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HOAs Theory as One of My Creation!

Yes, HOAs Theory as one of my creation is the theory of the masses... I should say as one of my inventions of dynamics for the masses, you can take that also as masses' dynamics, that have engaged me for life to work for the masses everywhere, without having to expect any return on my lifetime engagement in some projects for the masses. You will be amazed by the projects this theory has achieved and know exactly how practical it is and how you can learn from it to save your world. 

Nevertheless, the achieved projects of the theory with its dynamic ideas are regional, this specific regional practice proves that the theory of HOA could be applicable anywhere in the world and this is exactly the motive that led me to build the global dynamics out of this theory to achieve the goals explained on this page.

The Starting Points of HOA's Theory!

By now, you know the theory is the theory of the masses and it has started regionally and you know that it has achieved with its dynamics some projects for the regional masses. But, you don't know which projects and how I come up with this theory to build dynamics out of it and use these dynamics to serve the masses. I will light that.

During the seventies and the eighties and in three causes up to the nineties, the mass ... I always prefer to call the people, the mass and sometimes masses, I say, during these three decades the masses in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan... I am putting those lands alphabetically and not politically, I say those masses have experienced the wretch of the earth in their homelands.

The wretch of the earth was caused by a complex of political leading systems in every state in the Horn of Africa and I am giving the four states, as examples of the other states in the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

In addition to this, the two last decades has been the periods of destructive international policies. I will come to this issue later, so as not to confuse you, my dear valued reader.

Eritrea was occupied by Ethiopia all the time from the forties through which international powers have decided to annex it to Ethiopia and conspired on that, regardless to the consent of the Eritrean mass. Well, before this period, Eritrea has always been the land to invade from the neighbors at the south, during all of the Ethiopian empirical conquest.

But, Eritrea was not the only state in the region that had been targeted by them, as they have targeted Kenya, Somalia and Sudan and they caused Djibouti to form out of Somalia, with the assistance of the Empirical France, for the favor of the Ethiopian emperor and especially his wife to have access to the sea. That is well explained on my book, "Horn Africa's Political Tragedy", which has more than 200 resources I read and cited and criticized.

In this context, the remnant of Somalia was led by aggressive totalitarian and regionally in state oriented regime of Syiad Barry, almost at the same time Sudan had been aggressively controlled and tortured by the totalitarian regime of Jafar al-Numeri and the two dictators had always conspiring and manoeuvring agreements.

They both followed the same conspiring tactics agreeing with the USSR when they came to power and then shifted to the USA... I say the same as, if Numeri sneezed, or farted loudly in the UN for example, Barry would also do that. Don't laugh ;-)

Interestingly, the inside regional control in Somalia and Sudan was reversal, as the control in Khartoum was from the North, while the control in Mogadishu was from the South. The same Arabic / African cause was used, regardless to the reverse in the two lands against territorial masses.

But, also interestingly the doctrine was Islam in the two lands. There's no Christianity in Somalia, but it is in Sudan, even in the North, not only the South. So, the doctrine was used with the race in Sudan to torture the masses and slaughter them, whether they are Christians, or Muslims. In Somalia, it was territorial doctrine that was used to oppress the other territories. So, what Syiad did was putting the Islam in the tribe's caftan jubbah.

Am I getting your mind, dear respected reader?

I will let my book continue this thread, as the page is becoming long. Besides, the book says it better, with the given resource and the analyses of the events and resources.

Why HOAs Theory is Practical?

It is practical because it is the theory of the masses. All of the human issues mentioned on the section of the page above have led to HOA's Theory and the dynamics that make this theory applicable. It is applicable because it concerns about the people / mass.

The dynamic ideas in the theory have come with planned schemes for the masses to engage in. The plans included some projects with details about how to implement them and with resources used to implement them.

Not only that, but they have generated fund for these projects, which has been given by trader unions I contacted and agreed with them to take care of the funding of the materials used in the projects and they were glad to do that and be part of the movement of the masses.

The first project was the Eritrean martyr's Tree 1, during the first Martyr's Day celebrated in the free independent land of Eritrea. The National Union of Eritrean Women funded the material used in the project, thanks to Ms. Askalu Menkerios (Esqalou Mengreuous) the leader of the union and my sisters, the members.

Every Martyr's Tree project after that was funded by other associations like the National Association of Eritrean Teachers, Department of Social Affairs, thanks to its leader Ms. Amina Nur-Hussein and others.

Until the last achievement of the project of the Martyr's Tree, the Eritrean masses have done great by carrying the project out and the first constitution I wrote to establish the Eritrean National Environment Organization in the history of the land and the steps I followed to do that have made the theory of the masses practical. You'll read about this in the following sections of the page.

HOA's Theory, with its dynamics has also been used to motivate the Sudanese mass and lighten the right way of the revolution. From the start, we launched the main groups of the revolution in what is called the Sudanese Opposition Coordination abroad. It worked good before its last costly development, when the coordination took every groups possible in and I withdrew form it.

However, we launched some other revolutionary groups to take the revolution to victory. I wrote a lot and advised a lot and even presented 3 mechanisms for the revolution, with the revolution secular constitution that establishes the power of the masses to be carried out along with converting the idea of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree to the Sudanese Martyr's Tree to be the guidance of the masses and the basis for the revolution.

The advices have done nothing, as the enlargement of the coordination has resulted in the presence of a coalition of of reactionary party organizations  to swallow up the revolution and to make the Sudanese masses revolve in a vicious circle and not reach their radical goals.

Read about this in the section of the Sudanese Sequences and at:

The attempt to assassinate the Sudanese revolution with a political agreement to establish government structures and institutions:

Criticism of the political agreement to establish governance structures and institutions:

The bunch of groups who demanded power are not revolutionaries and they swallow up the revolution:

They continue swallowing up the revolution:

From this extraordinary experience, you will realize how this theory of the masses is so practical anywhere.

HOAs Theory with Its Dynamic Ideas Achieved the Following Mass Projects!

The sections of the following dynamics get you more of HOAs Theory and how they are used to motivate the masses to implements mass projects for the environment and for national values.

HOAs Theory Worked with Dynamics to Lead the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

HOAs Theory Motivated the Sudanese Revolution ...

While Thinking of HOAs Theory I Created the Dynamics of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

In the Framework of HOAs Theory I Achieved 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Theory Started with Dynamics to Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Want to Work HOAs Theory?

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HOAs Theory in Other Languages!

* Thai: - Invitation to Comments 170: ไอเดียแบบไดนามิก: เพื่อที่จะนำไปสู่ยุคมวลชนหรือเพียงแค่เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของมันคุณจะต้องจัดระเบียบกับอวัยวะในท้องถิ่นและเชื่อมต่อกับอวัยวะต่างประเทศ.

The connotation of the Thai description is: In order to lead the mass age or just be part of it, you need to organize with local organs and connect with foreign organs.

* Vietnamese: - Ý tưởng năng động: Các đảng chính trị cổ điển thất bại và biến đổi khí hậu, bùng nổ khủng hoảng kinh tế, nghèo đói và bất ổn toàn cầu là bằng chứng.

The explanation of this Vietnamese description is: Classic political party failures and climate change, the outbreak of economic crises, poverty and global instability are evidences.

* Vietnamese: - Quan điểm năng động của người ViệtChúng ta, "quần chúng" nên tắt các hệ thống chính trị cổ điển và xây dựng các hệ thống toàn cầu hiện đại của quần chúng.

The insights of the Vietnamese description are: We "the masses" should turn off classical political systems and build modern global systems of the masses.

How to Setup Global Revolution? Episode 1, 1

This is Why We Need a Global Revolution as HOAs Theory Explains!

HOAs Theory is All Dynamics!

HOAs Theory Explains the Dynamics!

Now You Will Realize that HOAs Theory is not a Theory at all!

HOAs Theory in More Languages!

Get Engaged with HOAs Theory!

You have the guidelines in the dynamics sections, if you wanted to work HOA's Theory. You can tell me through the form that you want to work it. You can also use the form to write comments on HOAs Theory.

At the same time, read about the affects of climate change to understand the second motive of HOAs Theory at

You can watch the affects of climate change I am talking about in documentaries and real life movies at

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