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There's Hidden Power in Your Comments!

The first hidden power in your comments is that it will change the negative political scene we see in the Horn of Africa. We all aim at this goal to get real democracies, social justice and good integration of the people in the area and preserve the rule of the people by the people. - Comments: The power of your political comments could disarm many dictators in HOA.

The second hidden power of your commentaries is that you will get some invaluable gifts, when you submit this form. The gifts could change your life in the Africa's Horn and East Africa. It is so that simple to share your political opinions and get some gifts for doing so.

This is better than wasting all your time on FaceBook. Those gifts come in some electronic books. They are good to read for just knowledge or to use and benefit from them. The books teach you seriously, how to use your knowledge and work it out to improve your life.

We know, many people do not care or are not active enough to engage in such business. That is good for you to start this process now. All you need is passion and motivation. This network shows that. Just look on this page and see proofs.

This page include also some of the commentaries on the political issues in the Africa's Horn and East Africa. It is part of some new forums on this network, serious and active readers have built on the PoliticalScene of the Horn of Africa and East Africa.

The Main Comments Pages!

The new forums are stilted forums, just as an stilted arch that opens into deep linked pages on this network and they connect to every state in the area. They are not just like other classical forums you see on the internet.

Here are some of the commentary pages:

Eritrean Political Topics:

Eritrean Forums Online| Eritrean Humanitarian TopicsEritrean Political Articles| Eritrean Political Comments| Eritrean Refugees| Eritreans Love CommentariesEritreans Write OnlineWrite about Eritrea|

Sudanese Political Topics:

Comments on Sudan| Sudanese Arabic Political Articles| Sudanese Cultural Forums| Sudanese Economical Forums| Sudanese Forum| Sudanese Forums| Sudanese Online| Sudan Online| Sudanese Political Articles| Sudanese Regional Politics| Sudanese Regional PolicyWrite about Sudan|

You can use any page here to write your political views: Write about Chad| Write about DjiboutiWrite about DRC| Write about Ethiopia| Write about HOAWrite about Kenya| Write about Somalia| Write about Uganda| Readers CommentReaders Read Good| Readers Write Comments| Readers Write Good|

This is the form to use to achieve the two goals mentioned above. The content of the page is just below it.

Use this simple form to type your opinions and fire them. It will be more beneficial when you write more than few lines in this form or in any other forms like this one.

In addition, you can use this form to report human rights abuses. You can even use this form to write about many things. The examples are unlimited, as you can just use the form if you want to get in touch, or if you want to send a greeting.

Please do not send in any offers through this form. Any offers will be deleted immediately and the sender will be blocked. Be responsible when you use the form. You will receive invaluable gifts for just adding your thoughts and ideas to the HOA Political Scene website.

You will get after submitting this form to a page where you can download your e-books or request your e-courses to know how to implement anything you know about and build it a website like this one. Alternatively, read them to gain more knowledge.

In addition, it is important to write short sentences about your topic in short paragraphs before you send your opinions in.

I noticed that many users write in a SMS language and begin their sentences and names with small letters. This is not good when people write their opinions.

It is useful to check what you wrote before you submit it to ensure that your opinions are well written and therefore they will be published right away. Otherwise, we may delete them.

If you hate politics, you are welcome to read about 100 Beautiful Sites in the World and add your comments on any page there. There are more than 100 beautiful sights there. If you live in a beautiful city or town, please write about it and bring it to the light at Any Beautiful City here.

Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

What Other Intellectuals Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other intellectuals to this page...

اللجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعي السوداني تعرب عن دعمها الكامل لاضراب الصحفيين السودانيين Not rated yet
ملاحظة من المحرر: اقرأ التصريح الصحفي المصّوّر. ستجد فيه ركاكة ظاهرة. أنا لا ادري لماذا لا توظِّف هذه الاحزاب العريقة صحفيين بخبرات ممتازة لكتابة تصريحات …

Crackdown on Human Rights Escalates in Sudan! Not rated yet
Crackdown on human rights in Sudan is not something new although the human rights organizations work hard and send continuous alerts about such issue, …

Click here to write your own.

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رواية "الموتُ شرقاً" تكشف لك سرّ الموت الشرقي التراجيدي المستمر للإنسان

Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

احصل علي الرواية الآن واكتشف إنهيار القواسم المشتركة، واستلهم إبداعا يشبه الأسطورة في النص الروائي

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