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Readers Write About HOA or Comment!

Readers Write about HOA and comment on articles written by me or other readers and they actually built this site map. Therefore, "Write about HOA" becomes one of the 33 site maps in the HOA's Political Scene website. - Write About HOA: Quote, Imagine waking up one day to find democracy spreading in HOA. How is that for a good way to wake up in the morning?

It is the Site Map 15 and it is here, to help you navigate to all pages that fall in this category easily. So, here is what our loyal writers wrote about HOA. For more articles about HOA, please see the other site maps and linked pages. Most importantly, be active to share your political views on HOA.

People who wrote or commented on this site map called for democracy and modernization. Democracy and modernization are necessary for the states in the Horn of Africa to accelerate the rhythm of all kinds of development and enrich the human resources by knowledge to share building democratic states.

They called to equalize regional sharing inside each state and then regional sharing between them to settle regional problems and of course, as we all know, the terrible inter-state-to-state conflicts.

While looking to the past and to the political and social crises in HOA with anger, as you can read on the Site Map 15 and comment on it, our people agree that long-term presidency means dictatorship.

They have impression that the business of politics has developed between the ruling elites to produce the psychology of fear, which has political aims in turn. They called to fight the poverty not the poor.

Instead of waging wars against themselves in the horn of Africa to create complicated future, some readers advised to develop the confederation that makes it possible to build the United States of the Horn of Africa.

I am pleased that loyal readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter, friends and people I even do not know from near, have taken the glove through my political articles to build "Write about HOA" as the site map 15. Thanks to all loyal readers and thank you too. I hope you will share contributing to the HOA's network.

Loyal Readers Wrote about HOA:

Many people from the Horn of Africa and somewhere else wrote about HOA in the following Site Maps:

Readers' Site Maps:

Site Map 15: Write about HOA

Site Map 16: Write about Djibouti

Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea

Site Map 18: Write about Ethiopia

Site Map 19: Write about Kenya

Site Map 20: Write about Somalia

Site Map 21: Write about Sudan

Site Map 22: Write about Uganda

Site Map 23: Write about Chad

Site Map 24: Write about DRC

Site Map 25: Readers Write Good

Site Map 26: Readers Write Comments

Site Map 27: Readers Read Good

Site Map 28: Comments

Site Map 29: Readers Comment

Comments and Articles Readers Wrote on Political Topics in HOA:

Some of the political commentaries were submitted through the form you see on Write about HOA, but I elected to deliver them to other site maps so as not to make this page so long.

As you see, the articles and commentaries about HOA below are organized alphabetically on Write about HOA:

Equalize Regional Sharing to Settle Regional Problems

Equalize Regional Sharing to Settle Regional Problems Comments

Fight Poverty Not the Poor

Fight Poverty Not the Poor Comments

Glad the Turtle Gets a Rocket in HOA

I Liked HOA's Videos

I Liked HOA's Videos Comments

Joint American Yemeni Troops Operate in HOA

Joint American Yemeni Troops Operate in HOA Comments

Look Angry to the Crises in HOA

Look Angry to the Crises in HOA Comments

Long Term Presidency Means Dictatorship

Psychology of Fear has Political Aims

Psychology of Fear has Political Aims Comments

The Business of Politics

The Business of Politics Comments

Two Friends on the Edge

Two Friends on the Edge Comments

United States of the Horn of Africa

Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future

Comments and Articles about the Rights of the HOA's Refugees:

Political Refugees Killed on Borders to Israel

Political Refugees Killed on Borders to Israel Comments

More Insights to Write about HOA!

You can either skip reading this and get faster to those pages on the site maps 15, Write about HOA, or read it to get the complete picture. But, it is absolutely useful to read thoroughly.

This could help you structuring your scripts if you thought of publishing a book, for example. So, we could help you to publish it, all from the Horn Africa's Network and through the HOA's Cultural Project.

There are more than 34 Site Maps in the HOA's Political Scene website. Readers have built more than 13 of these site maps. Each Site Map indexes with relevant content different pages in this network to save your time and help you get direct to the page you want to read, write or comment on it.

In addition to Write about HOA, readers also continue to write articles and comments about the political problems in each state in the Horn of Africa through the pages about those states.

They also write good content commenting or sharing their articles about the political scene in many states in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, both in Arabic and English and help the Horn African and East Africa network grows faster and bigger.

This is the reason that encouraged me to build "Write about HOA" as a sitemap to ease your navigation through those articles and comments readers wrote and will write about the political map of the Horn of Africa, because they love and trust this network.

In addition, you can find also all articles and comments that readers wrote about any state in the Horn of Africa and East Africa through site maps on this page. It is so important to take your time on this page and get from it to any other country to read what writers have written about the political development of that country.

The other articles writers wrote about other states in the Horn of Africa (HOA) and East Africa are included in the site map in the leading links below the following note and the introduction. The articles and comments writers wrote about HOA are just below these site maps.

Note: If, you want to read more than just (politics) about any city or town in any country in the Horn of Africa and East Africa and write about it, please link to Any Beautiful City. Upload pictures from it, if you wrote about any place there.

The Primary Site Maps

In addition to Write about HOA, here are the primary site maps on the Horn of Africa Comprehensive Project:

HOA's Primary Site Maps:

Site Map 1 A: Horn of Africa (English HOA)| Site Map 1 B: Horn of Africa (Arabic HOA Political Scene)| Site Map 2: Djibouti| Site Map 3 A: Eritrea| Site Map 4: Ethiopia| Site Map 5: Kenya| Site Map 6 A: Somalia (and Somaliland)| Site Map 7 A: Sudan and South Sudan| Site Map 8: Uganda| Site Map 9 A: Chad| Site Map 10: DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)| Site Map 11: Political Site Map| Site Map 12: Political Section| Site Map 13 A: Humanitarian Network| Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal|

Each of the states in the primary site maps has also secondary site maps to organize this big website. The secondary sites maps have also commentaries visitors used the form on Write about HOA to post them.

HOA's Secondary Site Maps by Country:

Eritrean Site Maps:

Site Map 3 A: Eritrea| Site Map 3 B: Eritrean Political Articles| Site Map 3 C: Eritrean Forums Online| Site Map 3 D: Eritreans Write Online| Site Map 3 E: Eritreans Love Commentaries| Site Map 3 F: Eritrean Political Comments| Site Map 3 G: Eritrean Humanitarian Topics| Secondary Site Map 13 B: Eritrean Refugees| Secondary Site Map 17: Write about Eritrea|

Somali Site Maps:

Site Map 6 A: Somalia | Site Map 6 A: Somaliland| Site Map 6 B: Somali Arabic Comments| Site Map 6 C: Somali Political Articles| Site Map 6 D: Somali Political Forums| Site Map 6 E: Somali Political Comments| Site Map 20: Write about Somalia|

Sudanese Site Maps:

Site Map 7 A: Sudan| Site Map 7 B: Sudanese Political Articles| Site Map 7 C: Sudanese Arabic Political Articles| Site Map 7 D: Sudanese Economical Forums| Site Map 7 F: Sudanese Forum| Site Map 7 G: Sudanese Forums| Site Map 7 H: Sudanese Regional Politics| Site Map 21 A: Write about Sudan| Site Map 21 B: Comments on Sudan| Site Map 21 C: Sudan Online| Site Map 21 D: Sudanese Online| Site Map 21 E: Sudanese Regimes' Political Crimes|

The HOA Political Scene Newsletter has also site maps to organize the voice of the network. That is because many visitors have used the comments form on Write about HOA and other pages to post many comments, which in turn have produced many articles in the newsletter.

Horn Africas Political Newsletters Site Maps:

Site Map 14: Political Sense Journal| Site Map 29: Horn Africas Journal| Site Map 30: Horn Africas Newsletters| Site Map 31: Horn Africas Bulletins| Site Map 32: Horn Africas Ezines| Site Map 33: Horn Africas Political Newsletters| Site Map 34: Horn Africa's Journal|

Well, since many loyal readers have heard the HOA Calls and used the form to  to comment on HOA News and write about HOA in general and then write about each state in the Horn of Africa and East Africa, we got them covered also on site maps. So, link to those site maps at the top. Thanks.

When you go through all pages on "Write about HOA", the site map 15, please share your comment or write articles about the HOA. Just fill your article through this form, enter your name, location and email address.

Your email address will not appear with your article. It is only that the system will use it to notify you of responses to your entries. Thanks.

And, please share Write about HOA with your social media network and other services through the small buttons you see on the page.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

Commentaries and Articles visitors wrote about HOA appear on the second section of the page above.

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