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HOA Political Scene 40!

HOA Political Scene 40 _________________________23 January 2011

This is HOA Political Scene 40!

Sudan should cry, cry, cry, and never stop crying. These are black days in the country that mourns both the death of the north and the death of the south.

I did not mean the division, though. I only meant the geopolitical definition as is, as I oppose the division, simply because it is imperialist and the recent dictators inherited and developed it.

However, it is not strange for this tragedy to happen in the age of the rats in the ruling palace to dig and infiltrate the ground of the big African house to make it collapse as soon as possible.

It is not strange also when people lack courage to stop those rats from digging more deep in the ground to further make other parts collapse in the east and in the west.

I have one article in the main column of this week edition of the newsletter about this issue. I hope you enjoy reading HOA Political Scene 40.

Moreover, I should remind you in HOA Political Scene 40 that the back issues of the newsletter are somewhere on this cyberspace since the day I started this newsletter as "Wise Biz" in 2001 and then "Ezine Act" in 2004. I even do not know where they rest.

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There is a Big Gab between Manhood and Rat-hood in Sudan!

Now the southern Sudan is the newest independent state in Africa, although the officials in the south have not announced the official statement yet, Sudanese in the north should congratulate their brothers in the south and wish them good returning to the house of the big family.

However, before that, the Sudanese in the north should manage solving the complete political deterioration by ousting their military fundamentalist regime and achieving democracy, justice and equality in the country.

With 99% of the southerners casting their votes for independence, this could encourage other humiliated regions in the country to call for secessions.

Many people still do not see the problems as political problems created by long-term military dictatorial systems and short-terms (disogracies) of the civil mechanical majority dictatorship.

"Disogracies" is a term I came with to reflect no democracies. It is strange term, but it sounds lovely.

The secession of the southern Sudan and the threats of further secessions are only irretrievable by ignoring the matter and failing in ousting this irresponsible regime and creating good atmosphere of goodwill between the regions of Sudan.

Killings and injuries are still escalating in Darfur, while the Liberation and Justice Movement denounced the efforts to transfer Doha peace talk to Khartoum. Nothing has positively improved in the western front of Sudan.

The deployment of the security and army forces of the ruling military regime in the eastern Sudan indicates also how the tensions parameters are rising in the region. All of that said is a further threat to the integrity of the biggest country in Africa that was once Sudan.

Great numbers of Sudanese think that they have experiences with all kinds of regimes and all theories of governing, but they are unfortunately wrong. The country has never known the socialist revolution many people call for.

This could be the best solution to the political crises of the country. So, why not give it a chance, create it and bear it for couple of years to see the results?

Just look back to the development in the country since the independence in 1956 until now to examine the exchanged political periods between the long-term military dictatorships and the short-term civil mechanical majority dictatorships to understand the development of the political awareness of the people of Sudan.

How many generations have been born and grown under the long-term military dictatorships?

The parameter of this generation growth indicates the political illiteracy the country has. However, this fact could suddenly if used good make the contradictions explode and no street will stop it.

It will become a roaring river. The roaring river would clean the capital city of Khartoum from all the garbage in the governing palace and clean off the rats with them.

With the people's revolution taking place in Tunisia, the inspirations are inevitable and that is what Sudanese need to spread this influence in the heart of Africa and in the eastern Africa, where dictatorships make the entire area their nesting grounds for long decades.

Remember only a very young Tunisian has set fire on himself refusing the injustice in his land to let a candle to the people's revolution because he lived under humiliation, bad treatments and bad economical and political situations, his people faced since 23 years of continuous dictatorship.

He ended his own life refusing the abuse and injustice. This is a good lesson for well-known political senior leaders in the Sudanese opposition whom are personally insulted by the leader of the dictatorial regime they helped once to steal the political power by night. See HOA Political Scene 39.

Now this young Tunisian is great and will live forever in the memories of the Tunisians and they will remember how he refused the insults, while senior political leaders in Sudan do nothing to reject the dictator's personal insults on them. There is a big gab between manhood and (rat-hood).

Enough is enough!

Join the USHA Project and share the activities of creating brighten Horn of Africa. It is simple. Be courageous, creative and active and write your ideas for discussion and conclusion. Let us get together.

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Love Whispers!

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