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Somali Political Forums Online!

The Somali political forums online are modern forums to read some political articles and commentaries on the political situations in Somalia and Somaliland in English and in Arabic too. However, the Arabic political articles and comments are on the Arabic site map on this network at Arabic HOA Political Scene.

The main political articles that highlight the political events in Somalia are on a site map supported by other site maps to organize your thoughts while you are moving from page to page to read relevant articles and commentaries, so you could participate and discuss the political issues easily.

The Somali political forums make the primary site map 6 D. They are here to support Somalia, the primary site map 6 A, and write about Somalia, the secondary site map 20, as we have received good comments through these pages and we expect to receive even more contributions.

So, articles and comments on Somalia make the Somali political forums online. However, economical and cultural articles and comments make the Somali economical forums and the Somali cultural forums.

The cultural articles were submitted through the main cultural pages at HOAs Cultural Project, HOAs Journalists Project and HOAs Poets Project. In addition, the HOAs Poets Bookshop is a good page to use to submit literary works.

As we expect the Somali political forums online to grow, you will see more site maps added to the Somali primary and secondary site maps on the Horn of Africa's Network.

The main Somali political forums online are in English. However, since we received political comments on Somalia in Arabic, we planned to enable bilingual Somali forums here to include these political comments in Arabic and receive more Arabic political articles and comments.

The Arabic articles and commentaries make this network bilingual. That means the network should be strong enough to bring your attention to hot political topics in every state in the Horn of Africa, so you could be motivated to share your thoughts through the forums on this network.

If fact, the quantity and quality of articles and comments submitted by you, or any contributor would be included in the forums on this network and they would also build more forums.

In addition to the Somali political forums online, there are modern political forums for some states in the Horn of Africa. We plan to complete building some other forums for the remaining states in the Horn of Africa.

Here are the Somali site maps, followed by some of the commentaries on the Somali political forums online, the Arabic articles and commentaries and HOA's primary and secondary site maps.

The Somali Site Maps:

* Somalia and Somaliland - Primary Site Map 6 A.

* Somali Arabic Comments - Primary Site Map 6 B.

* Somali Political Articles - Primary Site Map 6 C.

* Somali Political Forums - Primary Site Map 6 D.

* Somali Political Comments - Primary Site Map 6 E.

* Write about Somalia - Secondary Site Map 20.

Somali Pirates have Real Estates!

The religious warlords of Somali operate aggressively on two fields. They continue the destruction of the country from within, while they work at the same time as pirates.

They got weapons and a lot of money from piracy. They have agents in many countries in Europe and America to continue economical activities and fund the operations in their homeland.

The economical activities they run in the Arabian/Persian gulf, the Scandinavian countries and other European countries, wether through money exchange, money laundering and even humanitarian projects help them to fund some real estates in Kenya and some other places.

The fundamentalists in Somalia don't care that much even if the country has turned to dust. All they want is to get the power on a devastated land, where no power can compete, or stop them and then run their business to be wealthy.

They are already wealthy and they run their business in so many countries to fund the crazy operations inside Somalia.

The state is just a burned land. But, who cares since everybody concerned and honest has become IDP, or fled Somalia?

Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future!

The wars in the Horn of Africa make the situations worse. It is very painful to know that the concerned powers make the disasters worse by direct engagement in the war while they pretend that they are working to bring peace to their nations.

They don't look at the causes of the wars seriously. Why they should bother? We don't expect anyone who committed criminal acts to be responsible, or honest to admit that the main causes of the problems are obviously misunderstand of the demands of the factions they fight.

This is true when we look at the causes of the Sudanese wars. But, it is different when we look at the causes of the ethio-ertirean wars and the Somali civil war, which is madness.

The Sudanese wars, especially in Darfur are obviously about equality concerning the marginal areas of Sudan and they are based on the demand to have the Sudan as a secular state.

The causes of the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea are ignorance and selfishness between two leaders, whereas the former prime minister of Ethiopia was only concerned about his character, as a leading figure in Ethiopia and wanted to prove to the Eritrean leader that he is able to crash him.

Forget about the Eritrean attempt to change the Ethiopian currency they used in Eritrea even until the Eritrean referendum and the issue of the Ethiopian imports that reached Ethiopia through the Eritrean ports and the issue of some territories, such as Bademi, as mentioned everywhere as the causes of the war.

The Somali civil war is madness. But is the madness of assumption grows in the mentality of some religious youth who think that they could manage the religious war to get to the political power and rule the damaged land, even while the croak of the raven there.

What to Educate Somali Refugees?

Some folk asked what to educate the Somali refugees in Kenya, while the education process was in place in one of the refugees' camps. The education of the Somali refugees in Kenya started in a project called DAFI and some Somali graduates have already started teaching other Somali refugees. The project was carried by the UNHCR and funded by Germany.

Education is very necessary to every Somali because many people suffer from literacy since the fall of the last dictatorial regime of Mohamed Salad Barre in 1991. That means literacy spreads amongst almost 80% and there are three Somali generations that need modern eduction.

Not only for the Somali refugees in Kenya, but the Somali displaced people in Mogadishu and other towns need eduction. The education program is a demand for many refugees even in modern societies in Europe and America. That is to say, they do not need only the alphabetical education that other schools offer to eradicate literacy.

They need education to understand their history, the political development in their homeland since the independence and the role of the religion and the tribes in the current turmoil and deterioration.

Good eduction should aim at developing the mentalities of the Somalis to see that despite the fact that the religion and the tribes are important to them, but a new understanding to the modern role of both is very important to shift the tribes and the religion to strengthen the unity of the state.

That means, positive ingredients of the tribal concept and the religion concept could work together to maintain Somalia without having the religion or the tribes to interfere in the system of the secular state. The process needs great deal of understanding for the country to stand on strong feet on solid grounds.

Why Somaliland Denies Refugees Rights?

It is clear that the self-declared independent state of Somaliland does not want any kind of troubles with the neighboring countries and the other near countries in East Africa, so the officials simply deny having refugees in their new state.

The UNHCR has noticed that there are some thousands of refugees from Somalia, the mother country, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda in Somaliland and announced the numbers in details.

Still the officials deny and say that they don't have refugees, but economic and business opportunities seekers, as most of the migrants are.

While those African political refugees have no any protection there, Somaliland wants to build and keep good relations with the neighboring countries, especially after having the recognition of those countries to the new country, as it wants to get more recognition. For news from Somaliland, see Somali news.

There some more political topics in the Somali political forums online, just below the form and on other Somali site maps.

In addition to the topics of the Somali political forums, here are the Arabic articles and commentaries:

Arabic HOA Political Scene| Asmara| Eritrean Anecdotes| Eritrean Chronicle| Eritrean Stories| Freedom Bells| Heglig Oil Fields| HOAs Arabic Prose| New Sudan| Questions| South Kordofan, Sudan| South Sudan| Sudanese Arabic Political Articles|

الجهل السياسي للمسألة السودانية| شيكاغو والهنود السودانيون| تغييب الذاكرة يؤدي الي تفريغ المظاهرات| أدبيات التعليق السياسي حول سياسات القرن الافريقي| مؤشرات تدهور الأوضاع السياسية بالسودان| إذا الشعب في السودان أراد الحياة| مفارقات البؤس في السودان و الصومال| سياسة حرق المراحل السياسية| عليّ و علي أعدائي سياسة متهورة لنظام السودان الديكتاتوري| سياسة الاخطبوط السودانية و تعطيل حركة التاريخ| للكذب ثلاثة ألوان| كيف أحصل علي مدونة كمدونة القرن الافريقي| علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان| سودان الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان الجديد| لاجئون و معارضون سياسيون إرتريون في اثيوبيا يفتقدون المصداقية| خارجية اثيوبيا تؤكد مساعدة لاجئين ارتريين ضد حكومتهم| عصابة الخرطوم الحاكمة تثير النزاعات المسلحة| بيافرا السودانية ستحرق ما تبقي من السودان| البداية الرسمية لتأبين السودان كأكبر قطر في افريقيا| هل تنجح تركيا في معالجة التدهور السياسي في الشرق الأوسط?| البودا بودا موتورسايكل تاكسي جوبا الشعبي الجديد| آخر المستجدات السياسية الليبية| الصومال تئن من الأثار المستمرة للحرب والجفاف| فهم سياسي صومالي جديد قد يسهم في انقاذ الصومال| قال محللين سياسيين قال| علمني هذا الإنسان النبيل| سقوط نظرية ثورة الجيش| الكويت واحدة من أهم المحطات الصحفية في حياتي| لا للدولة الدينية و الإسلام السياسي في السودان| الراحل جون قرنق ليس مؤسسا لدولة الجنوب السوداني| المعارك في جنوب السودان تبدد أحلام الإستقرار| التراجيديا السياسية في بلاد السودان| كير وكيباكي يتفقان علي تصدير نفط الجنوب عبر كينيا| بداية إحتفالات دولة الجنوب السوداني الجديدة بالإستقلال| قائد لصوص الدين ينفد بجلده العسكري ليعود مدنيا| مجموعة كرايسز قروب تدعو لممارسة الضغوط السياسية علي الديكتاتور السوداني| Suakini Cat| The Frame|

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