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When Human Honour Is Lost!
April 03, 2016

From the last note, which is the HOA Political Scene Notes 1 up to this one, the HOA's world has been developing, but with sorrow and disarray.

The sorrow is deep in the hearts of those people who originally come from our miserable and poor world that have never been thought to live this deterioration continuously since the days of independence in many states in Africa and the Middle East.

The sorrow is because of that we have been the shame of our living, the shame of modern ages and the shame of humanity.

That is because we have proved we are not good at anything more than killing ourselves, killing innocent people and pretending honour and dignity, despite the fact that we have lost even any means of dignity.

There is no dignity in the killings. There is no dignity in raping women, killing children and burning villages of innocent people.

I took all that shame personally, because it hurts me too much and then I burn and lose appetite to continue the HOA network, but come again with hope... hope that tomorrow would be better and more people to feel the shame like me would bring the lights to fighting these odds.

The good thing is that all of this turns into poetry, the phoenix sings to survive all these hard circumstances, burning and rising from its ashes beautiful and strong, as you see in the complete HOA's literary pages.

They are added to the HOA's Cultural Section and until now there are more than 26 pages, like HOAs Poetry| HOAs Poetry Aesthetics| HOAs Poetry Scripture| HOAs Political Poetry| HOAs Sacred Poetry| HOAs Sacred Scripture|

The rest is below.

The second important thing my friend, is the ability of touching the HOA with the WhatsApp, or using the social connection to get messages through the HOA Network.

This is the beginning and I am still seeking ways to connect it better. So, please connect to me through 004560170188 until further information. Add it to your WhatsApp and I'll get you there.

The third thing is the updates of the HOA Network. There are more than 60 updates, as you see you can reach and enjoy reading through the HOA's Political Scene Blog.

I wish you life filled joy.

Yours sincerely Khalid Osman

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