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HOA Political Scene 22!
June 20, 2010

HOA Political Scene 22

20 June 2010

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In this Edition of HOA Political Scene 22:

  • Is there any Relation between Darfur and Afghanistan?

  • What Happens Since May 30, 2010?

  • A Break Column: Beauty of the Words!

  • HOA's Arts!

Is there any Relation between Darfur and Afghanistan?

Schiller Institute brought my attention to the British campaign they called in the media the Save Darfur Coalition and the British led operations in Afghanistan.

Well, I could understand from the institute point of view that the economical point of the British presence in Afghanistan could be for the sake of the poppy production.

But, I am still searching for more information that proves there is a relation between Darfur and Afghanistan at least in the way the British think of Darfur that connects the economical interests between the two places.

Did they see any hidden treasures in Darfur that may be potential for economical prosperity in the future to support the falling British economy before the recession takes more deep effects into this economy?

Some sources revealed rare, yes rare information about the hidden stream under the surface of the disrupted Darfur region. Are there any other hidden treasures?

It is interesting that the Sudanese authorities during many decades of civil and military dictatorships have paid more attention to their struggle for the political chair than that they gave to maintain the Sudanese economy and discover their own hidden treasures.

They never have paid attention to build good democracies and to build the economy until one of the international political powers did the discovery to invest it in such political game and come up with such scheme of campaigns to suggest solving interior problems in Sudan.

It is certainly shameful.

In addition to this article in HOA Political Scene 22, you read about Save Darfur Coalition here. Please do bring your thoughts inside your family house here using the comment form on the page.

What Happens Since May 30, 2010?

The HOA Political Scene 22 comes this week with the following updates. In the nineteenth edition of HOA Political Scene, I left you with the news published on May 30, 2010. I will continue from that date, as we have missed this in the following 20th and 21st editions of the newsletter.

June 2, 2010 – Eritrean Compulsory Military Service! Military services as we know are important in any state in the world. However, other totalitarian regimes operate these services compulsory and they even call it and give it that irritating description, although they do not need to do so.

June 8, 2010 – Numbers of Eritrean - Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan! There were some 750,000 Eritreans in Sudan according to the estimation made in December 2000. However, many Eritrean refugees were not registered refugees as they engaged in some kinds of works in the capital cities in central Sudan and the east of the country. How many refugees out of these numbers have repatriated or resettled abroad?

June 9, 2010 – UNHCR Mandate Termination in Libya Endangers Refugees! Our brave and active reporter, Selamawi has written the following report from Tripoli evaluating and examining the new threats Eritrean, Ethiopian and Somali refugees will face in Libya if the termination of the UNHCR office takes effects.

June 13, 2010 – Ethiopian - Eritrean Refugees are Disappointed! Such new threats make Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees worried. They are in fact disappointed. They cry loud for attention, as the misery seems escalating and their personal securities are yet to improve by taking serious attempts to rescue them.

June 13, 2010 – Eritrean Compulsory Military Service - Comments! This entry I made has one comment on this page that says, Eritrea does no need military compulsory service and the ruling party should know that. There is good argument there, I think.

June 14, 2010 – We Want to Empower the People in the Horn of Africa! To empower the people in the Horn of Africa we need different frameworks. One of the frameworks will be the self-reformation. Since the self-reformation needs serious, honest and active people, we want people who want to have good political education that empowers the nationals and people who could devote their efforts to change peacefully the wrong political picture in the area and create the promised good future.

June 14, 2010 – Enkidu Debaba continues his contribution to maintain good point of views and share political ideas with our readers. Thanks to his efforts, we need to encourage him to continue and overcome serious challenges that face him in his residence.

June 14, 2010 – All Comments on HOA by Enkidu Debaba! You can read more comments by one of our brave reporters here too. You can discuss with him and he will get back to you. We could develop good political views and connect people inside the Horn of Africa with people abroad.

June 15, 2010 – World Refugee Day, June 20! On Sunday June 20, world refugees and the UNHCR will celebrate the International Refugee Day. The events started already including a program by the international refugees agency to conduct interviews and present live shows with refugees in many countries.

June 17, 2010 – Save Darfur Coalition! The British lead the Save Darfur Coalition to maintain their interests in Sudan. Time has arrived for the Sudanese people to work through their own political network to overthrow the dictators.

June 17, 2010 – African Refugees' Influx to Europe! How Much the Influx of African Immigrants from Libya Costs the European Business?

June 17, 2010 – Dictators Plan Imminent Secession in Sudan! The leader of the military regime spent five years singing and dancing during public meetings instead of making strong commitment and taking action to strengthen the unity of the country by democracy and equality.

June 17, 2010 – Refugees without Borders in the Horn of Africa! There is no place to call home for refugees in the Horn of Africa! The refugees there are without borders or roofs.

Beauty of the Words!

This (as it happens column) comes to make HOA Political Scene 22 more appealing and break that sticky stone in our feelings.

If you love whispering words, flying butterflies, essences and ecstasies, then the following (beauty of the words) means something to you. Let me read yours through the comment forms and our friends will read it here in the coming editions of the newsletter.

Love Whispers Beyond the Political Borders!

Love Whispers!

"The most beautiful of all works of art is the construction of true political freedom." Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805. The poet of freedom.

To discuss this quote, go to that page about Save Darfur Coalition and use the form to bring your thoughts inside the house. Well, we could mix politics with philosophy.

HOA's Arts! This Time from Sudan!

Here are some arts I would like to present for my friends the loyal readers of HOA Political Scene 22. The HOA's Arts comprise some arts, folklores, traditions and pictures from many countries in the Horn of Africa or the entire African continent.

There are two facts here to know. First, your visit to the website raises its value up. So, the easy way to support this network is by visiting many pages from the HOA Political Scene 22 to enjoy reading. Second, there's paid advertising in this newsletter, you may not notice. I wanted to bring your attention to it and say any action you take here will support this network and keep it up. By other words, it pays some of the costs of the newsletter.

** Have you ever thought of selling your arts in stores and live store windows like this, without even selling anything by yourself?

Let me help you if you are artist. I will sincerely do! See arts in poetry couplets designed in images at the cultural section of the HOA Political Scene and get them as posters to hang on your walls and decorate your home at Rising of the Phoenix Media Picture Book and TV on iBooks.

Site Build It!

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