolas: Las masas deben saber que el cambio climático causa epidemias. Por lo tanto, las masas deben moverse para eliminar el sistema que causó el cambio climático. Las reuniones internacionales traerán grandes cambios a la política actual y brindarán soluciones a todos nuestros problemas. Las masas necesitan tomar el poder y cambiar los sistemas políticos clásicos en todas partes para sanar el clima y mejorar la salud.

* In Swedish - del 1 Dynamiska idéer, del 2 om Svenska Dynamiska Perspektiv, del 3 om Svenska Dynamiska Åsikter, del 4 om Svenska Dynamiska Insikter, del 5 om Svenska Dynamiska Tankar, del 6 om Svenska Dynamiska Synpunkter, del 7 om Svenskt Dynamiskt Koncept og del 8 Svenska Dynamiska Tes: Allt bidragit till klimatförändringarna förgiftar vår mat. Undersök maten du äter och ät inte bara som en dumpning. Du är en trevlig person, du vet bara inte hur de härskande eliterna för klassiska politiska partier ansvarar för att göra klimatförändringar och hur klimatförändringar kan vara orsaken till epidemier. Läs mer genom att prenumerera på veteranaktivisten, journalisten och poeten Khalid Mohammed Osmans nyhetsbrev.

* In Thai - Invitation to Comments 170: ไอเดียแบบไดนามิก:เพื่อที่จะนำไปสู่ยุคมวลชนหรือเพียงแค่เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของมันคุณจะต้องจัดระเบียบกับอวัยวะในท้องถิ่นและเชื่อมต่อกับอวัยวะต่างประเทศ. ยุคของพรรคการเมืองคลาสสิกสิ้นสุดลง ถึงเวลาแล้วสำหรับยุคมวลชนในขณะนี้ จัดระเบียบองค์กรพลเรือนทั่วโลกเพื่อนำพวกเขาไปสู่การเลือกตั้ง. พรรคการเมืองคลาสสิกล้มเหลวในการเลือกตั้งและการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพภูมิอากาศการระบาดของวิกฤตเศรษฐกิจความยากจนความขัดแย้งและความไม่สงบทั่วโลกเป็นข้อพิสูจน์. 

* In Vietnamese - Ý tưởng năng động and Quan điểm năng động của người Việt: Quan điểm năng động của người Việt: Các đảng chính trị cổ điển thất bại và biến đổi khí hậu, bùng nổ khủng hoảng kinh tế, nghèo đói và bất ổn toàn cầu là bằng chứng. "Quần chúng" phải nắm lấy quyền lực và thay đổi các hệ thống chính trị ở khắp mọi nơi để duy trì khí hậu tích cực và an toàn trước đại dịch.

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2 - 9 For Sinbad and Child

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نُشرت مطلع هذا العام

رواية "الموتُ شرقاً" تكشف لك سرّ الموت الشرقي التراجيدي المستمر للإنسان

Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

احصل علي الرواية الآن واكتشف إنهيار القواسم المشتركة، واستلهم إبداعا يشبه الأسطورة في النص الروائي

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