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Dynamic Commentaries for You to Build Your Era!

The following Dynamic Commentaries include some dynamic ideas I used practically to implement some successful projects for the masses. While the success of these ideas proves that they are applicable anywhere in the world, I have the gut to tell you, dear respected reader that you can use them to work the theory of the masses out and build the systems of the masses and launch the era of the masses. - Strategies & Tactics of Masses Era: Dynamic Commentaries: Problems facing our planet are enormous because of classical political - The Strategies and Tactics of the Masses Era: Dynamic Commentaries: The problems facing our planet are enormous because of the corrupt governments of classical political parties. But, the masses are a real power and there is a lot they can do to bring about changes in such bad situations. Here we come together to achieve big goals with starting points.

That is a great job, and so you might think that it is not something easy and you have not the abilities and the means to do it. I am not leaving you alone in this great job, as I have prepared the systematical methods for you to implement the dynamic ideas and build the systems of the masses and launch the era of the masses.

You will learn through the following sections how I implemented these dynamic ideas, leading the masses to fulfill some projects I planned from the grassroots levels (i.e infrastructure up to the superstructure).

As long as there are bilingual pages about these dynamics, which I converted from regional to global dynamics, you might have to correct some lines, if you spotted any language mistake to make the pages more readable in so many native languages. You share the knowledge this way. Thank you.

Dynamics for the Masses that Have Been Successful!

Some of these dynamics have failed. You will spot the reasons.

Most of the dynamics are successful, except of those dynamics planned for the Sudanese masses, which were partially successful. That's because there are so many different ways of thinking people in Sudan use to recognize facts and what works for them. In addition, a history of brainwashing the brains of most of the people by Islamic and sectarian schemes and conspiracies, has blind the eyes and frozen the minds.

The circle of influence in Sudan, which is a combined Arabic and Islamic orientation (well, I consider that as phobia) has always played a principle role in the go-back, or call it deterioration of revolution values. You can well see that in the presence of political parties in Sudan, such as the Ba'ath Party and the Naserist Party, despite the fact that those parties have destroyed their native lands in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

These are somehow new Sudanese political parties, which have regional conspiracies in Sudan. But, you can see the same conspiracies even in the Sudanese classic parties, we call Sudanese sectarian parties, such as the Democratic Federal Party, or as it is called the Democratic Unionist Party, or Democratic Alliance Party, the Ummah Party and the Muslim Brothers' Party (NIF), which changes its name and schemes every decade to deceive the masses and convert the revolution to safe its interests and presence in the Sudan's political scene.

This is why I worked the dynamics of the revolution to come with the 3 mechanisms of the revolution, along with the conversion of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree to the Sudanese Martyr's Tree to work out the plans I made for the revolution, so as not to be swallowed up by those right wings parties, as they used to do every time, since the independence of Sudan in 1956 to control the revolution and be present in the Sudanese political scene.

As classic parties, those Sudanese political parties are more worst than any other classic political parties in the world, although some of them claim to be improved more than the Westminster system, or Westminster Model, as parliamentary system.

This is why the people are good at making a revolution every time and losing it. This is in a way or anther makes me fed up and quit many groups, after building a massive work for the revolution through more than 50 years of experiences to concentrate on other people who are open to such initiatives.

Compared with the Eritrean masses, the Eritrean are very revolutionists and more open to such dynamics, which they have used to implement great projects, such as the environmental project I planned by the title of the "Martyr's Tree", until the achievement of the Eritrean National Environment Organization. That project was also full of values of patriotism.

Dynamic Commentaries to Lead the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

Dynamic Commentaries to Motivate the Sudanese Revolution ...

Dynamic Commentaries to Create the Dynamics of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Dynamic Commentaries to Setup 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

Dynamic Commentaries to Disclose the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Essential Dynamic Commentaries!

Inspirational Dynamic Commentaries!

Organic Dynamic Commentaries!

Bilingual Dynamic Commentaries!

You Can Make the Dynamic Commentaries Work Better for You!

Forget about any literal title, or headline, the Dynamic Commentaries are about dynamic ideas. The dynamic ideas have achieved many goals for the masses, as you see from the presentation of the projects of the MASSES.

You have the mind to know how regional dynamics have been converted into global dynamics... and that is the generic attempt which drives the dynamics to work. It is in the inspiration and the motivation of the masses movement. So, the Dynamic Commentaries, or the dynamic ideas, or whatever you call them are yours to build your ERA.

You are one of the MASSES... right?

I provide you by the power to act and change the world. All of that is in the LPE of the Masses Era.

Be a Member of the Global Mass Movement!

Veteran activist, journalist, poet and writer Khalid Mohammed Osman.

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