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HOA Political Scene 43!

HOA Political Scene 43 _________________________27 February 2011

HOA Political Scene 43 comes this week with some highlights to the backward development in North Africa and the Middle East.

Changes and developments always go forward in every aspect of life. I have never seen things developing backwards except in some places we watch and read the news about them every minute.

This must bring our attention to think of reasons of the backward development in our world. However, such effort might engage many social development experts, critics of arts and cultures and economical and political analysts as well to highlight such backward development.

The positive values we acquire from the thoroughly done analyses must highlight the way to see things better than to make personal efforts to stand upside down to see them on the right order, like what that unknown Eritrean philosopher had done many years ago.

In harmony with these occurrences in North Africa and the Middle East, we have some articles here on the HOA Political Scene 43 with some highlights to the political events.

In addition, there is a new economical column in HOA Political Scene 43. The economical columns hopefully move on and cover economical issues in the Horn of Africa. I encourage you to write about the economical development in any country in the Horn of Africa to enrich this column. Thank you.

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Crackdown on Human Rights in Sudan Escalates!

The crackdown on human rights in Sudan is not something new although the human rights organizations work hard and send continuous alerts about such issue, which becomes the habitual factor of the Sudanese dictators.

Sudanese people live always in the crackdown on human rights since 21 years. They lived the same situation before that for 16 years. The first time they lived the miserable situation of the crackdown on human rights was during the late 1950 and they lived this situation for 4 years.

So, that is 41 years of crackdown on human rights and on democracy in Sudan.

For how many years did the British and the Egyptians colonize the country?

How many crackdowns on human rights had they committed?

I do not think that they had done the worst tortures, rapes, killings, displacement of people, dismissal of non-adherents and forcing the nationals to evacuate the country like those 3 dictatorial regimes in Sudan.

However, that is not the intention to compare between different kinds of devils.

The intention is that, we have exhausted people in Sudan by now, because of all these means of the crackdowns on human rights.

The Sudanese people have lived only three so-called democratic periods, for less than 12 years.

We cannot compare those 12 years by the 41 years.

The fact is that, there are almost 5 generations that grew under dictatorships, educated having their curriculum in place, followed their mobilizations, enforced to do their militias services and follow their Islamic mal-planned schemes before getting to the universities and well-brainwashed through those 41 years.

If we add this fact to the fact that during the 12 years of discontinued semi-democracies, 3 generations were also well brainwashed by sectarian beliefs, then we could imagine that there are only few people from those generations to stand with solid secular perspectives, thanks to their international cultural readings and self-education.

Those make the best intelligentsia we have in the Sudan and the secular political body of the country.

By now, and apparently to some levels, the national intelligentsia and amid them the secular political activists should take great efforts to bring the cultural gabs between those generations down to achieve any change they wish. This is because even the people's uprisings in the neighbourhood have not enticed them enough to storm the streets refusing this regime.

If you care that much and want citizen journalism in the right place, please do bring your ideas in and let us get together to encourage composing the popular fronts. Use the form at the bottom of HOA Political Scene 43. Thanks.

Explore the Plot of the News from Libya!

I think this would be interesting issue in the HOA Political Scene 43, only if you read it right.

The plot in our writing world is always associated with novels and plays.

I have never seen or read that the plot is also associated with the news, until I heard the late news from those revolting countries from Libya to Bahrain.

While the matter is simple as that, those people want changes that make their lives better, some media sources write the news or broadcast it in a way that associates the plot with the news.

Now the plot of the news comes from Libya, as I have mentioned the other week when I said that people should take care of what we call Islamic propagandas behind the uprising in Libya and elsewhere in the revolting countries in the Middle East.

Here is the plot of the news, with the understanding that the measures implemented on Libya have nothing to do with what Qaddafi said.

Some news said Col Qaddafi blamed al-Qaeda of causing the riots in the country. The gesture is clear and anyone with good sense to understand politics will probably get the idea right. But, the news will stay as a plot to many people.

Well, the understanding is that Col Qaddafi wanted to break any efforts to impose American sanction on Libya and paralyze the United Nation so as not to take action against his regime and the European Union so as not to implement arms embargo, ban travel and freeze the Libyan assets.

He never blamed al-Qaeda, which is already a ghost of causing the riots in the country for nothing, but he might probably become old to think as inspired leader or at least be courage to step down or form an interim salvation council calling the opposition to prepare for a new era of democracy.

Worldwide and in the African continent, he has a good chance at a time that he began to acquire some kind of reputation and any positive step could prevent him from losing this reputation. Internally, such step will save the blood of the people, instead of having him clutching on the power and committing more political crimes.

Other news mentions that Col Tarek Saad Hussein leads the fighting against the Libyan leader from Benghazi. This will definitely cause a civil war in the country in spite of the logos that declare Benghazi will not be without Tripoli.

This from its own angle suggests a backdoor of international interference to polish a new character that would bow to some countries to lead the Libyan country.

All of the happenings indicate that, the political chair is decisive. It never lets the man on the chair see things from different perspectives or read them from the other side of the prospect as a citizen. Many leaders in the revolted countries lack credibility and transparency. Moreover, they lack in common a sense of mature leadership.

Only those inspired leaders could really see things behind the political scene and have in common a sense of good predictions to the future. Unfortunately, the area has no such leader until the moment and until the news surprises us by hidden jewellery in this regard.

Why did the nationals get independence, anyway?

This is a sincere question not aiming at any direction that they should not get it at all. However, it rose for a comparison reason only.

It is now a hard job for moderate, secular intellectuals with self-renunciation in those societies to bring good future for their people. Certainly, it is not impossible!

HOA Political Scene 43's Business Column!

Have You Heard of the Net Middle Ages?

HOA Political Scene 43's Business Column is about this specific issue on the Internet.

The Middle Ages in history spanned all the period from the 5th century to the 15th century. Now this concept repeats itself in many areas of living.

Since the time that people knew the Internet, some business programs online sprang on the Net to speak about a secret formula to online wealth that people could use to get rich quickly, promising them to be millionaires over night.

From the start and before people even knew anything on the Internet, some people jumped into those programs dreaming of the overnight wealth.

I had no such dreams and I was led by my journalistic sense to follow the first programs that sprang on the Net. I studied many things, getting in contacts with well-known pioneers in this field, taking lot of courses and thus began to realize the tricks.

This experience strengthened my thought about nothing as this could happen on the Internet. If it does not happen offline unless you won a lottery, then how could it happen online?

Anyway, I began to look for a business with real values that I could use myself and grow it over the time to pay the cost of this business, help some folks I know, donate to some good human bodies and then build gradually the publishing enterprise I own.

When I found the recent company that promises nobody of wealth overnight but demand hard work guided by what we call the Action Guide, implemented by the tortoise steps to build the base of knowledge that people respect. I began to realize more facts.

Then suddenly and as I have many online platforms for people to join, I started to receive invitations from people who still use the same old as history itself formula, promising people of wealth overnight again.

So, this is the reason to publish this article by the title of the Middle Ages of the Internet. They are still here, although the Internet has jumped that odd, long time ago. This business scheme and other similar schemes of wealth overnight are doomed to failures. Take care of them. There is no such concept in the real life.

If you received such emails from the operators of those schemes, tell us about your experiences. You probably did receive some of them since you are online. If you have any experiences with them, tell us about those experiences too. Use the form below. Thanks.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 43 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment form and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.

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Love Whispers!

"When she laughs, she makes the globe intact!"

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