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Arabic Poems on Beautiful Posters!

You Can Either Be Inspired by Poetry to Write Poetry, or Get Posters to Decorate Your Place!

The Arabic Poems on many pages on the HOA Political Scene Blog, which is a bilingual section of the HOA Political Scene network help you maintain your Arabic language by some new croup of the arts pictures and more.

What's more? 

Keep reading through this page and the Arabic HOA Political Scene and you will know many other benefits you can get from the Arabic Poetry pages.

علمتُ ان صبركِ الحزين طال

وان شاعراً

أودع في عينيك

سرّ ما يقال

حتي غدا

من صبوةِ الجفاءِ والوصال "آدما"

يردُ أِرثَه القديمَ


The first benefit is of course enjoying poems in Arabic at the bilingual section of the Horn Africas Network. But, there are so many benefits behind the scene. They even don't have to require any cleverness to know them.

For example:

  • READING a lot of poetry inspires you to write poetry. Isn't that obvious?
  • You will absolutely improve your Arabic language by reading poetry. The wording gets you the richness of this language grammatically and rhetorically.
  • You can print posters from the Arabic Poetry posters to decorate your place at home, work, or even the most enjoyable favorite place for you.
  • From the designs of the poetry you read in Arabic you can get inspiration to design words on beautiful posters.


ان أكونَ ناركِ

ونوركِ القصي

يشعُ في مداك

أعلنتُ ان يصبَ شاعري

قصائداً، قصائدا

ليعتلي علاك


عودةَ السمندل

مغنيا بنشوةٍ: "أبا دماك"

طائرُ العنقاء عائد من الجحيم

مطهراً من نزفهِ القديم

The most important values are many. You can learn from such poems, how to use this language by enriching your vocabulary and knowing how to rhyme, write excellent Arabic prose, or write poems in Arabic the best way you could.

What else?

OK, before I go further, you may need to read the Arabic Poetry page and follow everything published on it and focus your attention on the purpose of the page.

دعماً لاعتصام شعب باسل

سودانيون للطيش

رغم المجازر بنعيش

What about publishing your poetry?

Well, to get the benefits of credibility to reflect upon you, give the Arabic HOAs Poems, whether on this page, or on other Arabic HOAs Poetry pages a credit, when you use the following information.

You can promote your poetry by this method. This is a benefit. But, before this you can publish your poetry in HOA Index for Arabic poems and English HOAs poetry, or if you have an Apple product, you can do that in iBOOKs, as my daughter did for the Arabic Phoenix Poetry Picture Book.

Get the HOAs Arabic Poetry picture book free and please rate it and distribute the link of this page for your friends to get it with more benefits.

The process of publishing on Apple iBooks is simple and it comes with simple guidelines. So, this wouldn't be a matter to worry about, dude.

If at any time you get stuck, just use any for here to request my help and I will guide you all the way, just to become good friends. No fees required at all.

I will even promote it for you, when you publish some of your literary work on any page at the HOA Political Scene HOAs Cultural Project.

The HOA's Cultural Project is part of the HOAs Comprehensive Project, which include the following projects:

Abu Damac| HOAs Journalists| HOAs Journalists Project| HOAs Poets| HOAs Poets Bookshop| HOAs Poets Project| HOAs Refugees| HOAs Refugees Project| HOAs Self-Publishing| Horn of Africa's Journalists| Squadron of Poets| United States of the Horn of Africa| USHA| USHA Framework|

It is for artists, intellectuals and writers from East Africa and the Horn of Africa. But, any other literary page on the HOA's Comprehensive Projects is for you.

في قلب العصيان

عظيم انت يا فينيق

وأنت تخرج من رمادك

جميلا وقويا

For more information and to be one of our faithful and active influencers, see the main cultural, or political projects along with our WhatsApp group at Abu Damac.

من القصائد المنسية، الا انني وأثناء فقدانها كسّرتُها الي فواصل في قصائد اخري قائمة بذاتِها

غناء فوق العادة للنهر والجموع

شعر خالد محمد عثمان

من القصائد المنسية: الشجرةُ والقناع

أيّتها الشجرةُ التي اِستعارتْ قِناعي

أيّتها العيونُ، الطفولة

"الجداول" المنحولة

أتيت كالضيفِ، جلستُ خجولا

وعندما غادرتُ،

تركتُ بكلِّ دارٍ



ولّت أزمنةُ الشعوبِ

أين زماني،

من زمانِ اِرتدادِ القلوبِ؟


المدينةُ تُخاطبُ عشاقَها الخائنين:

ستخرج مني ضِباعي

"ضبعةٌ" تكنسُ مواخيرَ المدينة

"ضبعةٌ" تحرسُ الشجرةَ التي استعارتْ


"ضبعةٌ" تأكلُ من أطرافِ الزمانِ


و"ضبعةٌ" للمتخمين ال "لواطيين" المأجورين

في البلاد الضريرة

و"ضبعةٌ" للأمةِ الفقيرة

التي تموتُ فقيرة


فاصل متأخر:

أخرجُ الليلةَ من أثوابِ النّهرِ

من بين جموعِ الماءِ

أري وداعي غير وداعي

أري للنهرِ بيتاً

أري لصوتيَ وجها

يُحاكي اِلتياعي


همسٌ حميم بأُذن النّهرِ السِّرِي:

ويحُكَ يا نهّر الأُذنِ المقطوعة!

لم يكتشفوا... بعد... لسانكَ

ليبقي صوتُك مسّموعا

يرقص "شعبُ السامبا"

ويرفعُ ألحانكَ

من يُبقي علم الأمّة مرفوعا،

سيسمع هذا الصوتَ المهموس

يسمع هذا الجِرسَ المهموس

يعلم أن "شموسا"

في زمان الطلقِ تجوس

تبحثُ عن وطنٍ محبوس



أحدِثُكم بهذا لبَوْح عن جلدٍ يخْرُجُ منه القوت

عن بيتٍ ممتلئٍ بالرحمةِ

والخُبزِ... يموت

اجتثوا منه الصوت



من يعيرُني عصا

أهشُ بها غنمي

فلقد كسرتُ فمي

لقد كسرتُ فمي


الأنباء الثقافية، جريدة الأنباء الكويتية، الكويت،  21‪/‬10‪/‬1984

See also the other pages from WhatsApp at:

Are You Intellectual 38: حوار سياسة في واتساب جات| حوار مفاهيم في واتساب جات - Conceptual WhatsApp Dialogue| HOA WhatsApp Political Dialogue| Invitation to Comment: WhatsApp Reuters News Chat| WhatsApp Advices: لتعرف ان الكتابة علي النت تختلف عن الكتابة العادية| حوار مفاهيم في واتساب جات - WhatsApp Conceptual Dialogue| WhatsApp Cultural Chat| WhatsApp Educational Chat| Invitation 1 HOA's Friends - WhatsApp Highlights - احوال الشيزوفرانيا الدينية التونسية| Whatsapp Memories| WhatsApp Political Chat|

It is not only the Arabic poetry page, which has the fruits of many sophisticated terms and good rhyming. More than 30 pages like it can get you all the richness of this Arabic vocabulary to focus on.

In addition, in simple Arabic writings you could come to discover many ways to use the same expressions to form good Arabic sentences, either different, or similar to any given example in the HOAs Sacred Scripture.

The HOAs Sacred Poetry include fine poetic pictures and poetry pictures to pic from all of them some examples and train with them, or know the richness of this language.

Well, after reading with a focus and keeping for some times with this, you will certainly get your way very clear to write good Arabic language.

From here and so get other Arabic poems on the following pages:

Arabic HOA| Bilingual HOA| HOAs Animation Gallery| HOAs Arabic Literature| HOAs Arts| HOAs Design Gallery| HOAs English Literature| HOAs Gallery| HOAs Imagery Poems| HOAs Images| HOAs Image Scripture| HOAs Literary Scripture| HOAs Literary Works|

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