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HOA Political Scene Notes 5: Will there be any Sudan after two months?
November 07, 2010

It is too busy weekend, not usual, especial when my daughter likes to have traditional local meals. I am her cook!

Well, in addition to the article in this week edition of the newsletter, there is something very new happening at the HOA Political Scene.

Serious development, which you can see in this week edition of the newsletter, is working pretty behind the scene. Before, I added the third column at the right of the pages by myself working with some technical issues.

Now, we have the third column at the right, that I set it up once and forget it, to appear on all pages, or I set it up for individual pages to add it upon a click, so it sticks with the page after publishing of course.

Sorry for this long explanation, but I just wanted to tell you my friend how I am obliged to take great efforts to publish the newsletter and many websites to keep many people informed and well oriented.

That is a pleasure to me more than anything else is.

When a work becomes a pleasure, people will actually love it and love to engage on it and will never feel pressed because it is duty or they should work to have money to eat!

Have a nice reading at HOA Political Scene 35, and please consider my worries. Thanks so much.

Kind regards

Khalid Osman

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