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HOAs Political Theory Elects You!

HOAs Political Theory proves that it is scientific and so applicable from within its mechanisms. The scientific mechanisms in turn prove that it is the only political theory ever made in the world that can save the world, by building mass systems.

The very important thing to mention in this political Theory of the Masses IS THAT IT TAKES YOU as an important asset in your society. You are one of the Mechanisms. It works with superstructure and infrastructure.

The HOA's Political Theory elects you, as an important asset in what I call the mass-movement to be genuine originator of one of the mechanisms in the movement of the masses. This is my theory, I am veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman and I am giving it to you to save your world from so many dangers.

The important thing in this political theory of the Masses for you, as an important asset in your society is that it proves that it is scientific from within its mechanisms

It doesn't necessary that you be well-educated, or know anything about politics, as you are going to learn all of these matters through the LPE doctrine and you will embrace it, as long as it works for you, as a human, no matter what your beliefs are, no matter what your color is, no matter what your culture is.

The principles of humanity do matter. One of these principles and the important one is that the world is created for you to live in the glob and to discover important facilities that support this life on earth and work continuously to develop your world, but not to destroy it, or do anything that is harmful to it.

Unfortunately, there are some people who do harm the world every day for their own personal interests. Some of these people don't like to do that, but they do it anyway, because they think of development from one side. Some developments are dangerous. You will recognize them here.

They know the affects, though. The scientists in their labs tell them that they created the disease, maybe accidentally, but they also created the cure at the same time using the standard of precautionary measures.

Bacterial and microbial medicine industry is not the safest, as long as they use also chemicals as prevention and that endangers human life. This is a side from militaries experiences of using these dangerous bio-weaponry in other lands.

Human sciences do not work like that. Development does not work like that. Destroying human life is against development, not only violation of human rights.

In other fields like invading the space and in many industrial fields and in nature, the practices are not pleasant. The continuation of cutting the trees, destroying forests for some industries damage nature. It is the first indirect reason for the massive carbon dioxide emission that destruct the balance of nature and widen the Ozone gap.

The first direct reason is almost all industries and specially the military industries, which is dominating and the military operations, all over the world, but remarkably in poor lands.

I think your intelligent radar has begun to work positively, by now, dear reader.

I feel sorry for the world. This was the motive to come up with the first of their kinds dynamic ideas to work for humans, or by the term I am always using such as the "masses". From these dynamics I developed the Theory of the Masses, which is the premier political theory among the HOA's.

Follow the sections of HOA's Political Theory to know about how these dynamics were successful in practices and follow the associated links to know more about the Theory of the Masses and how you could use its mechanisms to change the world for the benefits of the masses, anywhere.

HOA's Political Theory Emerged from the Following Mass Dynamics!

The following dynamics aren't personal. They are here to learn from them how these dynamics work and how the HOAs Political Theory could be the global dynamics to change the world. The practices below prove that the global dynamics of HOAs Political Theory are applicable. The scientific mechanisms of the theory ensure that.

HOAs Political Theory Started from Regional Masses Theory I Used to Lead the Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

The HOAs Political Theory is Originated from Regional Theory During the Process to Mobilize the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Political Theory is Initiated from my Idea, the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

The HOAs Political Theory is Planned from Techniques I Suggested as 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Political Theory, as a Process of Mindedness Disclosed the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ... No one has Come with This Before I Did.

Convinced By HOAs Political Theory to Be Part of It?

To be part of the intelligent framework of the masses and to work to launch the Masses Era, you must signup for HOA Political Scene Newsletter through which you learn the in and out of the mechanisms of the Era of the Masses. When you confirm your double opt-in list process, Contact Us to join and post the link and the posters of the political campaign on save websites and forward it to your friends through the form on Forward HOA Political Scene and encourage them to do the same steps, as you did.

HOAs Political Theory in Other Languages!

* Latvian: - Latvijas Dinamiskie Atzinumi: Klasisko politisko partiju valdošās elites klasiskās sistēmas nodara lielu kaitējumu mūsu planētai. Ko jūs darīsit par to kā indivīds, kurš jūtas vājš?

Vai jums nav drosmes?

Vai jums nav plānu?

Nav spēka?

Man ir viss, un es pēc ētikas un metodēm iemācīšu jums, kā glābt mūsu planētu un kā būt spēcīgākajam pasaules pilsonim kopā ar citiem. Pievienojieties masu projekta jaunajam laikmetam. Izmantojiet veidlapu Sazināties ar mums.

The meaning of the Latvian description is: Classic Systems of the Ruling elites of classic political parties are doing a lot of damage to our planet. What are you going to do about it, as an individual who feels weak?

Don't have courage?

Don't have plans?

Don't have strength?

I have all and I'll teach you by ethics and methods how to save our planet and how to be the strongest  Citizen of the World with others. Join the New Era of the Mass Project. Use Contact Us form.

* Latvian: - Latvijas Dinamiskā Domāšana: Mēs esam masas, mēs ievēlam valdības, ja vien tās nedarbojas mūsu labā, tāpēc mēs pārņemam varu un mainām politiskās sistēmas TAGAD. Mēs to darām, īstenojot politisko mācību ar masu laikmeta LPE metodēm, kuras nodrošina aktīvs veterāns, žurnālists un dzejnieks Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The summary of this Latvian description is: We are the masses, we elect governments, as long as they don't work for us, so we take power and change political systems NOW. We do that by implementing the political teaching with the masses era's LPE's methods provided by veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

HOAs Political Theory Bilingually!

Principles of HOAs Political Theory!

More about HOAs Political Theory in English!

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