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Green Peace Should Accuse International Governments of Planting Coronavirus!

Before YOU read GREEN PEACE, have you ever thought of why epidemic diseases like the coronavirus exist in this era MORE after the attacks of the Ozone by international governments and after the disappearance of the snow? Green Peace: must launch in every state in the world with branches in many localities to enter elections & win to rule the world, says Khalid Mohammed Green Peace: must launch in every state in the world with branches in many localities to participate in elections and win to rule the world, says activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

Before you read, take these notes in focus too:

The Queen of Denmark, was certainly misinformed and she missed the points when she said lately, in the time of the corona virus: Dronningen: "Vi bør ikke panikke over klimaforandringerne". The queen of Denmark: "We should not panic over climate change".

How could we not panic, as long as we know that the snow was making part the environmental balance and the insane industries along with burning the forests have made it possible for the earth to degrade and suffer from such change and to suffer from pandemic diseases, such as the coronavirus, which spreads globally and carry more people to graves?

How could we not care, when such pandemic disease is found because the industries have destroyed the balance of nature? 

Green Peace People Should Understand How Capitalism Works!

GREEN PEACE was the first intelligent environmental activism to care about the safety of the EARTH, our planet and the mother nature. Will you please just change polices. It is not enough to only work environmentally, as long as the governments in the world prove to be careless and they actually continue the destruction of our planet.

In fact, they are not careless. To put it accurately, they are determinant to continue the destruction of our Mother Earth. They do that by implementing different methods industrially and militarily and space-based activities and for many reasons connected to the conspiracy theory of capitalism to dominate the world.

Capitalism isn't just an economical concept, or theory, or a mindset of a social class, which theoretically and practically works to make everybody rich. Even this claim of making everybody rich never exist in factual world, as not everybody can get rich and not even the most active and talented people.

Capitalism chooses representatives for it from even the socialist class... those selfish people in power who are only dreaming of becoming rich even if their people die. It chooses them also from superior intelligent folk with ambitions to become rich and they concentrate all their lives on their own interests and thus they don't care about the masses.

You can see many examples like this when you look at the chances so many active and talented people have for a long long time and never get into any level of richness.

Capitalism with Allies Create the New World Disorder!

Yes, they do. And this is not only disorder of climate, but disorder in so many states where there are conflicts and even proxy wars carried by allies against the same race and cultural beliefs. You see this everywhere, which proves that this is a real era of disorder in everything.

If you looked at the natural crises and even to the human made crises before the new world order, that's to say in the Cold War era, you can see clearly the big difference and know exactly that the crises from all sorts that followed the new world order are greatest.

Capitalism made that possible through the new world order, as it appears nearly that there is no order at all, but wars, mass massacre and climate changes everywhere.

Capitalism control many big and individual small companies to create consistently a lot of entertainment, such as electronics, electronic games and similar products that revolve around the world in non-vital matters.

No matter how some of these products improve the minds of users, but they build more personal intent for every user. War and destructive games can improve cruelty and a mindset of a criminal and even promote ways of hatred for some other folk.

Chatting apps open for other personal behavioral matters and engage folk in bla bla bla discussions, even while their lands is burning and so they expire their anger, instead of boiling it in plans to oust their totalitarian rulers, or pouring it in plans to solve the crises of their lands and unit people.

Many other products engage people in things that are not so vital to real life. They even create a crazy consumer who wants always to run after new products, so this a great way to exploit personal attention and turn it towards things that doesn't matter that much.

So, capitalism is just a destructive conspiracy theory that has power over loads of military forces and security agents overseas. Its work is exclusively targeted to conquer and control the poor world. When it finds great powers like it but that power stands in the verge of the opposite side, it plans conspiracies, or build more military power to threaten and break the other opposing block.

It has the plans and the equipments and tools to do that, in addition to herds of national conspirators everywhere.

This happens, while the world should go peacefully all together to prosper together, so no one single poor state is left behind.

Therefore, GREEN PEACE should do nothing about all of that. It doesn't only the matter of climate change that is endangering the people life on earth, but it is also what this power, which is the sole player does for climate change to exist.

Capitalism will never refrain and get back to human mind until there's a power that can awake the world and launch a strong network of all those nature lovers to get the balance of nature back.

Green Peace Must Launch Branches and Rule the Globe!

I said at the start of the environmental article, GREEN PEACE must do this and that. In fact, it is not precisely Green Peace, but the call is for the masses of the world, the masses I believe in everywhere and who are the sole makers of important decisions in life about the way they live and the way they want their planet and nature to be.

The masses are the ones who have the power to change the classical system of making governments. Making governments shouldn't be always by the political parties we have to get into elections and then the masses everywhere vote for them to create the governing system. The world masses should change this classic picture. Here's how!

These political parties everywhere have proved constantly that they lack credibility and transparency. They work for their own interests and the interests of big multibillion dollar companies, which have create them.

They have contractors in so many industrial, military, security and trade field. So, the matter of governing has only tied with limited interests that belong to the ruling classes everywhere, but not to the masses, despite the fact that the masses vote for them and bring them to powers everywhere.

The solution to this and to the disasters they create everywhere in the world and the crises of the climate change is that the masses of the world do the political work they do and change the classical voting and ruling systems to their benefits. It is the era of the masses I believe in everywhere. They should make history and especially new history in the world ruled by the representatives of the Green Masses.

Comments and Responses of a Green Peace Activist on YouTube!

In a response to a comment I posted on a movie on YouTube with the kind of science that interferes with the balance of the nature, or the natural balance of the climate, one viewer said: Why? So God can destroy us all at the end.

My comment was as I said to leave what God has created to God and never interfere with the creation of God. So, that was the response of the commentator.

I then posted the following saying that "Those who belief in any God they have, they belief that the life is a creation of God. They believe that God has created the world with natural balance.

That natural balance has kept the world safe for long, until worldwide capitalist governments have attacked the Ozone, destroyed that balance, made the snow melting and paved the way for many epidemic diseases, like the corona virus to exist.

In fact, those governments destroy our lives daily. The masses of the world should take them down. Fact is, superficiality rules nowadays. See".

I followed that saying: Chunkboi, Now look, as your response was based on the term "science", look at how some ruling powers use that science, which supposed to save and develop humanity to destroy humanity. You have examples in chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and microbial weapons and what is hidden is greater. See

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