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HOA Political Scene 11!
April 04, 2010

HOA's Political Scene, Edition 11

The eleventh Edition, 4 April 2010

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What happens at HOA since the last week?

Well, the HOA's Political Scene 11 comes this week with the following updates. You read the news last week that ended on March 27, 2010 and here I will continue from that date.

Thanks to our loyal readers, we have more motivated people here to share their opinions and write useful comments. Thanks also to the new susbcribers to the mailing lists both at the HOA's Political Scene Network and the Wise Biz Newsletter. We hope to see more motivated and active sharing.

Once more again fellows, if it is about the convenient language to you. Just write in your native language and I will take care of the rest. You can write in Arabic or even in Tigrinya and Amharic. Try this and I will update you if it was good on the page or not before publishing it. Thanks.

The Frequent Updates:

Apr 4, 2010 – Kenya's Political Scene! The International Criminal Court authorized this week formal investigation into Kenya's post-election violence.

We have a video on the page to watch and hear what is going on. In addition, the Kenyan Ambassador to the UN, Zachary Muburi Muita and many speakers made acknowledgement of the absence of the institutional network in Kenya and many countries in Africa.

Apr 4, 2010 – Alert Sudan! It will be the worst in Sudan history, if the government continues ignoring the opposition's calls for free elections. The dictators only believe in their power and they undermine the opposition. One loyal commentator wrote and built the page above.

Apr 4, 2010 – Alert Sudan - Comment! My reply to the comment is that "They Do Not Want to Be Liable"! They will not step down easily because they are craven to face realities that they make the disasters in the country and to face accountabilities as liable for such disasters.

Apr 1, 2010 – Sudan - Census Defects! Juba's political powers said they welcomed the electoral laws and the composition of the Electoral Commission as well with reservation. They explained that the concerned directions in the presidential power acknowledged the defects in the census and decided to address them. However, the steps made to address such matter are unconstitutional and illegal.

March 31, 2010 – Eastern Sudan Feeds Israel by Human Power! The numbers of Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali refugees in eastern Sudan reached 48000 refugees. Out of the total numbers, 38000 refugees have fled through eastern Sudan to Israel.

March 30, 2010 – Arrest Sudanese Dictator - Comments! I think some powers in the International community make mistakes through some decisions like this one, even without considering the future out comes of these decisions. One loyal reader thinks that the arrest warrant has given the leader of the Sudanese regime more exposure and more credibility.

March 29, 2010 – Sudan - Juba - Memo! Achieving Fair Elections is Not a Priority to the Ruling Party! The memo of Juba's political powers reveals that the authorities are in a hurry to achieve urgent goals.

March 28, 2010 – Juba's Political Powers! As it appears here, this page has received many comments. Juba's Political Powers calls for fair elections in Sudan. They stressed that they will work to preserve security and stability and unity of the country.

Readers and I will enjoy any update in this regard. Please be connected. Thanks.

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Your Commitment: If you can make commitments on the weekends, you can schedule only 15 minutes to read 3 pages and another 15 minutes to post 3 comments on those 3 pages. Many thanks.

I will keep you updated to follow up and read what other people think about the entire political development in the Horn of Africa. I have great concerns on these political developments.

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