Dynamic Comments Put the Theory into Practice!

What Dynamic Comments?

What theory?

What practice?

Why should I bother to know about all of this?

What will happen, if I don't react positively to all of this?

Well, you are right, with all of these questions in your head. That indicate you are serious and care to know about new things, maybe to just have general knowledge and you are not like those who just read anything randomly, or who just fire away without having any question in their heads.

* Without further ado... I'll answer these questions and you may find your way through the answers to do something good for the world. That would bring us to the forth and fifth questions, through the practices in the third question.

What Dynamic Comments?

The comments I describe as dynamic started with an observation to the changes that has happened in the world since the last time of the Cold War era.

The outcomes of the destruction of that era, or by other words, the destruction of the balance of the world political order has resulted in massive human lives lost, and that has been noted during the Eastern Europe crises.

Not only the massive lost of human lives, but many well-integrated big states have been fragmented into pieces by the policies that led to the destruction of the balance of the global political order to replace it by what's been called since then the new world order, claiming that there would be peace, stability and economical prosperity after the destruction of communism.

The people in power who planned such international conspiracy were wrong and they are still wrong. There are many proofs to this statement, which the Dynamic Comments have been focused on since many decades back to the starting points of the global political balance that has kept the world save more than ion this period.

It is not the matter of following the news back to know the facts, as it is not the matter to lay your mind down in front of the propagandas made to brainwash the world's minds by the dream of peace, stability and economical prosperity and most of all the well-being of humans on earth.

All of the matter was about political domination and political influence, through which the new world order has proved that there is no any order at all and again we are here in front of the proofs.

The secession wars started immediately with this international conspiracy. I will like to get you back to the "Pawns in the Game" and the solid facts Willian Guy Carr has written about in his famous book, before he vanished from the earth. That person would have been the hero of the world by now, if there is any credibility and transparency in this world, regardless, to some points on which I disagree with him.

The Dynamic Comments have registered some points about the negative changes caused by the international conspiracy of the destruction of the global political balance, which has also been followed by the destruction of the balance of nature, which is the ecosystem, by harmful industries that attacked the Ozone, not only by massive immersions of carbon dioxide, but also by bacterial, chemical, microbial and nuclear weaponry and their hazardous waste.

During the destruction the international conspiracy created the international terrorism and used them in Afghanistan and nowadays they use them as scarecrows and reasons of more wars. The fact here is that the international terrorism has been created as not all of the international media presume and use the deceive the masses of the world, but they have been created by what's called Muslim Brothers in Sudan.

So, the Muslim Brothers in Sudan, especially in their former political party that has been called the National Islamic Front (NIF) led by Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi started the building process of terrorism, before this party performed the coup of Omar al-Bashir to get the Muslim Brothers in the Sudanese army into power to dominate and continue with the creation of international terrorism and their others crimes against humanity.

That part is the part that the world doesn't know. I wonder how the international political media works? Do they have any journalistic credibility, or transparency?

A coordination has been made with international power, as this power has been behind the influence of creating Muslim parties in the Middle East and the Muslim parts of Africa to confront the growing communist parties.

So, here again we are coming the roots of the international policy of the destruction of the Cold War era, or as I mentioned the global political balance.

Anyone who has a mind inside his head can see this.

Th coordination continued from the fiftieth through the decades to end with the completion of building the international terrorism. The contacts and conferences were all in Saudi Arabic during the hajj seasons and the Muslim Brothers in Sudan called these seasons the Hajj Conferences. The Saudi authorities were not blind, but, they only closed their eyes a little cleverly to swap the winds of the conspiracy, or to protect their eyes.

They are still waging proxy wars against what they claim as terrorism and forgotten that they have shared its creation!

Has the world got any mind?

These issues and even anything that is under their shadow are all that the Dynamic Comments are about.

Get my mind for the world to get a mind!

What Theory?

Since the days of the Dynamic Comments started, with the questions and answers and the followup with researches and studies, I built the dynamic ideas of the masses era and then have forgotten about it for a while.

I engaged in some political practices with some revolutions in the Horn of Africa since the early seventieth and of course with my home revolution going massive journalistic works for those revolutions and then the dynamic ideas of the masses era became clear and they led to the frame them in the theory of the masses.

The the theory of the masses evolves to the political systems of the masses (well, I shouldn't have to call them political, as I have a philosophy about this to explain later) and the era of the masses.

The theory cascades the mechanisms to implement the systems of the masses and launch the era of the masses in the LPE of the Masses' era. While the LPE is the premier process to start with, but it also include the tools to implement the theory.

The tools are mechanisms. The mechanisms are in the strategies and tactic. The components of the LPE which hold segments with systematical units ensure the right methods of build mass systems.

All of this makes the Theory of Masses applicable everywhere.

What Practice?

The practice comes into three devisions. The first contains the first practices I used the dynamic ideas of the masses to work through to achieve some public projects with the help of the masses. The methods I used to motivate the masses to fulfill these projects has proved that the theory is applicable. That means the practice was positive.

The second practices were the revolution practices, which have also proved to be successful, except for that partial success, or no success at all in the Sudanese fields of revolution and there are reasons I have explained on this point, you will get through to it in the following sections.

The third practices are what's coming next and that is the implementation of the Theory of the Masses, with that it has in the scientific methods of building political systems... well, again I shouldn't have to call that political, but I am using the word to get you somewhat a sense of the meaning. That is because after building the systems they will prove that there is not any political thing there, but sciences.

You will love that philosophical approach in the Systems of the Masses.


Now here are the first and second practices to make sure of how the Dynamic Comments have involved the dynamic ideas and how they have been evolved to present some creations, as fine cuts of pieces of fine arts. After that get further to the other headlines.

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Dynamic Comments Moved the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

Dynamic Comments to Inspire the Sudanese Revolution ...

Dynamic Comments with the Dynamics to Plant the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Dynamic Comments to Work Out 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

Dynamic Comments to Criticize the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Why Should I Bother to Know about all of Dynamic Comments?

As soon as you read the details about the connection of the political destruction of the balance of the Cold War era and the destruction of the natural balance of the ecosystem, you will realize all the outcomes I stated about the human disasters caused by the political destruction and also once more the human disasters caused by the destruction of the balance of nature.

You will realize who is always behind these destructive acts and how is your life is endangered by such acts. You will also get to know through this knowledge that you should do something about all of this, or your life will continue to deteriorate. As this section answered the fourth question, it also answer the fifth question and get further to teach you how to practically work with others to protect your lives and your earth and nature.

First Dynamic Comments!

Second Dynamic Comments!

Third Dynamic Comments!

Bilingual Dynamic Comments!

You are Original Member of the Masses' Era!

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  6. Print the posters and fix them in many places in your area. Wait for more lights on this step, as it includes lectures and seminars. You will be equipped by all of that.

The Dynamic Comments Build You Safe Life!

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See how the destruction of the balance of nature has resulted on climate change and how climate change has resulted on epidemics on real life, or lifetime movies and documentaries including Dynamic Comments on TVCINEMAAPP.COM. You ca also read about that on 100-beautiful-sites-in-the-world.com.

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