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HOA Political Scene 4!
January 31, 2010

HOA Political Scene 4!

This is the weekly edition of HOA Political Scene 4!

I hope that you had a good weekend. I send my heartfelt greetings to "you and yours" from "mines and me".

If you have not subscribed to HOA Political Scene Newsletter yet, please do that here and enjoy reading news, analyses and comments on political issues in the Horn of Africa. You will find the form to subscribe on the link above and on any page in this website.

One month has gone this year and 11 months are rolling in. Have you achieved setting your goals this year? I hope you have done, because setting your goals is very important to achieve any success in whatever you do in life.

However, this message is about the regular updates at the HOA Political Scene as you know and it works as a reminder for you to read new articles and comments on the website.

In spite of this purpose of the newsletter, I wanted to motivate you through the first paragraph to engage in what matters to you. If you were looking for more motivations, visit Motivation for Reasons, subscribe to Wise Biz and get many articles about how to be motivated and achieve your goals here.

If you are in Cairo, Egypt, please visit the Egyptian Book Fair to enjoy new publications and do not forget to buy my poetry book "Wakening of the Phoenix" in the exhibition.

What happens at HOA since the last week?

Since the last update on 25 January, readers and I have posted articles or/and posted comments on the following pages:

Jan 25, 2010, World Food Program warns of massive food deficit in Southern Sudan here sudan.html

Jan 26, 2010, New comments on Sudanese military dictator tries to return civilian here

Jan 26, 2010, Prosecute both civil and military governments here

Jan 27, 2010, About Darfur and the long run-in, run-out, hide and seek here

Jan 27, 2010, Mao Tse-tung and Me! Well, the article could explain somehow how to understand the Sudanese traditional mentality. I wrote it long ago and updated it recently and it is here

Jan 27, 2010, Crimes committed by Sudanese dictators here

Jan 27, 2010, From Sudan: Hunger calls in a deserted valley. Please reach the calls here

Jan 27, 2010, Joint American Yemeni troops operate in HOA, here

Jan 28, 2010, Backgrounds on Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement here

Jan 28, 2010, Wars in the Horn of Africa create complicated future here

Jan 29, 2010, NIF's political crimes here

I took the weekend and the gaps happened. Please fill them by adding your comment on these pages. If you can make commitments on the weekends, you can schedule only 15 minutes to read 3 pages and another 15 minutes to post 3 comments on those 3 pages. Many thanks.

I will keep you updated to follow up and read what other people think about the entire political development in the Horn of Africa. I have great concerns on these political developments.

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Please forward the website to as many people as you know through the "Forward HOA's Political Scene" link here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for following up. Have a nice day, buddy.

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