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How to Be Inspired by Poetry to Write Poetry?

"How to Be Inspired by Poetry to Write Poetry?" This might be your question to get some inspirations from poetry to write poetry. If so, the inspiration of poetry on scripts of pomes designed on pictures and on videos will get you the poetic inspirations you need to write poetry. Not, only that, but the elements of the page will get you insights on poetry and what make that genre of writing a poetry.

You will also need to get a look at Characteristic Writing and the related pages on this topic of professional literary writing, as well as the literary learning in the videos at the bottom of the page. Just to get more knowledge and see the hard efforts I am doing here for you. Do I deserve appreciation? If you think so, share the videos, like them, subscribe and add your comments here on the form in this page.

First, let's go through general conceptions on poetry and poets. Poets, as you might not know are born poets. This is one of the essentials of differences between humankind. Despite this fact the up brining of a person and learning take a major role in making that person literary oriented (e.g a poet) and that person will have a chance to be a laureate by winning prizes on literature (e.g winning Nobel Prize).

The sense of poetic expression is part of the delicacy of the actual human sense with which a person is born. That means children are born different according to the biological and cultural backgrounds and also differences of their parents.

Raising a child plays an important role in acquiring a distinct sense of things and some language skills and passion for specific art.

The surrounding milieu also plays a role of nurturing the sense of poetry. Nature, as phenomena of the physical world is a dynamic source of poetry.

So, the feeling of poetry starts this way and develop by reading a lot of poetry that gets you in the sense of a poet with distinguished and a sort of stand alone poetic language. You get the impression from reading a lot of poetry.

Through this impression of poetry, you get to sense how the elements of poetry work and why they are different from the elements of any prose.

How to Be A Poet?

Things about poetry you need to know:

What are the elements of poetry?

Why are they necessary?

The elements of poetry are 4, despite the great numbers of voices that say they are 5.

The Elements of Poetry, or the Structure of Poetry!

Those elements are: imagery, rhythm, density and lines. Those who say there is another element, which is sound, meaning the general sound of poetry are wrong.

They are wrong because we have the rhythm already and it runs through the lines of poetry and thus becomes the sound of all of its lines. That means the rhythm is embedded partially in the lines and collectively in the entire flow of a piece of poetry. Most immortally that should be running naturally.

With that said, the elements of poetry are important because they build the structure of poetry.

So, the sound of poetry is the rhythm of poetry. No need for saying it is one of the elements of poetry, as long as we have the rhythm as an element.

The rhythm is the flow of words in every line of poetry that makes the beats of words and thus lines and the whole piece of poetry. It is the musical pattern of syllables. It is not only the musical pattern of the last word in the line, as such as having similar ending or similar musical flow.

It is the pulse of poetry which is measured through the lines and makes the entire piece of poetry a metric poetry. However, the metric definition varies from a genre of poetry to another.

The density is where you say much in a line and that means how much you composed in a single line that opens the vision of a reader onto beautiful pictures, or scenes, which are possibly assimilated with some imaginations and good emotional feelings.

Some More Words about How to Be A Poet?

In the Arabic culture and literature, once upon a time a poet said, you will need to read 1000 foot of poetry to become a poet. He meant perhaps to familiarize the ears with the musical tunes of the scales and the tafa'll in Arabic poetry.

Arabic poetry is more measured by 8 of these tafa'll... you can also write them as tafa-eel, which are scales in Arabic metric poetry made out of musical synonyms formulated from the source of the verb "do" in Arabic which has flexible formation to present musical scales of words. In Arabic the 8 tafa'll are (عولن، مفاعيلن، مفاعلتن، فاعلن، فاعلاتن، متفاعلن، مستفعلن، مفعولات،)

As you can see in the drawing of these Arabic words, the most frequent Arabic letters here are "ف", "ع" and "ل".

The tafa'll are included in 15 scales that work as a convention of poetry made by Al-Khalil bin  Ahmad al-Frahidi.

Poetry are types that are in fact framed classifications, in molds made up of the music of poetry that are organized in a specific context between words and from them and in rhymes that combine them in no more than fifteen Bahar. 

Most of the frameworks of poetry are ancient, even what was called modern poetry or prose poetry in the 1960s and 1970s. That modern poetry is also becoming a classic in the twenty-first century, and that means that poetry moves from and liberates from its old stereotypes.

According to all of this you will need to read a lot of poetry to get the inspiration. Before that, you must have a feeling and sense of poetry. That should be in your blood. But, you don't need to follow the Arabic classic poetry, indeed, if this concerns you. You will need absolutely to read more of it to get its music into your ears and sense.

Learning How to Be A Poet from Videos!

Here are some videos about how to be a poet. I am working to produce more videos in this series, including presentation to my poetry in Arabic and in English. You are welcome, to share them in family websites, like them, comment, activate the bell and subscribe to the channel. Thanks.

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