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HOA Political Scene 33!

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There are two short articles in this edition of HOA Political Scene 33. The first is a news follow-up and the second is only simple comment on this news.

After few months, instead of Sudan, north Sudan will be Kizanistan!

The late political news in Sudan is worth thinking and enticing to think more about the future of this largest country in Africa and the conspiracies that planned by some international powers for this country to fall apart.

Every single national Sudanese should have a feeling by now of getting lost in the labyrinth of the political situations in Sudan, the fast deterioration, and the blindness and the weakness of the political opposition that keeps meeting and talking, and the weakness of the people to revolt in Sudan.

A question may rise always when thinking of this political deterioration, why not the Sudanese learn from the international power while great powers in the world keep getting together to form some unities while weak people in Africa are good to fall apart and make secessions!

Have a nice reading.

UNSC Deploys New International Peace Forces in Sudan!

The Security Council has approved a request made to the council by the Sudanese Vice President and Head of the State in Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir to deploy international forces a head of the referendum in southern Sudan to prevent war and to avoid the expected violence during the referendum.

The border reaches two thousand kilometres and the suggested hot zones for the international peacekeeping forces to cover between the north and the south spread only to 16 kilometres.

The commander of the UN peacekeeping operations, Alain Le Roy said the deployment of the required troops in the region will be completed within few weeks.

Western pressures have encouraged the council to take the decision while China voted against it and the ruling party in Sudan refused it, saying that the UN cannot deploy the international forces without its consent, while this party continues mobilizing its army, security forces and the so-called popular defence forces.

Seems nothing will solve the political problems in Sudan rather than to Pick Up the Uprising Now, or at least engage in secret cells, by calling all the opposition forces and the national soldiers of the Sudanese national army to operate in underground cells. Remember, only diamond cut diamond and yes, it worth saying again.

Democratic means proved that they suck!

Let us know what you think about the hot political issues in Sudan and in the Horn of Africa through the following form. Thanks.

North Sudan is Factually the State of Kizanistan!

The deployment of the international peacekeeping forces in the hot zones along the borders between the south and the north of Sudan reveals that there is an agreement reached between the ruling parties in the south and the north and the American Administration to prepare the playground for the secession of the southern Sudan.

The separation had been arranged in advance in the United States and now all of the partners declare its position to the other variant to cause more confusion in the mind of Sudanese. The ruling party in the north continues to play on the policy of forked contradictions that contributes to the empowerment of the Kizan in Sudan (the Muslim brothers).

The rude ruling party in Sudan has planned this contemporary tragicomedy well. The wonder is that the party has begged the American Administration to cancel both its debts and the arrest warrant against its president forgetting that beggars cannot be choosers, when it comes to the deployment of the international forces.

The thing that is more interesting is that both of the partners of the comprehensive peace agreement in Sudan are now like (a cock that crows on his own dunghill). They cry over spilt milk because they have forgotten to take the other political powers in the Sudanese opposition seriously and develop with them the best national solutions to the political crises of the country.

To continue with this tragicomedy, I whisper in the ears of the leaders of the government in southern Sudan to retain and use the name of Sudan as a name of the new state when they achieve the secession, so the robbers in the north can rename their land the state of (Kizanistan).

It is all determined robbery to our dreams in one united, civil, democratic and modern Sudan!

This issue brings my attention to a paper we discussed about 15 years ago in the first SAF's conference I called Peace Mechanisms, predicting all the recent happenings. Thanks to Jamal Ali al-Tom, for reminding me of this important paper.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 33 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment forms and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.

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Love Whispers!

"When she laughs, oh my lord-- the globe giggles ;-)" Khalid Osman

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