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HOA Political Scene 30!

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This is not all that happens in the Horn of Africa in this edition of HOA Political Scene 30. However, it is the most important issue that threats to make the situations in Sudan worse than before.

The political opposition in the country needs to move faster than the wind to stop the projected explosion.

Referendum Raises Uncertainty, Fears of Expulsions and Explosions!

Concerns about the situations of hundreds of thousands southerners living in north Sudan after the referendum raise fears of expulsion and insurgency both in the north and in the neighbouring states in the south if secession is implemented.

The two parties to the incomprehensive peace agreement in Sudan are not aware of the matter because they concentrate on their economical and political interests as well as their relations with the American Administration. Sudan now is being the last to think of it. What will remain of Sudan will neither be of their interests too.

While the two parties pray to the American Administration, each from its side, they ignore the risen challenges on the face of the referendum. They already plan for secession, although each party claims to be working for the unity of the biggest country in the African continent.

What Does the American Administration Cook for Sudan?

The public in Sudan is not that aware of the conspiracy the illegitimate regime of Sudan plays with the American Administration to get the south seceded from the north. However, great numbers of those people who have concerns of the matter test their impulses every time they discuss this matter.

If we said, those Islamic gangsters in the north do not care, I wonder if the administration in the south aware of the capacity of the problems in the future if they secede or not!

As some news here and there suggest, it is neither the numbers of the southerners in the north nor the half-castes Sudanese and the others of mixed marriages are the potential victims. All the Sudanese people in the entire country will be the victim that neither of the two parties sees.

In their efforts while praying to foreign powers, Sudanese vice-presidents of the un-national Congress Party requests the American Administration to close the ICC's file against his president.

Not ashamed of his request while he pled to the American Administration in his speech before the conference of New York last week, Ali Osman gave the signs of obedience to the American Administration.

He leaves many questions about the conference of New York that discussed the political situations in Sudan in the lights of the referendum in the south.

His acceptance to delegate with foreign power to solve interior problem while neglecting talks with the national political powers inside the country to solve their own problems should be considered a national conspiracy that the Sudanese people should take justice to charge him.

He made his request although his regime has not taken any serious steps for salvation with the political power neither in Darfur nor in the north, as the crimes committed in Darfur have not taken place and the regime has not made any positive move for the prosecution of war criminals.

So why should the American Administration influence the ICC to drop the case?

The regime also rejected the recommendations of the African High Level Implementation Panel for Sudan (the Committee of African Elders) to form mixed courts to treat the criminals.

The regime also escapes from solving the political problems through the comprehensive national conference the opposition works to achieve. All of that means the regime neglects hearing the nationals to solve the national problems of their own country and instead of that, it sent his vice-president to request a foreign power to solve the problem.

I do not know how such person meets Sudanese people or even talk to them after this. They are alike to the Sudanese nationals. They never felt ashamed of their own shameless behaviours.

Since the prestige of the Sudanese people downgrades by such elites, I expect the people to take positive action to correct this situation sooner.

Uprising is the best solution to the complexity of the political situation as it will help the opposition have a strong foothold of the situation, stop the referendum, re-organize the situation again, prepare for an alternate referendum or even bypass it by full agreeable measures between the regions of Sudan after the comprehensive national conference.

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