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HOA Political Scene 44!

HOA Political Scene 44 _________________________06 Mars 2011

HOA Political Scene 44 continues this week with some new highlights to the political events in North Africa and the Middle East.

Simple political facts disclose the intentions of some political leaders in the third world to make the political situations worse in their countries. Libya and Sudan are just examples to the (development of the deterioration) I mentioned in HOA Political Scene 43 here.

However, it is always good to read the past with open minds to learn the political lessons better. It is absolutely that some people will miss it off and some will paralyze when they watch or hear the political news.

That tends not to be the case in an ever-developing world and especially in the fast tempo of the modern life and the spread of the news. A flash back to the past could help solve some points of the political puzzle.

I have no wonder ever about what happens. It is the result of our political understanding and our political attitudes and reactions. It is clear as that. However, when people get back to realize things in their places and times, they will see clearly, why those erupting countries in North Africa and the Middle East get to that situation.

Who is there to blame? Would we blame the ruling elites, the exhausted people or their luck to have good, modern, well-educated and secular leaders?

Let us reflect and live our political reflection to see political things better.

Enjoy your HOA Political Scene 44.

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That would probably increase the numbers of subscribers in the database and offer them options to reorganize them with USHA and use the USHA Project as their own to refresh the political life in the Horn of Africa and East Africa and achieve positive political changes.

Why Tragicomedies Rule the Third World?

The first political column in HOA Political Scene 44 Newsletter:

A while back, I wrote about some colonial powers coming back to the third world wearing the imperial masks and using many international human rights organizations to claim civilization and to accuse our people of being ignorant, hysterical and not practical at all.

The accusation is partially, correct. Take care of this and understand it correct before getting angry for no reason. It is only that when we get back to see our acts in the past, and even now and then analyze and understand them from different angles, that we will see ourselves better and understand our attitudes to improve ourselves.

I even asked many times, why nationals got their independence because of the fact that the situations have continued to deteriorate since the days of the independence in the 1950s and the 1960s of the 20th century.

There are mistakes and gabs in our understanding and knowledge about the political development in our world since those days and in the way, we look to the international powers. We should revise all of this on the bases of mutual respect to strengthen the international peace and prove good citizenship and modernization.

The colonizing powers knew since the time that they got their feet out of the countries in Africa and Asia, those countries are rich by hidden natural resources. When the nationals forced them to evacuate their countries, they left tribal, monarchists, rightist and sectarian parties in many countries in the third world.

They knew very well, those parties control traditional simple people that time whom they cheated by religious beliefs or just had been innocents and have no great knowledge about modernization or even good education to differentiate between what belongs to God and what belongs to the state.

They follow the preaching of their spiritual leaders more than they follow their God. They think the way to the paradise goes through the acceptance of those spiritual leaders. Therefore, political ignorance has the lead all the way from the independence days until now to produce weak people, and people that lack deep global knowledge.

That does not necessarily mean there are no good or well-educated nationals in any state in the area. However, those good nationals had no chance to improve and control the political power since the independence. They know this fact and they work, perhaps behind the scene or in public to improve the political situations in those countries. The way is tough and hard for the secular socialist parties. The job is great and it needs sacrifices, consistency and persuasion.

The last political development in North Africa and some countries in the Middle East has the impact of imposing the negatives that cover the entire area, including the Horn of Africa. It aims to produce a chaotic situation whereby the nationals would call for international actions, which would be the launch of a new era of a new colonization.

The gates are wide open. Meanwhile, the chaotic situation continues to demand the rules of what they call the new world order, which in turn is not more than a gate to get a foot in the national soils to exploit the hidden treasuries for the benefits of great international powers in the time of the international economical crisis and the recession.

Surprisingly, religious parties who were supported by some of these international powers since the forties of the 20th century take the glove to lead the action against their creators. Tragicomedies have never stopped in the third world.

If you care that much and want citizen journalism in the right place, please do bring your ideas in and let us get together to encourage composing the popular fronts. Use the form at the bottom of HOA Political Scene 44. Thanks.

People in Libya and Sudan Should Stop the Chaos!

The second political column in HOA Political Scene 44 Newsletter:

The following is a political analysing and it has nothing to do with political attitude against Gaddafi or in his favour.

Moderate people in the Middle East who follow the English channels of Algazeera and other channels in the Arabic world understand very well why the entire area in the Gulf is against the Libyan President Gaddafi.

Gaddafi has accused many times the leaders of the area for being western elements or even Americans. He knows by using this political idea, he will get respect from many nationals and become a hero. His last visit to Venezuela has provided him with a new look and feel to react against any international interference.

He meant it when he said that he will die as a hero in his national soil sending a warning that he will never be in Saddam Hussein's situation and he absolutely means every word he said. He decided to die holding his weapon up. Maybe he sees himself in a great statue in the future standing high in Tripoli for the nationals to respect for as long as his nation lives.

PAN AM Flight 103, Lockerbie, LibyaPAN AM Flight 103, Lockerbie, Libya

The tragicomedy of this situation is that, whether he died as he wishes or not, billions of Libyan dollars are now in the hand of those powers he fights against them. They dragged him all the way through Lockerbie until he got what seemed as international reputation to dismantle him of this treasury.

The Libyan national revenues are already out of control and the fight continues to suck the blood of the Libyan people. The best political practice some political powers implement seems as using national leaders as cartoons to control their own lands.

What will happen in Sudan may not be more than this if the political powers in the opposition had not controlled the political scene by positive acts to overthrow the dictatorial regime in Sudan and before the axe hits their heads.

The only difference between Libya and Sudan is that, Sudan has well organized political opposition that runs day and night against the dictatorial regime and they can defeat this regime while working with it to retain democracy. Smooth approach to retain the lost democracy could be well done in a short term.

However, while the process is underway, the socialist parties should take care of many lessons they have learned through the periods since the independence of Sudan in 1956 until now. However, the dictatorial regime plans for a new chaos in the country by supporting the militias' network in Abeiy.

They should disclose the intension of the dictatorial regime to open the war through the Abeiy's gate and make the chaotic situation worse and they should move every way possible to solve this situation.

The east does need the west and the north does need the south. Get us the South Sudan back.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 44 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment form and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.

Khalid Osman's Digested Quote of the Day!

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Love Whispers!

It does this sometimes when you relax your ears to listen to the whispers of the breeze. Make your delicate sensation like the gentleness of a breeze, so that you can listen to its whispers.

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