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Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics!

Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics, well... Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics have evolved from regional dynamics he established in some projects for the masses to global dynamics for some reasons you will get through on this page to be part of the global mass movement and save the world from so many dangers. You WILL save yourself, in fact.

As, the goal is now clear to you from the first lines, the evolvement of the dynamics of Khalid Mohammed Osman also improve your second language. The improvement will happen, when you read the version in your language line by line and get after grapping the meaning of the line to the same line in the other language to read it and compare. You might spot a little difference in the  meaning between the lines you compare, but that will not change the meaning you understood from the compared lines.

You got a second goal on this page. The third goal is that you will know and thus learn how you could be an organizational person in your area and by what you learn you can use the knowledge you have gotten from the dynamics to teach other people in your area of concern and thus be the inspiration for your people to change their lives positively and make the first social movement in history.

Did I get your attention, dear respected reader?

What Khaled Mohammed Othman's Dynamics are About?

The dynamics of Khalid Mohammed Osman are about changing the world and thus saving it from many dangers that have happened immediately following two periods of world history. I prefer to call any period in this respect, ERA.

At this same context, the dynamics work as safety measures, the world masses must take to change the political systems and the organizational framework of the world and be the change to everything that goes wrong since the first world ERA these dynamics target.

That is because from that ERA problems have happened throughout the second ERA. The problems are not only political, but they are cultural, economical, environmental, health and social. This indicates that many aspects of life have been endangered by negative changes, happened unfortunately politically to result in the other problems I stated.

You will learn in this regard, the nature of these problems along with their causes and whom they have initiated them. You will learn at the same time about what Khalid Mohammed Osmans dynamics are about in depth, why I generated them, how I implemented some of them successfully with the help of the masses in regional areas and why I converted them from regional dynamics to global dynamics.

Get my mind to grow yours.

Why and How the Conversion of Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics Happen?

Since the eightieth and might be earlier a little, changes in the world order began to change politically and that political change has been followed by ecosystem change. The Cold War era has been changed to the era of the new world order. During the change, many human crises happened and are still happening in the political scene of the world.

Very well united countries have spilt to form other countries. Problems of beliefs, cultural, ethnicity and social nature started to grow and caused civil wars. The civil wars started during the secession of these territories from their motherlands to form other states and many lives have been destroyed by such wars.

All of that has caused great pain in my heart during the time of the crises and destroyed my personal dreams of better world. I think this was the fountain of Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics.

The global political system which has always kept the balance of world power between two big world powers is destroyed. During the destruction, one of the world powers created what has been known since then as international terrorism, which has in turn assumed the role of one of the world powers to convert against their creators.

Do you see now how that is so sarcastic?

It is in fact painful sarcasm.

The political ideas are planned to keep the people of the world thinking and also concentrating only in this idea of international terrorism and blind them from seeing the big picture to pass many political schemes to control the world. That means the rich control the poor. So, changing the balance of world order has been plotted to serve those who have wealth.

Very well planned political propagandas started to flow on all international media towards this new threats of international terrorism to blind the world form facts that targeting the poor. International terrorism, as assumed to be is woking. If even they work against their creators, they are dangerous and the creators should be responsible of creating them.

They don't target only their creators, if that is true and not just another plot, they target also their people and other people in the world as well. So, the whole plot is to keep the world in this circle of falseness, while those who have the wealth continue developing different destructive weaponry, keep their industries and companies working to produce more tools of damages to the world.

You have a mind, right?

Why can't you see this big picture, so?

These are the facts that answer the question of why Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics have been converted from regional dynamics to global dynamics.

Are you asking about how, or that other part of the question?

The how is above also. You read it, you understand it and thus make sense of it. This is the understanding portion of "how". The practical portion is to follow the lessons you got from these lines above and be a member of the Global Mass Project to save the world.

How to be part of the new change?

That's well explained too, on  Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics. Follow the sections.

The conversion of Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics has happened to take the regional dynamics to be global dynamics. The "how" is also in the dynamics guide which is the LPE of the Masses Era, which should replace the current political era.

You will understand it also from the sections of Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics where you read about the dynamics I used to get the masses together to implement some of my projects for their own sake.

Whilst the LPE is simply abbreviation to "learn", "process", "execute", but it has the dynamics as segments holding systematical units to build new political systems all over the world. You will learn that through the sections of Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics and the posters you see all over the page. The "how" would follow, when you become part of this process.

Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics are Your Guidance to Save the World!

They surely are, if you followed the LPE of the Era of the Masses as one of the ingredients in Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics, which have been built out of the HOA's Theory, which have also been converted into the Global Theory. It is in fact the Theory of the Masses.

The segments with their scientific systematical units doesn't leave anything concerning building a system in doubts, or not covered. That's the playground of Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics and through this playground I am going to teach you how to become a good player who's equipped by complete knowledge.

They covers every aspect of life to treat systematically in the term that these aspects work through the power of the global masses to save the world.

You, my dear respected reader is an asset in this operation of the LPE of the Masses Era and thus in Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics. Ass an asset, you began political campaigns of the Masses Era. Here are the guidances:

* Subscribe to HOA Political Scene Newsletter, the voice of the Horn of Africa's Network and confirm your subscription. By now you understand that the confirmation is a personal protection matter. After that Contact Us to join the Era of the Masses.

* Forward HOA Political Scene to your friends. Provide the link to this page. Encourage them to subscribe and confirm and use the same steps mentioned here as you did.

* Post the links of the dynamics on so many family oriented save websites, as well as the posters of the political campaigns.

* Whenever you get orientation from the followup go on and fulfill the steps mentioned on the followup.

* For example: build specific groups by names and specifications. This will be explained further upon contacts.

* It is not necessary that you be a president of the group, but an operator, as presidency requires special specification. You get the honor of operating the group of the ... well the names will be given to you.

The Lessons of Regional Dynamics as Part of Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics!

The following are the projects of the masses I planned using Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics... yes mine and organized the masses to go through, using my position, as journalist and connection with trade unions, associations, high school students, children kindergartens, orphanages and women clubs I motivated to share parts in implementing these projects.

Could a single person be an organization?

Yes, the example is my own activism on all of Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics you read above and you will read below. You can do that too and that is a great motivation for you. I am not speaking of myself as an egoistic man. No, I am just giving lessons and motivation for you and people like you. I am only a mystic man... and that's about what helps the people and gives them the power to live happy and safe. That's all the pleasure of my soul I get from my activism and that's enough for me. I want nothing else.

The Eritrean Martyr's Tree as one of Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics that Led the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics as Motivation of the Sudanese Revolution ...

Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics Created the Dynamics of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics on 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

Do the Dynamics of Khaled Mohammed Othman Make Sense to You?

I bet on that. Get more dynamics and as I said there are some bilingual dynamics here you can also learn from to improve your native language. However, if you spotted any language mistake, please my attention to it through the comments form included below. Thanks.

Dynamics of Khalid Mohammed Osman bilingually ...

Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics, Globally!

In Fact, Khalid Mohammed Osmans Dynamics are Yours!

Do You Like Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics?

Use the comments form to write comments on Khalid Mohammed Osman's Dynamics?

If you got some ideas, explain that in the form too. Fill all the fields in the form to get notifications and when you get your page published take the address of it and post it on family oriented safe websites.

* Read about climate change and the consequences it has on many beautiful places at and watch movies about that at

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