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Rise with Bilingual HOA Immediately!

When you rise with "Bilingual HOA" bilingually with the poetry it has on beautiful images, you will find it easier to water your literary fountain ... just like the poetry you read on these beautiful pictures.

أمتشقُ حسامي

ألامسُ جمرَكِ سيدتي

يكتسبُ السيفُ لسانَ النار

أفرحُ سيدتي


يعتقني الخمرُ ويجمعني

Watering this fountain takes the shape of shaping styles of writing and using a specific frame of words found nowhere else to appear in expressions simultaneously as the same found nowhere else and belong to nobody, but you.

أخرجُ من بيتي ممتزجاً بالدمِ






- استباحَ يقيني وعانقني -

And thus, you arrive at the definitive tempo of a specific passion you make as your passion and give it your life to succeed on it.

Although this is the page to get the glimpse and enjoy the inspiration in the HOAs Arabic poetry, but the complete guidelines to build the passion are on an article titled passion on another website here.

This page started at the Comment C2 Entries and this one started at HOA Index and the last one started at HOAs Arabic Literature. But, anyway, they are connected with the other literary projects and products on the Horn Africa's Network.

يعتقني الخمرُ ويجمعني






عشقاً قزحياً

.... أين منامتي عاشقتي؟

The Bilingual HOA's Projects!

The projects are divided into cultural projects and humanitarian and political projects. Each of the projects, whether cultural, humanitarian, or political are also divided in course of language structure into two languages: Arabic and English.

هلا جمعتِ للسـُـري عطــرنا

بجــوفِ المــاءِ سيدتي

يذيبـُـك قَطْـــرةً

ويـطـْلِقُني أنــا

... أسقنيـه

هذا العِشْق يطْـلعُ

طفـلاً بعمـرِ السُّدم

This is as so important as to organize the HOAs Comprehensive Projects in structural manner and make the time you spend on those projects a pleasure and encourage you to be part of this network.

... أسقنيـه

هذا العِشْق يطْـلعُ

طفـلاً بعمـرِ السُّدم

يطْـلعُ تمـرا

ويطْـلعُ "جـدولا"

يرمي ثمـارَ الرجـاءِ الدفين

برحـمِ السنين

وبعـثِ المـلأ

This is important as far as you think of achieving good infrastructural development in terms of human understanding and activities to make their places the best places in the world.

لم أكتبْ أسمَكِ في الزمنِ الراحل

في الأرض

الساكن في الوطنِ المتشقق

لم أكتبْه في النيلين

وكيف العشب الأخضر

 ينمو في الوجهين

يرشفُ فوحَ البنِ الحبشي

ويرقصُ في لهجِ الطبلِ الوثني

يا "سامبا" الوجهِ البحري...

This is because I believe no one can achieve any development without having to do two things:

  • admit first there is something wrong that's causing the deterioration of this area in East Africa and the Horn of Africa and...
  • secondly to believe that there should be infrastructural changes in the way everybody thinks and deals with things and occurrences.

واليوم تذكرتُ / بعد، لم أعد ألقاك

الوجه الطلق، الأسمر طفل

والصوت حمامه

والبسمة حقل،

لأطفال النهر الآتين

في حفل "السامبا"

في عرسِ القرنِ العشرين

يا طلق النهرِ الصوفي

As far we have gone to reach this point, the projects include the following:

Cultural and Literary Projects: HOA| HOA Calls| HOAs Cultural Project| HOAs Journalists| HOAs Journalists Project| HOAs Poets| HOAs Poets Bookshop| HOAs Poets Project| HOAs Self-Publishing| Horn of Africa's Journalists| Squadron of Poets|

آتيك في اليوم الذي خَطَ الغرامُ به

حلماً بدارِ الشمسِ

يا نشوةَ الألقِ المقرقرِ

في إفترارِ الهمسِ

Humanitarian Projects:

HOAs Refugees| HOAs Refugees Project| Humanitarian Network| United States of the Horn of Africa| USHA| USHA Framework|

يا بعضَ "تاجوج" لا تفرزي

حكايةَ الذي أمضّه الغرامْ

بين شعرةٍ وشعرةٍ

يرفضُ الفطامْ

Humanitarian Issues:

African Refugees' Influx to Europe| Army Torturers in Sudan| Arrest Sudanese Dictator| Caligula the Sudanese| Crimes Committed By Sudanese Dictators| DAFI| Darfur Crisis| Darfur Crisis is Social Crisis| Did You Know the Root Causes of the Conflict in Darfur?| Drought and War Devastate Somalia| Eritrea and NGOs| Eritrea Hopes, Eritrean Refugees Hope Something Else| Eritrean Refugees| Ethiopian Refugees| Famine Plus Foreign Troops Against Somalia| ICC| Indictment| LRA| Lords Resistance Army| NIF's Political Crimes| Somali Displaced People| Somali Refugees| Sudanese Regime's Political Crimes| UN Eritrean Political Refugees| UN Human Rights Commissioner Condemned Executions in Sudan| Why Political Refugees Tell Lies?| World Refugee Day, June 20|

لا تصدمي الرياحَ

لحظةَ الشقاءِ والتعبِ

لا تجهشي، زمانُ إرثنا

في الموتِ والشغبِ

زمانُ آدمٍ جديد

The Bilingual HOA's Products!

Although the entire HOA Political Scene with the HOA Political Scene Blog and the Arabic HOA Political Scene is a product and specifically an electronic product, it however, include small production units with many products.

غنيتُكِ الدم


والنقاءَ طاعةً


في حضرةِ الدوي

اللهُ حيٌٌ


The Bilingual HOA's Products in Arabic!

The cultural and literary products in Arabic are at:

Arabic Short Story| Asmara| Assessment to the Skills and Competencies of Sudanese Abroad| Eritrean Anecdotes| Eritrean Chronicle| Eritrean Stories| Freedom Bells| HOAs Animation Gallery| HOAs Arabic Literature| HOAs Arabic Prose| HOAs Design Gallery| HOAs Gallery| HOAs Imagery Poems| HOAs Images| HOAs Image Scripture| HOAs Literary Scripture| HOAs Literary Works| HOAs Literature| HOAs Love Poems| HOAs Lyrics| HOAs Photo Gallery| HOAs Photo Scripture| HOAs Picture Gallery| HOAs Poems| HOAs Poesy| HOAs Poetic Pictures| HOAs Poetry| HOAs Poetry Aesthetics| HOAs Poetry Scripture| HOAs Poets| HOAs Poets Gallery| HOAs Political Poetry| HOAs Sacred Poetry| HOAs Sacred Scripture| HOAs Scripture| HOAs Verse| Suakini Cat| The Frame| The Tragedy of Simulation and Similarity between Chad and the Sudan| 200 Sudanese Proverbs|

أرضُ ميعاد السنونو

والنورس الأزرق في عينيك


فنُوْدِعُ فيها من ألقٍ يهزّ النفسَ


ونلثمُ فيها غارَ الصحوِ والصحبة


ويطلعُ من قطارِ الهمِّ مطعوناً 

بها الشرقُ 

فيا ألقاً يهزّ النفسَ يرميه بها حَدَقُ

حَدِثْ فأنت مؤتلقُ

The Bilingual HOA's Products in English!

The cultural and literary products in English are at:

Caligula the Sudanese| Directive| Etiolate Life| Final Resume| Flesh of the Night| Flesh of the Night Comments| Her Lips Draw the Dream| HOA Political Scene Newsletter| HOAs Data Analyzing| HOAs Dictators are Western Instruments| HOAs Dictators are Western Instruments Comments| HOAs Political Business| HOAs Political Media| HOAs Videos| Horn of Africa's Bookshop| Horn of Africa's Bulletins| Horn of Africa's Ezines| Horn of Africa's Friends| Horn of Africa's Journal| Horn of Africa's Newsletters| Horn of Africa's Political Newsletters| I Believe Pushkin is Eritrean| IGAD| Love Spice| Political Articles Tips| Political Sense Journal| Pushkin in Eritrea| Questions| Readers Comment| Readers Read Good| Readers Write Comments| Readers Write Good| Superstitions| The Hangover| The Intergovernmental Authority on Development| The Need to Lead| The Superlative| Why Should Somebody Lie to the American Administration| Write about HOA|

Share the web address of the Bilingual HOA as with your social media, or pin the pictures, or subscribe to the updates, or subscribe to the newsletter (see the form at the top left column), or use the comments form below to comment. You can use the same form to write any literary work you have. Thanks.

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