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What is the Dynamic Concept?

The Dynamic Concept has two definitions: a literal, i.e. textual definition and a socio-political definition. The last definition is the one that interests us because it relates to the masses and their lives and everything that negatively affects this life and endangers people's lives.

Therefore, this concept that we describe as dynamic also has two definitions in technical terms: the theoretical definition and the practical definition. The theoretical definition stems from the gist of the human socio-political experience that brought me to this concept. The practical definition is all the activities that have resulted from the recap of the human, social and political experience.

Defining HOA's Dynamical Concept!

Both definitions have a history. The theoretical definition emerged in the context of ending the Cold War era, at the same time coinciding with a number of socio-political revolutions in the Horn of Africa.

Therefore, I began to use this concept within the framework of these revolutions, which I paid attention to as a journalist and followed their issues and supported them until their victory and / or liberation of their homelands from dictatorship on the one hand and colonialism on the other hand...

The examples of Horn Africa's revolution are:

The Somali revolution in its overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Syad Barre in Mogadishu,

The Sudanese revolution in its overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Jafar al-Numeri in Khartoum,

The Ethiopian revolution in its overthrowing of Mengistu Haile Mariam's totalitarian regime. and...

The Eritrean revolution in the liberation of Eritrea, by entering Asmara at last, with outstanding Eritrean revolutionary principles.

As for the Ethiopian revolution, the support was through the support for the Eritrean revolution, and where each of the Ethiopian Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) had strategic struggle relations with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF).

In addition, I was interested and immersed in the journalistic work on African affairs and thus the African revolutions through which I wrote about African political issues in a number of countries, Nigeria, Western Sahara and Senegal for example. Pan Africanism was first attracted to my attention during the late sixtieth.

From this summary, dear valued reader, it becomes clear to you that both definitions of the dynamic concept: the theoretical definition and the practical definition have been associated with the masses since that era.

But in reality, both definitions of the dynamic concept: the theoretical definition and the practical one continued in operation from the seventies until the eighties with the partial victory of the Sudanese revolution, and until the nineties with the victory of the Ethiopian and Eritrean revolutions and the partial costly victory of the Somali revolution.

Then the dynamic concept continued to work throughout the nineties, generating many public projects that you read about in the sections of the page that follow this presentation under the articles "The dynamic concept accomplished such-and-such".

Therefore, the dynamic concept and its continuation in work proves that it is not only a theoretical concept, but is in fact very effective practically with regard to the response of the masses and their participation in the work to transform the theory into reality. These stories are not fictions but facts.

Transforming HOA's Dynamic Concept from Regional to International Concept!

In this twenty-first century, the Dynamic Concept continues to work and transforms from regional action activities to global action activities.

This shift from a concept operating in the regional context to a concept operating in the international context has been necessitated because of two fundamental shifts in the global system.

It is now required to address the problems that have been initiated by the two fundamental transformations in the global system.

The two fundamental shifts in the global system are political shift in the global system and an environmental-climatic shift in the ecosystem. The political transformation in the world order is the transformation of the era of the Cold War into the era of the new world order.

And the climatic environmental shift in the ecosystem is global warming that led to melting ice and climate change, and thus the emergence of dangerous epidemics such as the Corona virus (COVID-19) and other viruses that kill the masses.

These two fundamental shifts in the world order environmentally and politically caused great pain to me in both periods to the point that I myself was exposed to a complete black-out during which I lived in two bohemian periods in which I did not understand or do anything but keep rolling drunk from bar to bar and chasing every prostitute who worked there to forget everything about the world between her thighs. No, I was not acting in these two bohemian periods as Rasputin ;-)

At least I am honest and I am telling you this special matter so that you understand it in a positive and good manner and do not misunderstand it as other envious and hateful people who do not like any good to happen to others do. Nevertheless, I have confidence in your abilities of correct understanding, dear respected reader.

The political transformation of the world order of the Cold War era into the era of the new world order has been and continues to have disastrous consequences for the masses and even their belongings in many countries and they will continue to pay for it unless these masses move to unite in each country to regain their power.

Not only that, but the political transformation of the world order of the Cold War era into the era of the new world order has produced the network of international terrorism. Dear reader of the news, you may understand that terrorism is still working, but what you don't know is that the news wants you to believe that it works against certain countries.

The question you have to ask yourself is how can terrorism work against its founders in the first place!

It is precisely this question that contributes to the crystallization of the Dynamic Concept that I have discovered for the masses everywhere, so as to work for their safety, with all this public sense, transparency and credibility that I have towards the masses of the world.

Therefore, the Dynamic Concept is the safety valve for the masses. It educates them and they learn from it everything that threatens their safety and how solve such problem.

Your guide to trust and embrace this Dynamic Concept that I discovered is to look at the periods of time in which I came up with this concept and the development of this concept through the events it has accomplished at the regional level.

These are the activities accomplished by the Dynamic Concept at the regional level on the next page sections.

Dynamical Ideas that Converted HOA's Dynamic Concept to Mass' Projects!

The sections of dynamics below shed more lights on HOA's Dynamic Concept and how I used it to motivate the regional masses to implement mass' projects to enhance nature, sustain climate and build more national values and contribute to the movement of the masses.

HOA's Dynamic Concept Fulfilled my Idea the Martyr's Tree  & Led the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

HOA's Dynamic Concept Mobilized the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOA's Dynamic Concept Presented the Idea of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree & the Dynamics to Implement It...

HOA's Dynamic Concept to Achieve 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOA's Dynamic Concept Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

HOA's Dynamic Concept will Fire Your Imagination and Abilities!

As you see from this presentation, the MASSES are always my FAITH. I believe in their competence, sincerity and transparency and most of all their abilities to change everything that is negative in life. All they need is direct simple knowledge about serious issues that affect their lives negatively and a scientific plan to address all problems on earth.

I offer them this scientific plan with a scientific process called the PLE of the Masses Era to launch the Systems of the Masses and build the Era of the Masses. That is only my pleasure.

Be a member of HOA Political Scene Newsletter and confirm your membership to get access to the PLE of the Masses Era. Be active more by posting the link and posters on this page at any family oriented website and fix the posters in public places. Be part of the Movement of the Masses. Contact Us regarding this.

HOA's Dynamic Concept in Other Languages!

* Swedish: - Svenskt Dynamiskt Koncept: Massens era strategier och taktik: dynamiskt koncept: LPE of the Masses Era förklarar den vetenskapliga processen för massorna att starta massans era. Metoderna inkluderar 3 segment som innehåller vissa enheter för att etablera massornas system. LPE ger en karta över hur intellektuella kan göra alla intellektuella och förbättra allt i livet.

The connotation of the Swedish description is: The Strategies and Tactics of the Masses Era: Dynamic Concept: The LPE of the Masses Era explains the scientific process for the masses to launch the era of the masses. The methods include 3 segments that hold some units to establish the systems of the masses. The LPE provides the map of the way for intellectuals to make everyone intellectual and improve everything in life.

* Swedish: - Svenska Dynamiska Tes: Massens era strategier och taktik: dynamiskt koncept: Det nya konceptet för masstiden med alla dess vetenskapliga komponenter för att genomföra masstiden är skapandet och planeringen av veteranaktivisten, journalisten och poeten Khalid Mohammed Osman. Så du måste prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet för att få det, studera det och diskutera det, om du är övertygad. 

The explanation of this Swedish description is: The masses' strategies and tactics: Dynamic Concept: The new concept of mass time with all its scientific components for implementing mass time is the creation and planning of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman. So you have to subscribe to the newsletter to get it, study it and discuss it, if you are convinced.

What Does HOA's Dynamic Concept Mean to You?

It might mean nothing, if you don't care of climate change, pandemics that spread after it and other natural disasters it causes, or you don't care of bad changes that have happened after the fall of the global system balance.

I doubt that you are careless. So, tell me exactly what you think of HOA's Dynamic Concept on comments. Use the form below and when you get it published in the Horn of Africa's Network, share the link to it on good family websites.

* Read about what has happened to beautiful places after climate change with some Dynamic Concepts on

* You might also like to watch documentaries and movies on climate change with Dynamic Concepts at

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