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Dynamic Theory of HOA Political Scene!

The Dynamic Theory of HOA Political Scene is the masses theory. It is created by veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman through half a century of activism and journalistic experiences to save planet.

To save planet from what?

How could that happen?

What we need to do to save planet?

Are the initiatives and activities of Green Peace not enough?

Important Dynamic Facts, Not a Theory to Consider!

This page answers all of these questions through the dynamics of HOA's theory and provide the resources of the dynamics and the scientific methods to answer these questions. It has the common sense and it has built the common interests out of it to do this great job.

The common interests are in fact the interests of the global people I summarize in the dynamic revolutionary term "the masses". The interests of the masses are what count during this time we live, in which our lives are endangered by pandemics such as the Coronavirus COVID-19.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 and other vital epidemics are created by unwise policies of governments all over the world. However, the great developing countries have the lion share in creating these disastrous consequences the planet faces.

The governments consist of ruling elites. This identifies a special social class. Put this at the top of your thoughts to think of. I mean the term "social class". This term identifies, or illustrates the foundation of economical class at the top of the hierarchal administrational systems of the states.

I think that I have got your attention.

The ruling elites are chosen / made by political parties. Most of the political parties are classic political parties, so the political systems they control are classic systems.

Well, dear respected reader, you are flowing with the dynamic ideas posed by these explanations.

Now, you make sense of the dynamic theory.

Another fact, all of the classic political parties controlling the political power in so many states are top classes and so they belong to the capitalism class. Yes, there are some parties described as socialists. The question is that do you think of any existence of socialism today?

Well, if you think so, scratch your head again. Socialism has died through the process of those who control capitalism to end the Cold War by destroying the USSR and the Socialist Eastern Bloc. Socialism is history now.

The claimed to be socialist political parties run in the influence circles of the capitalist parties. They get into elections, but the capital always win. Let's say mostly win in many situations and the claimed to be socialist parties get the power. Could they do anything in parliaments with the great influence of capitalism inside those parliaments?

How many times have you seen those claimed to be socialist parties fail?

They are classic parties, aren't they?

Now we come to the evolution of the dynamic theory, which I said is the theory of the masses. This theory gets to practice by its units and segments. The units get into facts through the analyzing process of every thing that has happened and is still happening to the world, since the end of the Cold War.

So, the units tell the masses about the outcome of the analyzing process. They teach the masses this way to widen their knowledge (e.g., the lines above). These are the educational units. There are also other units with segments that hold the solutions to the world problems. The LPE of the Masses Era consists of these scientific units.

While the solutions are explained through these units, the units take care of practical methods to implement the solutions. This explains that the Dynamic Theory isn't just a theory.

Save Planet from What?

If you can't see the problems we have in the world, then you will get to be aware by the lessons of the global dynamics. In fact these are not just problems. They are catastrophes everywhere. The most important thing to know is what are these catastrophes and when did these crises begin to exacerbate. After that you will come to realize how important is your role to address these crises.

The global dynamics rived the solutions for you and all you have to do is to take action following the organizational methods of the LPE of the Masses Era to solve the problems of the planet.

Read behind the lines of the world news predicated by international media, although there is something to make sure of as that the media doesn't tell the truth regarding the origins of the crises. Yes, they mention causes, but they don't get behind the causes to the real originators of these crises.

They do their media coverage through interviews and reportages. But, they depend on what officials say while speaking about such crises. Officials will never accuse themselves of being originators of the crises.

The planet is still facing crises of conflicts, economical crises, human crises, nature crises and social crises and all of these crises are exacerbating since the end of the Cold War era. After the collapse of the socialist union in many states, nature crises have begun to exacerbate through global warming, or what's known as climate change.

Climate change has led to the spread of deadly diseases like pandemics, with the melting of the snow. All of these crises are caused by poor planning of the classic systems. In fact it is planning of the capital, which has not much concerns more than its interests.

The schemes that have been planed to end the Cold War have resulted in so many of these crises in many destroyed European lands. To really understand these schemes and know why great states in Europe and the Soviet Union have been fragmented, ask yourself why the political powers behind the destruction keep on strengthening their unity and fragment other big states in the world!

How Could that Happen?  (Saving Planet)

Solving the problems of the world isn't as you think a difficult job. All the solution is in a scientifically built system with scientific plans to address the problems and a scientifically done methods to carry this goal out. Much of that is in the LPE of the Era of the Masses.

The organizational methods begin with you, as an important asset in human development... real development that takes you, even when you are individual as important superstructure in development for your own sake, not for the sake of ruling elites of classic political parties of classic systems, that harvest your vote by deceiving political propaganda and then neglect you.

Hey, dear friend, I will never rest before I empower you by this knowledge to lead the age towards building the Masses Systems and launching the Masses Era. The LPE doctrine will always serve your interests.

What Do We Need to Do to Save Planet?

As I mentioned above the infrastructure that lays the underground foundation of the Masses Systems and then above this underground is the superstructure that leads the process to save the planet. But, to do all of these methods we need other organizational facilities.

Here comes your initial role. The LPE of the Masses Era starts with you, as original element in this development , which is the first of its kind in human history.

You begin the organizational process by gathering yourself together and coming in to learn from the LPE of the Masses Era and by gathering active people around it. To do the first steps, follow the points below.

* Signup for HOA Political Scene Newsletter and confirm your subscription. After that Contact Us to join the LPE.

* Forward HOA Political Scene with the link to your contacts and lead them to do the same steps as you have done (e.g., subscribe, confirm, contact, and forward) and the steps you will be doing after.

* Post the given link here with the posters on save family websites and print and fix the posters everywhere in your area. You can begin small, if your target budget. But, you can find free ways to do this. If you are stuck at this, contact me to get you the posters to your postal address and I will explain also how to do that through some small projects.

* Start discussion about the issue referring to the main pages of the global dynamics by live links to every page and explain how to join the LPE and what to expect.

Are the Initiatives and Activities of Green Peace Not Enough?

Green Peace doesn't work with politics, although it has great effects on politics. It is not a direct political organization. It is a humanitarian organization and it practices its role to make pressures on governments. That's not enough and there should be political organizations at that line of humanitarian issues to work with politics and not only humanitarian issues.

This is one of the founding reasons of the LPE of the Masses Era. The LPE has also been developed following mass organizational practices, which were a success and these practices prove the possibilities of a successful execution to the LPE worldwide. You will get to know more about these practices through the following sections of Dynamic Theory below the following lines. You will also get to know all the dynamics from the same sections following the practices sections.

There is a history of endangering the framework of Green Peace and even destroying some of its facilities, like what has happened to the Rainbow Warrior, the detention of Green Peace activists in Copenhagen Climate Demonstration and other acts against them around the world.

The Dynamic Theory Proves to Be Practical from Dynamic Ideas that I Used to Lead Eritrean Masses to Plant more than 5,000,000 Martyr's Tree ...

Dynamic Theory Proves to Be Practical from Dynamic Ideas I used in the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Dynamic Theory Proves to Be Practical from the Dynamic Ideas of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Dynamic Theory Proves to Be Practical from the Dynamic Ideas of the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

The Dynamic Theory Proves to Be Practical from Dynamic Ideas to Disclose the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Dynamic Theory in Complete Details!

Dynamic Theory Bilingual Section!

Dynamic Theory - Section 1!

Dynamic Theory - Section 2!

Dynamic Theory - Section 3!

Dynamic Theory - Section 4!

Dynamic Theory - Section 5!

Dynamic Theory - Section 6!

Dynamic Theory - Section 7!

Dynamic Theory - Section 8!

Dynamic Theory - Section 9!

Dynamic Theory - Section 10!

Dynamic Theory - Section 11!

Dynamic Theory - Section 12!

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