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The Sudanese Forum is a Serious Political Forum!

The main Sudanese forum is about politics. For cultural, economical, humanitarian and social topics, please see other site maps on this network. The forum of Sudan is the primary site map 7 E and is an extension to some other forums and site maps on different Sudanese discussions.

So, it is apparently that we want to capture you here to read your thoughts about many issues in the devastated land of Sudan, because we are too worried, but waring regarding the sensitivity of the situations in Sudan.

All the problem is that the generations in Sudan have been brought up with wrong political concepts amalgamated with the traditional way of learning in a Muslim society and all of that was associated with the sects in the country to produce warped vulgar political opinions.

This is why Sudan has experienced warped democratic periods, which in turn changed to military coups to worsen the political situations and deepen the political illiteracy in the biggest country in Africa and then prepare it for some Islamic terrorists to rule and then divide the country into two parts.

This is why we need the Sudanese Forum here for serious political discussion, through which you can read good political articles on Sudan in English and in Arabic too at the Arabic HOA Political Scene.

So, no way to escape reading and writing in depth political analyses to the political situations to erase that political illiteracy and deepen modern political knowledge about democracy, freedom, justice peace and secularism. These are the only concepts the Sudanese need to build the new Sudan.

The forum does not work as other traditional forums. It is a modern forum for Sudanese and it works through direct contribution from the visitors of the website and the readers of the HOA PoliticalScene Newsletter.

The forum is not only for Sudanese, though. You can contribute to it discussing, analyzing the political development in Sudan, or writing in depth political articles about it.

It worth saying that the Sudanese Forum is serious with its stand-alone political articles, posts and discussions. So, there is no way to chat and waste your time instead of lighting a candle for others to see here.

You can of course upload photos with your posts through the form, write captions (what the photos are about) and provide your name and email address, to enable the system to send you notifications about your posts and about any response to your posts. Your contact information will not be available to third parties.

The Sudan's forum online spreads into many pages, included with the primary and secondary site maps about this country in the Horn Africas Network. (Excuse me for neglecting the apostrophe).

Please read the Sudanese political topics below this intro, if you wanted to escape it. Here are those site maps with links to some pages:

The Primary Sudanese Site Maps (Modern Sudanese Forum):

Primary site map 7 A, Sudan

Primary site map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles

Primary site map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles

Primary site map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums

Primary site map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums

Primary site map 7 F, Sudanese Forum

Primary site map 7 G, Sudanese Forums

Primary site map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics

The Secondary Sudanese Site Maps (Modern Sudanese Forum):

Secondary site map 21 A, Write about Sudan

Secondary site map 21 B, Comments on Sudan

Secondary site map 21 C, Sudan Online

Secondary site map 21 D, Sudanese Online

Secondary site map 21 E, Sudanese Regimes' Political Crimes

Some cultural pages on this network support the growth of the Sudanese forum and other regional forums. All of those Sudanese forums grow day by day. You can start one of them right away and see it spreading.

Here are some of the posts in the Sudanese forum. Other posts are on the site maps provided on this page above.

The Sudanese Forum's Political Posts!

★ Who Plans Against Ethiopia and Sudan?

- Enkidu Debaba wrote, asking who plans against Ethiopia and Sudan. He criticized Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin and accused him of inferiority complex in his writings about the Horn of Africa.

He further criticizes the Egyptian role in the Horn of Africa during Hosni Mubarak's era and explains that, the Egyptian regime that time wanted to accomplish a plot between Ethiopia and Sudan to engage them in interior conflicts to preserve its interests in the waters of the Nile.

As such, the regime invested the conflicts in Sudan and the political problems in other states in the Horn of Africa to serve its interests.

Who Plans Against Ethiopia and Sudan - Comments

- Admin wrote, asking for more concrete facts in this regard and said love mechanisms could build the nations of love. This is of course when the revolutionary people in the Horn of Africa unite to build strong democratic governments.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Sudan

- Hassan Osman wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly in the Sudanese politics. He criticizes the Sudanese parties in the Sudanese opposition, saying that they have not developed good frame of mind to come with new methods to topple the dictatorial regime.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Sudan - Comments

- Admin replied to his post in the Sudanese forum at this link. However, we need more insights in the political topics from you to enrich the topics of the Sudanese Forum.

Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir is the President of Sudan

- Ameer Salih commented on a page about Omar al Bashir, saying that Omer Hassan Ahmed al Bashir is the president of Sudan. Well, I do not know. Is he really the president?

Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir is the President of Sudan - Comments

- Admin responded to his post and highlighted the political conspiracy the ruling party plans continuously to divide the political powers amongst the Sudanese Opposition and to erase Southern Sudan from the map of the country.

His response was on May 09, 2010 and that means before the factual events that led to the secession of the southern Sudan. We knew from that time the plans of the Military Religious Regime to force the South Sudan to secede for the sake of its economical interests covered by what they claim as Sharia Laws (Shariah, Sharyah Laws).

Democracy is Not for the Mass in Sudan

- Hammed Osman wrote following the political development in Sudan since the independence of the country from Britain in 1956 and said that the Sudanese people have misused democracy and therefore the coups in 1959, 1969 and 1989 were inevitable.

Democracy is Not for the Mass in Sudan - Comments

- The negative orientation may not be intended in this post. Hamed Osman didn't mean that I could understand. But, may be he is so sad and fed-up because many people in Sudan have failed to understand their political problems.

Again, the people need only socialism to understand the political problems in Sudan, work hard to educate the mass and prepare for deep changes in the social and political life in the devastated country of Sudan.

Intimate Eritrean Sudanese Relations

- Admin wrote about his love to the faces, the streets, the trees and the places in Eritrea and most of all how he loves those great people. He explains that the people's relations remain strong in spite of the political events.

Moreover, they should inspire the other nations in the area by their national unity, a goal that has been a priority during the long struggle for the liberation of Eritrea. The revolution has never lost its way. This is the only example of the right revolution to learn from it.

Get inspired and write about the great Eritrean people, whether starting from the period of the liberation war, or now.

Lam Akol Ajawin

- Admin wrote asking whether the Sudanese politician, Lam Akol is cool politician or not. He asked further where did he stand at the time of his post.

The questions were obviously to read the political attitudes of Lam Akol and understand why he chose to stand sometimes with the ruling dictatorial party and sometimes in the opposition. Is all the mater just personal interests?

Those three posts in the Sudanese forum has not enough follow up. Share your views on them.

Numbers of Eritrean Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan

- Admin wrote about the Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in Sudan in two periods. He provided a statistically the increase and the decrease of those numbers through history.

The Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi appealed to Egypt during the era of the former president Husni Mubarak to deport the Eritrean refugees in Cairo to Ethiopia in 2008. He planned to use the Eritrean refugees against Eritrea.

Numbers of Eritrean Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan - Comments

- Anonymous wrote about the UNHCR process to resettle some thousands Eritrean refugees out of those numbers in some western countries. The process has been carried out and first quota of the refugees arrived to some Scandinavian states.

Psychology of Fear Will Turn into Uprising in Sudan

- Taking this term Admin has written about saying that the Psychology of Fear has Political Aims in Sudan, Omer wrote in the Sudanese Forum explaining the psychology of fear in Sudan more and predicting that it would turn into uprising in the country.

However, since his post on Thursday, June 17, 2010, nothing has happened to prove that he , or even Admin were right. If we took the situations under our microscope, we would say surely that the people have lost the appetite to revolt against their masters.

Dictators Plan Imminent Secession in Sudan

- Enkidu Debaba wrote about how the Sudanese dictators have prepared for the secession of the south and said, the leader of the military regime spent five years singing and dancing during public meetings instead of making strong commitment and taking action to strengthen the unity of the country, the democracy and the equality.

The two posts above have not enough follow up in the Sudanese forum. You can make them rich and strong by sharing your political views on the topics.

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What Other Intellectuals Have Said

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الجهل السياسي للمسألة السودانية 
وسائل الاعلام الاوروبية والاميركية وعلي وجه الخصوص الدنماركية تتمتع بجهل سياسي واضح للمسألة السياسية السودانية خاصة مشكلة دارفور. لهذا تظهر اخطاء التقديرات …

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أنباء سودانية Not rated yet
أخبار الحركة الجماهيرية الاثنين 5 يونيو 2017م نشرة يومية تصدر عن مكتب الاعلام المركزي للحزب الشيوعي السوداني العدد رقم 187 الناطق الرسمي للحزب …

متابعات الساحة السياسية السودانية Not rated yet
💢 أخبار الحركة الجماهيرية السبت (8) يناير 2017م 💢 نشرة يومية تصدر عن مكتب الاعلام المركزي للحزب الشيوعي السوداني العدد رقم (38) 💢 الحزب الشيوعي …

HOA WhatsApp Political Dialogue! Not rated yet
There is not much HOA WhatsApp Political Dialogue in fact, but this is a dynamic issue to consider, if you are interested in the holly message of the HOA's …

حوار سياسة في واتساب جات Not rated yet
: واحد زميلي وصديقي اسمه ابو بكر استشهد (الله يرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته) استشهد في الحرب الاثيوبية-الارترية الاخيرة كان بيغني (بركة انت الجيت... سمح …

البداية الرسمية لتأبين السودان كأكبر قطر في افريقيا Not rated yet
غدا التاسع من يوليو 2011م تبدأ إحتفالات الإستقلال في الجنوب السوداني و مسيرة الدولة الجديدة في جنوب السودان، و بذلك يبدأ التمزيق الرسمي لوحدة هذا القطر …

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