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HOA Political Scene 37!

HOA Political Scene 37 _________________________28 November 2010

There is one immanent article in this edition of HOA Political Scene 37. The article is about the referendum in Sudan.

The referendum in Sudan is the hot topic in all the media sources around. This is not an ordinary political event as it happens for the first time in the Sudanese history. Not only that, but it happens as a de facto referendum without adequate preparation and adequate time to conduct fair and complete referendum.

Before this process has undergone, we at HOA Political Scene and many voices raised the fears of inadequate referendum; a referendum that runs just for the sake of the paragraph agreed upon in the peace accord with the time span provided and that does not satisfy even many people in south Sudan until now.

Both leaders raise hot verbal language during this time and they seemingly do not aware of their conducts that would reflect negatively on voters, or perhaps they decided to entice them to vote for secession. That is very clear.

They also act like mesmerized by an Indian magician and they move like dummies, while the situation from the start is very clear to stand both firm and say "no the time is not enough and we should rethink of it" and then go after that to explain to their people they need more time for fair and complete referendum.

See referendum in Southern Sudan.

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They Run a De Facto Referendum for Secession in South Sudan!

They shoot horses in Sudan! Don't they?

Yes, they do and the Sudanese are the horses. They run since 1956 for freedom, justice, democracy and unity. Unfortunately, they lack faithful politicians to make their dreams come true.

Quite few faithful politicians are not enough to address all the political problems of the biggest country in the African continent.

Obviously, the secession is running through the upcoming referendum and all the horses that symbolize the goodness and fairness in the local Sudanese culture have determinately been slashed.

The late news has many interpretations to the organized process of the dictatorial regime in Sudan to slash the last dreams of the Sudanese people.

Here is the news with some highlights.

More than 70,000 refugees from southern Sudan are in Kenya. Many of those Sudanese refugees are in the United Nations Refugees Agency's camp of Kakuma.

The organizers of the camp conduct a teaching program to educate the refugees and prepare them to participate in the upcoming referendum in the country.

The program chose some young refugees as educators to help in this process in a simple manner so the illiterate people in the camp could understand. Refugees asked many questions regarding this matter.

One of the questions Sudanese refugees in Kakuma ask continuously during this educational process is why the authorities should count the votes in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan but not in Juba in the south. The question raises fears of rigging the ballots as it happened before in the last rigged elections in the country.

As we know the participation of those people in the mentioned camp and in other similar situations will make them feel for the first time that they are human beings and they have rights to decide their future.

Considering this outcome, educators in the camp and in other places should always treat this educational process fairly with credibility and transparency to ease the process so they can avoid exploiting it by preparing the people to vote for secession.

However, this matter proves that the referendum process has not taken good chances and good time to repatriate those people to the south, accommodate them by all necessary means, educate them there and prepare them to participate in the referendum.

In addition, good processes to ensure the participation of many southerners in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia in the referendum had not taken good time and are much unpaved.

Reports say some leaders in the south encourage southerners abroad not to vote fearing of rigging the votes outside Sudan. Both sides in the government in the south and the government in the north intimidate and threat voters and organizers of the registration centres outside Sudan. They also turn on incite tensions.

All the reports agree on that many people from the south are also uninterested and unwilling to register for voting. The shortages are following the registration process that started on 15 November and will end on 1 December.

The materials and other equipments laid for the registration are insufficient. Salaries of some staffs in the centres are not paid. Many people in the south, such as Eastern Equatoria boycott the registration because of political disputes. Registration in some states such as Rumbek is not full.

In this situation, many people expressed their fears that the referendum runs for secession but not for the unity of the country. Apparently, this is because the dictatorial ruling party has weighed the people down wasting the time in unnecessary disputes like the disputes about Abyei.

In addition, this ruling party has not activated the referendum process quite enough by following it by good programs to ensure that all the mechanisms needed for the process are available in the ground in southern Sudan.

The dictatorial regime has also neglected the calls of the Sudanese political powers for the comprehensive national constitutional conference before the referendum to address all the political disputes, so that ensures the referendum would take place in good democratic climate.

Economically, the regime uses the oil revenues for arms and security matters to stay in the power instead of investing good portion of the revenues to help southerners return home, address their grievances, facilitate all that matters to live better and educate them well before the referendum.

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