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Eritrean Political Articles!

Many Eritreans have written the Eritrean political articles on the simple modern forums on this network, which required renovating this website and reorganizing it in some forums and site maps for each state in the Horn of Africa and East Africa to enjoy the complete political discourse.

The political articles on Eritrea are both in Arabic and in English. Some articles are economical and other are humanitarian. So, this why you see different forums and site maps on the Horn Africa's Network.

Categorizing the website is not the only intention I have, but the organizational work helps you read the articles easily through the forums and site maps.

I used some of these articles to build the Eritrean political articles here to make the primary site map 3 B and support Eritrea the primary site map 3 in addition to the Eritrean Forums Online or the primary site map 3 C and the forums you see below.

You can enjoy the Eritrean political articles on the primary site maps above and in the secondary site map 13 B, the Eritrean Refugees, which is an extension to the first primary site map 13 A, Humanitarian Network. The first secondary site map on Eritrea is the site map number 13 A, Write about Eritrea.

However, there are some other site maps on Eritrea, such as the primary site map 3 D, Eritreans Write Online, the primary site map 3 E, Eritreans Love Commentaries, the primary site map 3 F, Eritrean Political Comments and the primary site map 3 G, Eritrean Humanitarian Topics.

I invite you to comment on those political articles on Eritrea, like them and share them with your social media. You can "like" and "tweet" using the small buttons at the right top of the page. Many thanks.

I wrote the first Eritrean political articles on site map 3 B and regular visitors of the website and loyal subscribers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter wrote some articles and comments to build those site maps.

The Eritrean political articles highlight and criticize the political development in Eritrea.

The Eritrean Political Articles Cover the Following...

Eritrea struggles against the odds while the revolutionary spirit sweeps away and many people face different new challenges that send them to jails or force them to flee Eritrea.

Are the political situations hard, really?

Why is the hardship?

What should the Eritrean do to keep their state independent and secure?

Read the answers through the site map number 3 or tell us what you think?

Write about Eritrea is the site map 17 in HOA's Network, as I mentioned above! Loyal readers built the site map when they wrote articles and comments on pages about Eritrea.

However, many contributors and commentators have already criticized the Eritrean authorities. Some voices defend the Eritrean authorities to make a balance here and provide different political views. You can do this to enrich the dialogue and receive some gifts.

Eritrean Political Differences - Any attempt to know the main Eritrean political differences should start from the day the Eritrean liberation struggle began not as mentioned in the sixties, but many years before that date.

The backgrounds of the Eritrean struggle has actually started during the Italian era, when the Hamasin's elite followed strategies during their struggle against the Italian colonization and the Ethiopian emperors and aligned themselves sometimes with the Egyptian authorities in western Eritrea and the Red Sea.

Detailed facts about the start of the Eritrean revolution is in my book, "The Political Tragedy in the Horn of Africa". See the book cover at the HOA's Journalists Project and click on it to order the book.

Drama Rules Some Eritreans - Some of those claimed to be Eritrean journalists have come through the UNHCR after telling lies to have settlements in Europe and America.

Many of whom I know personally according to my long work experiences with the ruling party in Eritrea and even with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) since 1977-78.

At that time many of them were not born or were children or young boys. The others in the other fronts were part of the scheme that used to trade the Eritrean cause for their own benefits in the Middle East.

EPLF was the first Eritrean revolutionary front to take responsibilities of the national armed struggle for a long time since the seventies to achieve the independence.

Reasons of such long struggle are different and we need to explain and study them to enlighten the new generations by some of the great values of this national struggle.

How did the other Eritrean fronts lead the wars against the EPLF?

Why did they confront the EPLF?

How did that help the Ethiopian authorities in Asmara?

There are some facts missing here, but not from my book. You can read the book and other Eritrean political articles here or answer these questions.

Eritrean Revolutionary Principles - Two Eritrean revolutionary principles have maintained in theory and practice the long way to the liberation of Eritrea the Eritrean People's Liberation Front has crossed successfully in 1991.

The victory was amazing. I am still living that moment. Eritrea rose like a flower in the liberation morning to draw hopes for other states in the Horn of Africa to follow and make it their emblem to the national struggle for democracy and justice.

Selamawi (nickname) was an Eritrean refugee in Libya. He wrote some reports about the status of the Eritrean refugees.

We carried his and his brethren case on this network to some human rights organizations, even in direct phone contacts and to the UNHCR.

The human rights organizations followed the hard situations of the Eritrean refugees in Libya. We called him and sent several emails and he disappeared before the late crisis in Libya.

Eritrean Forums - The Eritrean forums online have many posts made by the visitors of the HOA Political Scene Blog and the loyal subscribers of the newsletter too.

Those Eritrean forums are very special forums. They are not like other traditional forums you see on the web. The process to participate in those forums is different.

You may even elect only to write articles and post comments without having to be a member in the Eritrean forums online.

The first Eritrean forums online here are political forums. However, there are some other cultural forums we intend to maintain in this network through the HOAs Cultural Project, the HOAs Poets Project, the HOAs Poets Bookshop and the HOAs Journalist Project.

Eritrean Political Articles - You are already here and you have read some Eritrean political articles through the site map 3 B and followed the political events in Eritrea. Now you can comment on the Eritrean political articles here too or write more Eritrean political articles. Just use the form below the following site maps.

To complete reading the Eritrean political articles on this network in English, link to the 9 Eritrean pages above. To read Eritrean political articles in Arabic, see the Eritrean Arabic pages linked to below.

Eritrean Political Articles in Arabic!

My political experiences in Eritrea are remarkable. Well, I would only say remarkable. I engaged with the Eritrean cause since the late 1970s while I was journalist in Kuwait, where I re-edited and published Eritrean political articles written by some Eritreans and contributed with the EPLF to get it a head and running in the media.

Here are some Eritrean political articles in Arabic I wrote on this network.

Arabic HOA Political Scene| Asmara| Eritrean Anecdotes| Eritrean Chronicle| Eritrean Stories| أدبيات التعليق السياسي حول سياسات القرن الافريقي| لاجئون ومعارضون سياسيون إرتريون في اثيوبيا يفتقدون المصداقية| خارجية اثيوبيا تؤكد مساعدة لاجئين ارتريين ضد حكومتهم|

HOA's Primary Site Maps:

HOA Primary Site Map 1, Horn of Africa

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The HOA's Secondary Site Maps:

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The Somali Site Maps:

Somalia and Somaliland - Primary Site Map 6 A.

Somali Arabic Comments - Primary Site Map 6 B.

Somali Political Articles - Primary Site Map 6 C.

Somali Political Forums - Primary Site Map 6 D.

Somali Political Comments - Primary Site Map 6 E.

Write about Somalia - Secondary Site Map 20 

Site Maps on Sudan:

Sudanese Site Map 7 A, Sudanese Political Articles

Sudanese Site Map 7 B Sudanese Arabic Political Articles

Sudanese Site Map 7 C, Sudanese Economical Forums

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Sudanese Site Map 21 A, Comments on Sudan

Sudanese Site Map 21 B, Sudan Online

Sudanese Site Map 21 C, Sudanese Online

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Eritrean Political Articles: Knowledge is Powerful.

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