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The Sudanese Rising Must Achieve Difficult Goals!

The Sudanese rising has difficult goals to achieve, indeed, no matter how far it's successful. Until there are national plans in place to exclude the religious and sectarian sects, no way.

You may wonder what these goals the revolt in Sudan must achieve. Of course, they are not just about throwing out the military religious regime of what's called the National Congress Party, led by the Sudanese criminal Omar al Bashir. Sudanese Rising: يوميات الإنتفاضة السودانية في يناير 2019م. Diary of the Sudanese Intifada in January Sudanese Rising: يوميات الإنتفاضة السودانية في يناير 2019م. Diary of the Sudanese Intifada in January 2019.

Intro to the People's Rising in Sudan!

This page you are about to read has difficult challenges for Sudanese. For others, it highlights what happens in Sudan nowadays in the revolution and rising up in Sudan, to conquer Sudan's enemies after long decades of Sudanese failure.

But, to conquer the enemies is not that all we need from the Sudanese rising. First of all, who are the enemies of Sudan?

You'll learn about that. But, even before reading absolutely invaluable story here, it's worth to know the following:

The Sudanese rising on this page is part 5 of a very long political story about Sudan and what happens there. Since the article is long and in facts it makes a book, I think to publish sooner, I divided it in the HOA Political Scene Network into five parts.

Part 1 is at Sudanese revolution. Part 2 is at Sudanese intifada. Part 3 is at Sudanese protests. Part 4 is at Sudanese uprising. So, you definitely need to read these parts and then continue here, and then later get the full story in my book.

You'll find the book sooner with other books at the right column. It might have already been published, if you are reading this article after 22 February 2019.

In the Sudanese uprising page, I ended with enlightenment on the participation of ABADAMAC Cultural Union in the Sudan's rising events. Here, I continue with that role of ABADAMAC along with the other Sudanese political groups to achieve the success of the Sudanese rising.

Continuing the Role of ABADAMAC in the Sudanese Rising!

* Before reading this, if you have any role as a political group in the Sudanese rising, share your efforts through the comments form at the end of this page. Thanks.

This is a continuation to what you have read on the Sudanese uprising page.

To eliminate any confusion made by the ruling Muslim Brothers, we continued to say that the planned scheme of the Muslim Brother in Sudan was clear when they spilt.

They spilt into National Congress party, led by the criminal Omar al Bashir and People's Conference Party, so we siad that was just another scene in the sarcasm of the Sudanese political theatre and it's part of the Sudanese Political Caricature.

Not only that, but we continued to enlighten the conspiracy theory in Sudan, as it is primarily the active part of the Muslim Brothers' Conspiracy Theory to rule Sudan for ever and rob its treasury.

Going on with such national efforts, we at ABADAMAC arrived at September commemoration for the martyrs of September revolution, with great ideas. In fact the ideas preceded that event.

One of the ideas is on how to organize and come up with different public events to celebrate the virtues of the Sudanese martyrs in special day called the Sudanese Martyrs Day, with some good public activities.

The most best of all those ideas is the idea of the Sudanese martyrs Tree, I invented from my environmental activities in Eritrea, immediately after the independence of Eritrea from Ethiopia.

See environment and environment protection to know how great ideas like the idea of the martyr's tree has succeeded and achieved planting more than 5,000,000 martyr's trees in a matter of only few months, and how it built Eritrea its environment organization!

The idea of the Sudanese Martyrs Actions is to encourage public sharing in planting trees by the names of September martyrs and continue to celebrate every martyr by planting a tree for each martyr in every memorial of anyone killed by this bloody regime.

That means the celebrations will continue through public activities that rise as a secret weapon for the Sudanese rising from the idea of the martyr's tree and through the Martyr's Tree Project.

In addition, there would be a day for celebration in every month and that's because there's no month in Sudan left without having the people to lose someone dear, by either being killed, or imprisoned and died from torture.

Using September events to commemorate the September martyrs was one of the strategies in the framework of the September events, thought by ABADAMAC to eliminate the Sudanese terrorists regime, no matter that the people didn't go with the ideas, although many activists in the revolutionary groups have appreciated the ideas.

ABADAMAC Revolutionary Activities with Suggestions to Other Sudanese Revolutionary Groups!

Prior to any other Sudanese revolutionary group, ABADAMAC, rose as the phoenix rising and began to come with revolutionary ideas.

The revolutionary ideas were followed by suggestions for other Sudanese nationals in the Sudanese national movement raise the Sudanese political conscience and to pave the right way to the Sudanese revolution. All of that was for the sake of making the Sudan's political scene perfect.

The ideas of the Sudanese martyr's tree were perfect. In addition, many wirtten Sudanese political articles in English and other languages, such as the Sudanese Arabic political articles have been published with more ideas, until we came up with the idea of the Sudanese Tigers, in Arabic Annumor AlSudanyah.

Through the Sudanese National Anger Day, ABADAMAC has made it clear that we need urgent strategies in the framework of September uprising, as it appears in Arabic at Invitation to Comment 31 - استراتيجيات في اطار فعاليات سبتمبر للقضاء علي الارهابيين في النظام السوداني.

During that Sudanese rising, the Sudanese Cultural Union of ABADAMAC began the retribution for Sudanese martyrs in September, under the title of the Sudanese martyr's Day, in Arabic (Invitation to Comment 40: اتحاد ابو دماك الثقافي السوداني يبدأ فعاليات القصاص للشهداء السودانيين في سبتمبر، عيد الشهيد السوداني).

To enhance the People's Movement in Sudan, before September, ABADAMAC published many articles, you will find here, to say in one of them that the Psychology of Fear has Political Aims., with commentaries at the Psychology of Fear has Political Aims, Comments.

In fact, after 2001, plans have been in place to go further with political enlightenment in Sudan and explain exactly how to Pick Up the Uprising Now.

No matter what the security agents of the Sudanese dictatorial regimes do to strike demonstrators, bomb them, imprison them and torture them to death, there's always a way out for the Sudanese rising to succeed.

The promise of ABADAMAC was that the Psychology of Fear Will Turn into Uprising in Sudan, now matter how many martyrs we are going to lose in the way of the revolution. See also Psychology of Fear Will Turn into Uprising in Sudan Comments.

During the Sudanese national picket, in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 64: العصيان المدني للشعب السوداني), we said to encourage the people that the picket should continue with ideas until the victory of the Sudanese people, as it appears at Are You Intellectual 53: اعتصام مدني سوداني حتي النصر.

At the same time, we urged that the picket will paralize, or make the autism of the regime clear and we said that there's no way-out for the Sudanese regime and we shouldn't ever forget and forgive, as it appears in Arabic at (Are You Intellectual 55: لا مخارج لنظام القمع الكيزاني ولا عفا الله عما سلف). It worth repeating that to remember well.

Before the full implementation of the so called Sudanese Comprehensive Peace agreement with the movement of South Sudan, which has proved that it wasn't comprehensive, and during the time of the Referendum in Southern Sudan, ABADAMAC has discussed in may political articles the outcome of such political scam in Sudan.

See Background on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Background on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement Comments, Comprehensive Peace Agreement Perplexed Sudanese and Comprehensive Peace Agreement Perplexed Sudanese Comments.

The real existence of a new Sudan, not as the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) hopes, but it is really in the virtues Sudan has in its stretch to million square miles, or as I explained in many articles, such as Invitation 1 HOAs Friends: Beautiful Existence is in Kindness, Love and Unity in the One.

When the Sudanese National Committee for Civil Disobedience and Change (Khalas) issued a statement in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 68: بيان اللجنة القومية للعصيان المدني والتغيير خلاص), more political powers has joined the actions of the Sudanese revolutionary youth.

These actions, as I stated prior, started first by the Sudanese Youth for Change (APARK) and we at the General Council of the Coalition of Sudanese Opposition Abroad wrote the declaration of civil disobedience abroad, in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 71: مذكرة اعلان العصيان المدني في الخارج) and submitted a memorandum to human rights organizations, published in Arabic at (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 104: المجلس العام لتحالف قوي المعارضة السودانية بالخارج يتقدم بمذكرة دولية ضد النظام السوداني الديكتاتوري) with commentaries at (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 104: المجلس العام لتحالف قوي المعارضة السودانية بالخارج يتقدم بمذكرة دولية ضد النظام السوداني الديكتاتوري Comments).

Immediately after these activities in the mass of the Sudanese rising, human rights organization issued various condemnations and called the international community for taking international actions against the Sudanese totalitarian regime.

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) said in a statement, "peace and stability will be achieved in Darfur only by prosecuting war criminals", in Arabic Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 105: المدعية العامة للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية تقول ان السلام والأستقرار لن يتحقق في دارفور الا بمحاكمة مجرمي الحرب.

In fact, the first memorandum was damaged. When forwarded to me for editing and translatng, I achieved the two process, professionally, returned the copy to my political group and took copies from it to distribute it with ABADAMAC memoranda to my resources in the human rights organizations.

I urged the group, as well as ABADAMAC, which I have created to use relevant organizations, such as those for children, women, as gender issues and organizations for journalists and social welfare. I did that for my first group ABADAMAC.

A well known political female fighter in the Sudanese Communist Party of Sudan (SCP) died during the Sudanese people rising in London. I had been overwhelmed by sadness and sorrow, not only because I knew her, but also because I knew her hard struggle and I have been dreaming of that day the communists will rise someday, especially during the military movement for correction in July 1971. That's another story.

ABADAMAC wrote the farewell message to the mother of Sudan, Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, in Arabic (Invitation to Comment 33: كلمة اتحاد "ابو دماك" في وداع أم السودان فاطمة أحمد ابراهيم) and then published in Arabic also (<a href="">Invitation to Comment 34: شهيدة الوطن المختضّ</a>).

Those articles were followed by publishing a remarkable article by the Sudanese veteran fighter Kamal al Jazouli Titled "Fatima: In the wave of eternal farewell", in Arabic (Invitation to Comment 37: فَاطِمَة: فِي تَلْويحَةِ الوَدَاعِ الأَبَدِيِّ).

I publshed after that many other articles about her, such as Sudanese communist activist Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim defended women's rights at the National Democratic Rally, in Arabic (Invitation to Comment 38: المناضلة الشيوعية السودانية فاطمة احمد ابراهيم كانت تدافع عن حقوق المرأة بالتجمع الوطنى الديمقراطى).

You might like these insights in the Sudanese Rising

We are not done, yet. The book will cover the rest.

Use the Comment C2 Entries form below to comment on the Sudanese rising. Thanks.

Watch documentaries on Sudan on documentary film at Tnanks.

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