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The Sudanese Uprising Will Never Be Defeated!

The Sudanese uprising isn't just the only way to eliminate the Sudanese terrorist regimes, but it is also the way to clean Sudan from religious political parties and sectarian parties. The state is a secular concept. Religious and sectarian sects go back to their social cores.

The uprising in Sudan is part 4 of a long Sudanese political story. Part 1 is at the Sudanese revolution, part 2 is at the Sudanese intifada and part 3 is at the Sudanese protests. Please, read the linked pages in sequences to arrive here at part 4. Thanks.

Intro to the Uprising in Sudan!

My intention of telling this long Sudanese political story of the Sudanese people's national struggle, is as the same as my intention of publishing the HOA Political Scene Blog with many political stories about Sudan.

My intention is also to help you to conquer your fears and be that Sudanese tiger we wish to have at (Annumor AlSudanyah), to clear Sudan from religious and sectarian thieves and create a new civilized, democratic, secular and united state in Sudan.

I hope, as any other sincere Sudanese national hopes that the Sudanese national struggle will conquer all the national makers of the Sudanese crises, whether they wear military uniforms, or Islamic gukftans.

We hope the new Sudan will rise bright and beautiful after all these long years of burning.

It is very important to mention that, the entire Sudan was almost dying, when we started the national activities in the diaspora to break the iceberg of fear inside the country, focusing in gathering and using the social media, as a platform for our political activities.

When I published the HOA Political Scene earlier in the beginning of 2001, I have gotten many contributors from around the world to contribute to the HOA network. So, we have got so many contributions we index at the HOA index.

All of this active opinin sharing has been developed to publish a bilingual site at Arabic HOA, which is indexed at the Arabic HOA Political Scene, along with the English HOA.

See example pages at about Darfur Comments, Army Torturers in Sudan, Crimes Committed by Sudanese Dictators and entire violations of human rights in Sudan.

Among those contributors are also Djiboutian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Somalis, Sudanese and Ugandan. Some of them and almost most of the Eritrean, Ethiopian and Sudanese are opponents to the military religious regime of what's called the National Congress Party.

I have gotten also at the same time opponents from the other states in the Horn of Africa. Some of them are still living there and some of them have fled to Sudan, Egypt, Libya and other places in the world, from where they have good approaches to the Horn of Africa's Network.

Many of them started to use the HOA's political section, as a platform to write about the problems they have in their lands. Thanks to them they make a great volume of content in the HOA's Humanitarian Network.

They have already written many articles in that humanitarian section, along with the political scene of the Horn of Africa and the cultural platform of the Horn of Africa at the HOA Cultural Project.

Many of their writings are about the political situations in their homelands, which reflects onto humanitarian problems.

They have also written about the humanitarian problems they had, or have inside their states and the humanitarian problems they suffer from in the states where they fled to.

See, as examples African Refugees' Influx to Europe, Alarming Secret Deportation of 12 Eritreans, Asylum Seekers in Libya Under Great Fear and Blind World Around the European Frontiers

As for Sudan, many articles are about the bad political situations in the country, as you see at political problems in Sudan.

Some of the contributors have written their names. Some of them told me to publish their articles by nicknames. Other just jumped the name fields in the comments on Sudan form.

So, instead of their names, you'll read "anonymous", or find the entry "by" blank, after the word. That's what the system does, when you don't include your name with your comments.

See example of pages at Donors are Responsible in Ethiopia, Eri-Ethio Mixed Families, From Sudan: Hunger Calls in a Deserted Valley, Human Rights in Kakamega, Kenya, Political Comments by Emails, Stop Impunity in Kenya and Sudanese Refugees in Egypt are Not Allowed to Vote.

The most useful practices I have is the practice of building a mailing lists out of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter and the system of the Comment C2 Entries.

Business people online, actually do that for businesses. I use that for the general political issues at home and in the horn of Africa.

Out of the mailing-list and the contributors, we make a front. The consensus on the Sudanese political issues group people together.

That has been developed in the way of the Sudanese uprising into networks. The networks spread further at the social media level, recently.

Prior the Sudanese Uprising!

This is the continuation to the article you read at the Sudanese Protests:

I said, "You'll receive refugees from my country, shortly, so be prepared for this", in the last phrase in the linked part 3. That was what has happened, later.

When a new protection officer appointed to the UNHCR Office and he came from Sarajevo, I went there and said to him, "I think, the office has made a mistake, by sending somebody taking my full name to Canada". He found some papers of that refugee in my file.

He has been so surprised of such mistake. "I have never in my life seen a mistake like this!" He said, when he talked with his colleagues. I told him that some refugees have informed me that the former protection officer was corrupt and he took bribes.

He went to the leader of the international refugees office. She was a German nice lady.

She might probably knew me not only from my journalistic works, or by my attendence to respitions made by institutions like the "Alliance Francaise", where I had been a French language student and where I attended and covered some exhibitions, but furthers from my humanitarian activities in Asmara.

So after having the protection officer spoken with her, I heard her telling him to work fast to get me out of Asmara.

I heard from one friend working with the NGOs in Eritrea, that she said in a meeting "Khalid Mohammed Osman should leave Asmara immediately".

He spoke with the resettlement officer. She is from France. I started with her to prepare for my resettlement in another country. I had the best experiences afterwards with the office, until the resettlement officer called me one day to tell me that "Geneva has received my case warmly".

I flew to Europe. Here began the second activities of the Sudanese revolution. Link to all of the linked pages above to continue reading the exterior and interior Sudanese uprising.

The Sudanese Uprising Once and Now!

In the last phrase in the Sudanese Uprising Intro, I closed with saying "the consensus of the Sudanese at the base of the Sudanese political scene group people together.

Grouping has been developed in the way of the Sudanese uprising into networks. The Sudanese national struggle's networks spread further at the social media level, recently".

Knowing people is part of knowing the way-map to achieve anything. Without the right people, there's no right way-map. The revolution begins with manpower, way-map and tools. Any part of this formula fails, all the operation fails.

This is my impression with the first network, I built online. We came to a sort of no way out. People just want to do things as normal as others and don't want to get into details about serious revolutionary actions to raise the level of the political efforts we are doing.

To explain this, they hesitate when we come to discuss upgrading and raising the peaceful march of people demanding their political rights to expression, by using some sort of force, they hesitate and then refuse.

When we explain that we are not required to use the same way of armed groups, they just stop thinking and reacting to such dialogue.

ABADAMAC Cultural Association Participates in the Sudan's Uprising Events!

So, to have a well focused small group of activists, "ABADAMAC" rises jus like the phoenix before any activities have been taken abroad.

It has a beautfil rsising before the rising of APARK (Invitation to Comment 103: شباب السودان من أجل التغيير شرارة) to continue writing about the necessities we need to take in Sudan.

We need to take them seriously, if the people want to live, to renovate Abu Damac, as I stated in the first article written long ago in Arabic as Are You Intellectual 5: إذا الشعب في السودان أراد الحياة.

Afterwards, the group has issued the "political statement of ABADAMAC group to support the Sudanese picket in the Sudan and abroad", in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 74: البيان السياسي لمجموعة سودانيون - ابو دماك للعصيان في الداخل ودعم العصيان من الخارج).

Heading the Cultural Union of ABADAMAC, I published the steps to make the Sudanese intifada successful, in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 80: لانجاح شعارات انتفاضة ٢٠١٦), followed later by many articles in the same direction.

That's went well until I published "the movement of the Sudanese political street through the intifada in 2016" and then until lately published in Arabic (Are You Intellectual 143: الشارع السوداني يتحرك في انتفاضة يناير 2018م في السودان ولن ينهزم).

ABADAMAC has written the first memorandum about human rights in Sudan and submitted it to many human rights organizations.

Immediately after that the news said, "Amnesty International confirms the continuation of the Sudanese totalitarian terrorist regime in committing crimes and violating human rights", in Arabic (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 65: منظمة العفو الدولية تؤكد استمرار النظام السوداني الشمولي الارهابي في ارتكاب الجرائم وانتهاك حقوق الانسان).

Although we had strong beliefs at that time the Sudanese national movement wouldn't be conquered, as we had large hopes, I published some points for the success of the slogans of the Sudanese uprising, in Arabic (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 68: نقاط لانجاح شعارات الانتفاضة السودانية).

When the ASudanese Nationa Anger Day approached, which is in Arabic spells out as (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 103: يوم الغضب السوداني الساطع), as you see from the linked pages, ABADAMAC Cultural Union has appealed again to human rights organization to take care of illegal arrests and torture of Sudanese demanding their legitimate rights of expression.

ABADAMAC has already from the first day has worked for the Anger Day, as I have published the article titled "ABADAMAC sparks Sudanese national rage on anger Day 30 June ", in Arabic as (Invitation to Comment 28: أبو دماك تشعل نيران الغضب الوطني السوداني في يوم الغضب ٣٠ يونيو).

This article has already been followed by political enlightenment as "Important lightening for any Sudanese opposition work, or media work concerning populism parties such as Baath and Nasirist", in Arabic (Invitation to Comment 29: اضاءة مهمة لأي عمل سوداني معارض، او اعلامي خاص باحزاب شعوبية مثل البعث والناصري).

We published also another appeal titled "ABADAMAC Cultural Association appeals to human rights organizations to press Saudi Arabia to stop Sudanese deportation for the benefits of the terrorist regime in Sudan", in Arabic as (Invitation 1 HOAs Friends 111: اتحاد ابو دماك الثقافي يناشد منظمات حقوق الانسان بالضغط علي السعودية لتوقف ترحيل سودانيين للنظام الارهابي).

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Commentaries on the Sudanese Uprising!

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