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Readers Comment on the HOA's Blog!

Readers Comment is all about love and confidentiality. Readers have proved they love and trust the Horn of Africa's Network.

Here is one of their pages. The HOA's website attracts many readers to comment on the political events in many states in the Horn of Africa. Readers comment frequently on this website. They built the secondary site map 29. There are other secondary site maps by readers like you on this network. Here are the readers' secondary site maps and below them are many pages readers have used to comment.

Readers' Secondary Site Maps

Readers comment, read good and comment good. They already built five secondary site maps. Readers use these secondary site maps and other primary site maps to comment on politics.

Readers Write Good - Readers first read and then comment. They started here with the secondary site map 25 on this linked page. They send it after that to their friends to follow their comments and reply by entering their comments.

Readers Write Comments - on the secondary site map 26. When they use the forms on the main pages, they get to a "thank you" page to download their invaluable gifts to read on useful sources how to use their knowledge to improve their lives. In fact, they also improve their English language when they read the free electronic books we offer here as gifts.

Readers Read Good - Since readers read, so they found themselves motivated and some of them found themselves enticed to comment. So, they built the secondary site map 27 here to comment frequently. They prove that they love and trust this network. So, when would you show your love and comment on their comments here?

Comments - The secondary site map 28 here is extension to the other secondary site maps above. Readers comment here on other political topics and receive entries commenting on their input. This site map supports the other readers' site maps in this network, as we have so many comments that are impossible to include in only one page.

Readers Comment - You are already here on the secondary site map 29. Readers comment here to express their political views on the political events in the Horn of Africa and they actually read to understand more.

Readers also use some projects on this network to write about arts and culture. Here are the main pages they use to build the Horn of Africa's cultural forums:

HOAs Cultural Project - We don't need dreams to face harsh political situations. However, the HOAs Cultural Project walks your dream if you do any kind of visual or performing arts.

HOAs Journalists Project - If you were journalist or freelancer from the Horn of Africa, you should join the HOAs Journalists Project through the Horn of Africa's Journalists Network. It supports journalists and freelancers!

HOAs Poets Project - I operate HOAs Poets Project to unite poets in the Horn of Africa. When we get together and work under the Squadron of Poets, we could gather other intellectuals and save the Horn of Africa.

These projects are supported by some HOA's stores at HOAs Journalists, HOAs Poets and HOAs Poets Bookshop to fund publishing books and help talented people from the Horn of Africa be authors and get published.

Hey, the HOA's projects are not for males only, they are for females too Let's have cheers :,) In fact, I love the letter F for this reason. Ya bye.

Readers Comment on the Following Sudanese Political Topics:

About Darfur - Readers comment on this post a lot. There is somewhat a kind misconception about the Sudan. Some people think that it is a Muslim nation. Others think it is an Arabic nation.

For the first misconception, observers interpret the behaviors of the Arab League when they opposed the indictment of the leader of Sudan for wars crimes in Darfur differently.

This post started by Lindsey O suggests that the refusal of the Arab League came because the indictment was against a Muslim leader. So, what?

About Darfur - Comments - The dialogue about Darfur on readers comment continues here in eight posts between Lindsey and me. I explained the nature of the problems in Sudan and said it is political problems concerning the marginal areas of the country.

In addition, the Islam has never been a problem until the implication of what they call the Sharia Laws during the time of the second dictator, Jafar al Numeri.

Moreover, no popular democratic constitution has stated the Sudan is either Arabic or Islamic state.

Lindsey explains how the organized religion has always been used as a tool to manipulate the population politically. He agreed totally with my expressed thoughts. He added, this is one of the reasons I believe we Americans need to fight so hard to keep our "wall of separation" between church and state.

Crimes Committed By Sudanese Dictators - Ali Nour Eldin wrote on readers comment page and called to document the crimes of the military dictator and the Sudanese national courts should try these crimes. He agrees that the military dictators in Sudan are NIF's members and the National Islamic Front (NIF) has led the coup in 1989.

Crimes Committed By Sudanese Dictators - Comments - The call on readers comment page to try the crimes of the dictatorial regimes in Sudan goes back to the first military regime and the second military regime in Sudan. That means, we need to try the political history of Sudan and bring those military dictators to justice.

Sudanese Military Dictator Tries to Return Civilian - Ali Abdul Rahman wrote on readers comment, the president of Sudan, which is the leader of the religious military regime tries to return civilian. That has happened during the last forged elections in the Sudan. He criticized the regime and highlighted the political, economical and social crises in the Sudan.

Sudanese Military Dictator Tries to Return Civilian, Comments - Ahmed Honor used the form on readers comment and highlighted the political situations that followed the uprising of the Sudanese people in April 1985 and the role of the National Islamic Front in the political events after that.

CONTINUE "readers comment" on the linked pages, read, comment and most of all like and share those pages when you click on the small buttons on "readers comment".

The 14 Primary Site Maps:

Additional Newsletter's Site Maps

Additional Site Maps on Sudan

The 13 Secondary Sitemaps Readers of the HOA Political Scene and Visitors Have Built on this Network:

Use the following comments form to comment on political topics readers comment on them continuously. Thanks.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

Some comments on readers comment are at the section of the page above this paragraph. Use this section on this page or other pages to read more readers comment, or to add your comments.

Solo Build It empowers readers comment and the entire network. Not only that, but it empowers any hobby, or passion you have and help you to do it right from A to Z

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