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HOA Political Scene 29 ________________________ 19 September 2010

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Since Ramadan until now, I had a break and I did not work in the Horn of Africa's Blog. I also stopped sending the newsletter in that month.

To many friends and me, Ramadan is a month for a break. Thanks God for teaching Muslim people by your holy verses to stop fighting in this month.

But God, I am not sure if those elites in Sudan who rule the people by your name were Muslims or not! If they were Muslims, so why did they kill other Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan?

Remembering our martyrs is a must to keep their presence alive in the political scene of the country. It is necessary because they have paid their souls to retain democracy to the people.

When they chose to sacrifice for the country, they gave us good signs of ideal self and self-renunciation at the same time, composing a heroic theme in the modern Sudanese history.

I encourage their families and friends to continue celebrating their memorials and to plant trees by their names in different public locations in the country and in public places that are difficult to replace by any buildings or instalments.

Such activities should also include the Martyrs of July 1971. It is useful to do such activities every year in the day they sacrificed for the country and in the national and the international days.

Since Ramadan until now, I had a break and I did not work in the Horn of Africa's Blog. I also stopped sending the newsletter in that month.

However, I enjoyed the time reading about Greece and building more content at the 100 Beautiful Sites in the World, trying to forget politics in that holy month.

Why did I spend the time reading about Greece?

The answer is simple. You can get it first at the following links:


... and then locate more new pages about Greece at:


I know some of my friends had good memories with their Greek mates in some countries in the Horn of Africa since the early fiftieth and the early sixties. Many countries in Africa became independent during that time.

These memories are not only useful, but they are great to share, so other international readers could learn more about friendship, hospitality, integration, cultures of the people, civilization and the development of the societies.

Come, read, feel familiar with such topics and drop me some lines of appreciation.

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