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HOAS Videos are politically planned to open your mind into serious political problems not only in Sudan, although the page starts with Sudanese videos, but to global problems that we have added lately to the network. All of the HAO's Videos are designed to enrich your political knowledge & teach you how to lead the revolution anywhere and why you are required to join the mass international revolution

HOA's videos are in different topics. Some of them are about politics, some are about culture and entertainment and the rest are about information on the making of this website.

The first and second videos

Mohammed Ibrahim Nugud, the Secretary General of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) speaking to the Sudanese TV about his party's program for the Sudanese 2010 Elections.

He revealed some of the SCP's plans for the elections, criticized the ruling party and called for credibility and transparency to achieve conducting fair elections. Nugud urged that it necessary to enable all the democratic mechanisms needed build stability and democracy in Sudan.

The third video in HOAS Videos

The third video is about the demonstrations in Sudan against the planned forgery of the elections in country in April 2010.

HOAs Videos come to colour different areas of your expertise and even give you an idea to make them prosperous, if you thought of using the expertise needed to achieve that goal.

Share the Horn of Africa's videos, tell us what you thing and ask how to use your own knowledge to build a network like this one and prosper.

Please keep reading the information on this page and if it makes sense to you, drop me a line of appreciation through the comment form below. Thanks.

Sudanese Music Project for the Squadron of Poets!

The rest of the videos are about different topics. The following video is about a Sudanese Music Project for the Squadron of Poets.

This is one of the HOA's Videos to support one of my projects. There are some verses and prose in Arabic from my poetry book. You can get the book from the Phoenix Order page here.

However, I have three other projects in the Horn of Africa's Network you can read at HOA's Journalists, HOA's Poets and HOA's Refugees here.

HOAs Videos on How to Lead a Global Revolution!

Why do you need to lead a global revolution, or participate and contribute to it?

The lessons provided here open the mind onto the problems our planet faces. There are some facts concerning these problems.

The matter is that you should open your mind when you read the news, especially the ones that have serious impacts on your life.

Nowadays, everyone suffer from such problems. The COVID-19 isn't the least, as there are some crises in many places in the world.

Since ending the Cold War, several problems have been exacerbating to severely affect the people everywhere. Those problems are not essentially originated suddenly just from nowhere. Climate change isn't a nature problem originally, but it has been created by inaccurate policies. In addition, it is a result of some industries and manufacturing that produces massive emissions of CO2 and hazardous waste and other biological development and space discoveries.

Conflicts are increasing and many people die continuously. The problems in this era are more than what we had during the Cold War. This requires a global revolution. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman provides the dynamics of the international revolution.

Why Do We Need International Revolution?

Why Does the World Require Changes?

Humans and planet are facing serious problems, which all people know as health and nature problems, as such as epidemics and global warming. But, those problems are not problems caused by nature or these diseases like the one the world has, which is called COVID-19. These problems have other causes than what seems to people to be.

What are You Supposed to Change?

Well, I will leave the answer to this question to the coming video episode. If you want to get to it and you are advised to do so, go to the dynamic pages at hoa-politicalscene.com

How to make the change? That leads us to the following question:

How to setup your international revolution?


Setup your international revolution!

HOA's Videos Lead the Global Revolution!

Why Do We Need to Change the Political Systems Everywhere?

Well, whether they are called democratic systems, or totalitarian systems, they all are required to be changed...

Interestingly in this context, totalitarian are always considered to be militaries. Monarchies are totalitarian too.

There are many reasons for these systems to be changed. Just look at the deterioration of every aspect of life everywhere, since the end of the Cold War.

This deterioration involving climate, economies, health, increasing conflicts around the world, unrest of complete societies, unwell being of societies, all of that requires genuine efforts to change the world.

The change process, as you see on HOAs Videos and read on the scripts begins with you, the individual in every place in the world, because the deterioration affects you. It gets into your home.

Not only this, but the change process begins with you, the individual in every place in the world, because you are the essential asset in human development. So, this is your responsibility.

That change starts with learning and understanding. This is why these episodes of the International Revolution on HOAS VIDEOS and on scripts are here, associated with a mine of information to get its treasury and be a national hero in every place in the world. In a nutshell, all of you will be heroes and good citizens of the world.

HOAs Videos in Arabic!

كيف تعمل في إعداد الثورة الدولية؟

تعلم من مثال الثورة السودانية الفاشلة.

لماذا تفشل الثورة السودانية في كل مرة منذ عام 1964؟

هناك أسباب مباشرة وأسباب غير مباشرة.

كما أن هناك منشئي الأسباب المباشرة وغير المباشرة‪.‬

لطالما كان هناك مفهوم خاطئ عن مصطلح الثورة.

هل تريد أن تعرف ما هو كل هذا؟

هل تريد أن تكون خبيرًا في التحليلات السياسية؟

هل تريد بكالوريوس أو ماجستير في العلوم السياسية؟

أحصل على دماغي مجانا تماما

  قم بزيارة الموقع السياسي https://www.hoa-politicalscene.com/conspiracy-theory.html لتقرأ أكثر وإشترك في النشرة السياسية.

لايك الفيديو.

اشترك في القناة.

قم بتفعيل الجرس.

We learn from the failure of the Sudanese revolution since 1956 and inspire by the Eritrean revolution to setup the mechanisms of the international revolution through well thought strategies and tactics and after following history and analyzing it to come up with insights on all the crises that has happened and are still happening, since the end of the Cold War. The lessons are provided by veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman at the Global Dynamics. Lessons Website: URL: https://www.hoa-politicalscene.com/khalid-mohammed-osmans-dynamics.html

HOA's Videos, Recommended!

Now as you watched some of HOAs Videos in high quality I hope that you will move forward to be active member of the international revolution. The dynamics required for this revolution are well explained in the following dynamic pages:

Here is Why We Should Have a Global Revolution as HOAs Videos Present!

HOAs Videos Point Out the Dynamics!

HOAs Videos Turn HOAs Theory onto Dynamics!

HOAs Videos with Details in Other Languages!

The first target of HOAs Videos is to get you some political information from around the world. Open your minds onto global problems that affect you directly. The second target is to get you useful information to improve your life and the lives of the people you love right way. The third target is to get you entertained.

As you watched this set of HOAs VIDEOS, will you please send me your feedback through the form below? You can write good comment or good article about any video on HOAS Videos.

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