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HOA Political Scene 47 _________________________24 April 2011

We have new economical article in HOA PoliticalScene 47 and new article about the religious state and the political Islam in Sudan. I also have the pleasure to update Arabic readers by saying that the Arabic version of the HOA Political Scene is developing well and there are many new short political types of syrup or doses without tattles of course.

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The Policy of Hunger Escalates in the Horn of Africa!

The first political column in HOA Political Scene 47 Newsletter:

The policy of hunger escalates in the states of the Horn of Africa and in other African states in East Africa.

Economists consider Ethiopia to be the second state with high inflation after Zimbabwe that forces many Ethiopian, especially in the capital Addis Ababa to speak out, before the media does, of the high rise of the prices of basic daily demands of living and high cost of commodities.

The prices of oil for cooking, flour, sugar, coffee, water, energy and oil for transportation have risen following the overall rise of inflation rate to 25 percent this year, registering an increase of 8.5 percent from the last year, according to the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA).

The inflation in food prices rises to 25.5 percent from 12.8 percent in February. The inflation in other commodities rises to 24.3, increasing 2.3 percent from last year.

The high rise of prices followed a devaluation of the Ethiopian currency the Ethiopian government has implemented in September last year to support exports, following the guidelines of the World Bank.

However, the Ethiopian Trade Ministry tried to lower the increase of prices by implementing a price control in an attempt that led the state owned enterprises to import cooking oil, flour and sugar and the market witnessed increase of queues outside of shops.

In Kenya, the Finance Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta announced this month the ministry has reduced the taxes of oil. Despite this announced reduction of taxes on fuels such as kerosene and diesel, transportation of interior farms products becomes too expensive.

The prices of basic commodities rise significantly almost to double, which resulted on hundreds of people with law salary rates taking the streets on demonstrations. Low and middle classes explain that they cannot afford supporting their families with basic needs of livings.

The inflation spreads to Uganda, as most of the prices of basic commodities have doubled. The prices of charcoal, which is necessary to almost 85% of the Ugandans households, have risen from 15,000 Ugandan Shillings to 30,000 shillings.

As the Ugandans suffer from the increase of prices of basic commodities, demonstrators took the streets in many towns in Uganda. To control the situation, the government of President Yoweri Musevene banned the demonstrations.

Musevene explained the rise of food prices helps farmers earn more. He said the drought and the oil prices are beyond his government control.

In Somalia, the prices of one-kilo sugar rose from 27 Somali Shillings to 32,000 shillings. The prices of one-kilo rice rose from 17,000 shillings to 24,000 shillings. The prices of one litre cooking oil rose from 36,000 shillings to 50,000 shillings.

Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan suffer from the same rise in the prices of basic commodities. Use the form on each page about those countries to write about the rise of prices and support it by your own experiences, while trying to coop with this inflation.

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Why Do You Hate Political Islam in Sudan?

The second political column in HOA Political Scene 47 Newsletter:

Why do you hate the religious state in Sudan?

The project of religious state or the political Islam in Sudan is a draft of religious state that refutes any other different visions. The propagators prop this project forgetting any rights to other believers in the country. They impose one culture and prohibit the cultures of other citizens inside the same state.

Therefore, it is required of everyone who has an open secular mind to say no, I do not need the religious state and the political Islam to take over in such state without fearing of infidelity if he or she is a Muslim.

Even if the propagators of such project accused him by infidelity, it is in fact not necessary to be an infidel, but by other means he could be Muslim more than those people who claim to be responsible of constructing such state, as if they were sent by God, in an era where the divine messages had ended already.

They executed the martyr Mahmoud Mohamed Taha in one of those religious mania projects. Was he atheist? Even if he was atheist, why they executed him in a multicultural state because of his views since he was free person?

Any free person has his own way of thinking and has the rights to strive, think about any religion and come up with his learning to enlighten other people. Those are the same rights any religious person has, without interfering in the multicultural state and enforcing such laws for non-Muslim people.

The vaunted elements of religious state and political Islam use this project to get the necessary dependencies of others that guarantee their interests in power. They carry their project to fulfil their interests, whether it in the political power, sectarian, or tribal atmospheres, and in the end, they are all motivated by economical interests that drive them to benefit from the treasures of the state.

Islam and other religions have many ways to express their messages without any domination in the political scene. Any country with many ethnicities and many cultures is not a suitable state for the dominance of this religion or that in the political life.

Brotherhood and goodwill in citizenship with equal rights and social justice for all people, regardless to their religions and cultures is what makes at the end good citizen that is able to participate in the development of the mentioned state.

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Beauty of the Words!

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Khalid Osman's Digested Quote of the Day!

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Love Whispers!

"Sometimes, some beams of light touch your heart without knowing from where they come!"

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