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HOA Political Scene Notes 13: Never Be Extreme Rightist!
July 25, 2011

HOA Political Scene Notes 13!

What is on the HOA Political Scene Notes 13?

Hot news, but not from the Horn of Africa. It is from Norway and it should concern all those readers in the HOA Political Scene list who are living in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and any other country in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

You have heard and watched the sad news, of course and you might have felt that deep sorrow scrolling to make you very sad and maybe angry.

But, there is a lesson here. Any criminal attack like this in any country in the area means direct threats to the UN political refugees in those countries.

Get involved, organized and work in groups to protect your international rights in your asylum. Take care of your children and teach them every day what the terrorist attack in Norway means.

To begin this step let us be in contact to develop a positive network that support good governments in the area and support the cases of the UN political refugees in those countries. The political refugees have never been targets to extremists until liberal and rightist governments came to power to worsen the situations.

It seems as if the sufferance of the political refugees continues to persist even in their new resettlements.

Never Be Extreme Rightist!

This is absolutely something to worry about and be cautious. Here is the only update in HOA Political Scene Notes 13. If you would like to comment on it, use the form on the pages of the newsletter.

I did not sit to work on my computer since Friday! What has happened in Oslo makes me feel deep sorrow. We in the list of the HOA Political Scene must have all felt that sorrow. The first time, I heard the news, while treating myself by a strong paracetamol, because of a sharp headache, I immediately realised the source of the attacks and had the correct idea about the event.

Even before following the news, I had that journalistic sense to know that a Norwegian extremist rightist group must have carried out the explosion. The spreading of those extremist groups in Scandinavia is something very strange, as people worldwide know those countries are the most developed countries in Europe and they have in common good senses and understanding concerning peace, democracy, justice and equality.

However, the fact is that, the events in three countries in Scandinavia have changed all the anticipations since three decades. In the last decade, the rightist party and its allies in the rightist group in Denmark won the elections because of their policy against the UN political refugees. Extremism appears clearly in Denmark against the UN political refugees, while Sweden retreats from implementing extremist treatments to treat political refugees better.

Norway might have done that too, treating political refugees very well. This has developed in turn a network for the hardliners or the Norwegian rightist to be online, use keywords in their social media and prepare for actual attacks on the ground against their social government.

The surprise is that, the intelligentsia does not follow social media closely and very well to implement emergency coverage to any optimal and projected attack in the future.

People could now understand many things from the appreciation the leader of the Norwegian extremist rightist group made for two well-known Danish rightist characters, meaning that they are positive in treating foreigners according to his wrong political understanding.

The first character is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former rightist leader, former prime minister of Denmark and recent general secretary of the NATO. The second rightist character is Morten Messerschmitt, member of the European Parliament for the Danish People's Party.

The most important things to understand are the connection and the real target of those policies, the two mentioned rightist characters have implemented since 2001 against foreigners in Denmark in general and the UN political refugees in particular.

His message could also motivate the rightist in Denmark to implement more extremist measures against the UN political refugees, regardless of their country's international obligations in accordance with the 1951 protocol and the 1967 convention and the related agreements concerning the political refugees.

I hope here in HOA Political Scene Notes 13, that such criminal acts would never prevent people to see facts, love each other and open for wide dialogue for better integration in the Scandinavian societies.

Create and develop international groups for love and peace in your area. The colour of your skin or the colour of your eyes is not your humanity. It is what you love, know, have real feelings about and good understanding to democracy, justice and equality.

Here are some briefs in HOA Political Scene Notes 13 about the changes of the political power in Norway since the early days, the party system worked in Oslo.

The recent government came to power after a coalition of the Labour Party, the Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party that took them to the government in 17 October 2005. They laid out the red-green alternative to receive the majority of 87 seats out of 169 in the Norwegian parliament.

It was the first time for the Social Left (SV) to be in the government and the first time for the Labour Party (AP) to be in the coalition and the government since 1945 and the first time for the Centre Party to be in the government with the socialist party.

The Crown Prince of Denmark, Christian Fredrik, appointed the first cabinet in Norway in 1814 and the King of Sweden and Norway appointed the other cabinets, starting from 1884, the first time Norway knows the parliamentary system.

The governments formed in 1884 to 1903 starting by the Liberal Party (V) and then exchanged between the Liberal Party and the Conservative (H). Then the first government of another coalition between the rightists ruled from 1903 until1905 when the Liberal Party took the power alone.

The Liberal Party and the Conservative with the Liberal Left Party (FV) began to rule after each other from 1910 until 1928 when the Labour Party (AP) took the government and then the power began to exchange between the Liberal, the Agrarian Party and the Labour parties until the 2nd World War and the German occupation of Norway.

From 1940 until 1945, the National Unification (NS) took the government, then the Independent, and then the National Unification for two short terms. After 1945, the Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Agrarian and Communist (NKP) took the government.

After the first independent government, the Labour ruled alone from 1945 until 1963. The Conservative, Liberal, Christian Democratic (KrF) and the Centre (SP), which was formed from the Agrarian Party, took the government in 1963 for a very short period ended in the same year.

The Labour returned to the government to rule from 1963 until 1965, when the Conservative, Liberal, Centre, Christian Democratic won the government to rule from 1965-1971. The Labour took the government from 1971-1972, but the Centre, the Christian Democratic and the Liberal took it again in 1972.

The Labour returned to stay in the government from 1973-1981, when the Conservative took it in 1981-1983. The Conservative, the Christian Democratic and the Centre formed the government from 1983-1986, then the Labour took it until 1989. The parties in the former government returned to rule from 1989 until 1990 when the Labour took the government until 1997.

They returned to rule from 1997-2000, but the Labour took the government from 2000-2001. The Conservative, the Christian Democratic and the Liberal ruled again from 2001-2005 and then after that the Labour (AP), the Social Left (SV) and the Centre (SP) took it since 17 October 2005, with Jens Stoltenberg leading the government.

Read about beautiful places in Norway at the Norwegian Tundra.

Kind regards.

Khalid Osman

HOA Political Scene Notes 13


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