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HOA's Comprehensive Projects!

HOA's Comprehensive Projects comprise some of the Horn of Africa's cultural projects, the humanitarian project and the organizational political project, all of which are in the process of planning to achieve two goals.

  • The first goal is to get together to write about our problems in political and economical articles, poems, short stories, plays and even draw caricatures and form sculptures to enlighten the people in the Horn of Africa.
  • The second goal, which by some means is the first goal too, is to get to know each other, exchange our views, organize ourselves and work together to prepare for real changes in the political scene in the Horn of Africa.

So, apparently, the HOA's Comprehensive Projects include economical projects, humanitarian projects, literary and cultural projects, political projects and social projects.

The HOA's Cultural Project includes, but not limited to, the HOA's Journalists Project and the HOA's Poets Project. The economical and political projects include the USHA Framework and the Humanitarian Network, which consists of the HOAs Refugees Project and other projects for children, women, elders and youth.

There are some pages supporting the HOA's Comprehensive Projects you could reach through the links provided here. Each page has a form like the one you see on this page to make it easy for you to join the project you want.

The forms are similar, but the process to join each project is different. That means forms submitted from any of those pages indicate that you want to join or contribute to that specific page.

You probably would not take attention to this to see the differences, but I will know from which page you have submitted the form and that would indicate you wanted to contribute, or join this or that project.

The strong website building and optimizing tools I have would tell me about that. This is one of the technologies to organize webpages, activities and other actions taken by visitors like you at the forms.

Why You Should Join One of HOA's Comprehensive Projects?

If you intended to contribute to one of the HOA's Comprehensive Projects, whether in the English HOA Political Scene, or the Arabic HOA Political Scene, do nothing more than to submit your contribution. That would be OK and our friends on this network would learn more from you and then we shall make the connection.

However, if you want to join and contribute, you can use either this form on HOAs Comprehensive Projects, or the form on the special project pages you want to join and indicate your wishes to join on the last paragraph of your input and provide the necessary personal information about you.

This would indicate in turn that you are seriously concerned to change the political scene you see in many states in the Horn of Africa. It also indicates that you are open and active enough to support the HOA's Comprehensive Projects and work together to achieve the changes we want.

You will receive shortly a message about your wishes to join or about your contribution to the HOA's Comprehensive Projects. To receive notification email about your wishes to join or about your contribution, please elect to receive email notifications, when you submit the form.

The email message or notification you receive or will receive as replies to your contribution are automated emails, the system sends frequently.

There is no way for others to see your email address. This is very serious and confidential to keep your email save, as we do not want anybody to contact you for no reason, rest be assured.

What each project is about?

HOA's Cultural Projects could walk your dreams. However, we don't need dreams to face harsh political situations. Nevertheless, the HOAs cultural projects walk your dream if you do any kind of visual or performing arts. Check the link to this project above.

HOA's Journalists Project is one of the vital gears in the HOA's Comprehensive Projects. It aims to gather national saviors with socialistic secular concerns to unite and save the nations from religious phobias, tribalism and feudalism.

It opens into many pages to enable journalists contribution to the HOAs Comprehensive Projects, RESEARCH and comment on the contributions of each other to exchange cultural, economical, political and social views. Visit the link to this project above.

We should not rely only on the International Political Media. Let yourself be focused to avoid dirty politics and active to work without conditions to report anything you read on any political media and criticize that here.

Read your news and the news at HOA News, Political NewsSomali News and Sudan News and then ...

Create your own Horn of African Media on this network. Be active and well focused to write about any of your concerns in the Horn of Africa and always write reports from your location. I call this HOA's Data Analyzing. You could use the form on this link to do that.

HOA Calls you. So, please, take it seriously and respond.

HOA's Poets Project intends to unite poets in the Horn of Africa. The fulfillment of this project goes through this specific page, but it appears in many other relevant cultural pages.

When we get together and work under the Squadron of Poets, we could gather other intellectuals and save the Horn of Africa. See the link to this project above.

HOA's Humanitarian Network - The Horn of Africa's humanitarian network includes the HOAs refugees project at the link above, which is intended primarily to support some refugees from the Horn of Africa.

It runs in many phases, one of them is to enable refugees to write their stories, bring attention to those stories, establish fundraising methods to support this process and extend that to gather refugees with socialistic secular and social concerns to improve the political situations in their countries.

HOAs Political Project - The Horn of Africa's political project runs through the USHA Framework. As you see, the entire HOAs projects support the political project.

This fundamental project aims to gather sincere people with secular and socialistic concerns to support good citizen politics in their homelands and get together and work to achieve creating the new secular Horn of Africa.

HOA's Comprehensive Projects - Supportive Items

Here are some other relevant pages that support the HOA's Comprehensive Projects. Each of those pages support one of the mentioned projects by some articles. Contact Us, if you want to support any project and support yourself.

All of these given pages support those projects by establishing some fundraising methods.

Here are some methods to fundraise the entire USHA Projects:

The HOA's Journalist Project is supported through the monetizing module associated with it at the HOA's Journalists and the Horn of Africa's Journalists.

The Humanitarian Project has also some methods to fundraise children, elders, women and refugees. Serious causes such as the causes of the HOA's Refugees could very well start from this linked page.

Through the HOA's Poets Project, I intended to support monetizing publishing process for serious contributors through the HOA's Poets, the HOA's Poets Bookshop and the Squadron of Poets.

I aimed also to raise fund for the entire projects and extend that aid to some children, women and elders in the Horn of Africa through the Horn of Africa's Bookshop.

In addition to helping writers including journalists and poets to get into the HOA's Self-Publish Process, each of my books are established on the Horn of Africa's Network and other webpaged to get at least %25 of the revenues to support the entire projects.

Since we have this USHA dream to empower the Horn of Africa People and prepare for building the United States of the Horn of Africa, as abbreviated in this term, we should get together, be sincere and loyal and work hard to achieve this noble mission.

The HOAs refugees page has also extension on many pages divided between the states in the Horn of Africa, such as the African Political Refugees, the Eritrean Refugees, the Ethiopian Refugees, the Somali Refugees, the Sudanese refugees ect... Read MORE than those pages through the linked page to the Humanitarian Network.

Use this special page to request membership to share the activities we run through the HOA's Comprehensive Projects.

You could also use the form to contribute to the HOAs Comprehensive Projects.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

What Other Intellectuals Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other intellectuals to this page...

Ogaden! Not rated yet
Ogaden - Excerpt from Nuruddin Farah's Maps : In a 1956 speech to the Somalis of the Ogaden, Emperor Haile Selassie said: "Go to schools, my people. …

Click here to write your own.

Comments on the HOAs Comprehensive Projects appear linked to pages at the second section of the page below the comments form.

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