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HOAs Refugees Project to Improve Your Life!

HOAs Refugees Project is the first humanitarian project in the HOAs comprehensive projects. It calls African refugees from any country in the Horn of Africa and they live in the diaspora to get together.

However, it is not just only a simple fundraising project. It spreads to involve some progressive activities to solve the problems of refuge.

Now, here are many activities to do when refugees from the Horn of Africa join this project and get together, no matter where they live in the world. There are many benefits too.

First, they will get to know each other and then exchange their experiences in these societies. The HOA's Refugees project is for them to start chatting about some concerns regarding their lives in the new societies they fled to.

They could also write and discuss the issues that encouraged them to flee their countries, or caused their refuge and how would they be active to work with the project to improve their lives and support other refugees and IDPs in the Horn of Africa.

The social goal is to let them know each other, exchange their experiences in these societies and interact through the dialogue they run from within the project. The forms on this page and on the other humanitarian pages enable them to carry on this dialogue.

This will lead to good connection between those people and the HOAs Refugees Project will help them build good social relations on the net and perhaps through phone calls and other chatting methods.

Second, refugees with secular beliefs and socialistic concerns will become more active to build and share targeted activities to support each other, support other refugees in need, discuss scientifically the situations in their homelands and share solutions to the political, economical and social crises in the Horn of Africa.

This second phase of the HOAs Refugees Project supports the USHA Framework. Active political refugees in this discussion would be upgraded to join the framework and they will be assigned some duties to carry on.

During this process, we could build together some kinds of network in different countries where the refugees live. This will perhaps develop through real and sincere engagement in the HOAs Refugees Project.

In addition, I have built the HOAs Refugees store to support people engaged in the HOAs Refugees Project and the other social, humanitarian and political phases. Not only this, but some income from my own efforts and my books you see here at the right of the page supports those activities we run here.

I know there were different reasons caused refugees to flee their countries. Some of these reasons were real and good reasons and the others were only bad reasons or just lies to get out of their homelands to improve their lives by any means.

However, we need here only those refugees with real cases and sincere political engagement to get together and share the benefits of the HOAs Refugees Project.

In addition to the humanitarian project, you may also be interested in the other literal and political projects at: USHA| Environment Protection| Environment| Horn of Africa's Journalists| HOAs Journalists| HOAs Journalists Project| Horn of Africa's Friends| HOAs Cultural Project| HOAs Poets| HOAs Poets Project| HOAs Poets Bookshop|

Use the first form below to join the HOAs Refugees Project.

HOA's Comprehensive Projects

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Use the second form to contribute to the HOAs Refugees Project. You can write ideas for the project, your case, your arrival story to the new country, your experiences during the refuge time, how do you do in the new country, how would you support the HOA's Refugees Project and what you plan to do. Do not forget to enter your CV at the end of your contribution.

If you want to keep details about your name and other personal information (such as your address) secret, please indicate that in your input. We always keep contact information confidential in all circumstances.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

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