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The Network Needs You Generously, My Friend.
May 14, 2016

If we looked at the attitudes and functionality of our bodies, we could say summer is a lazy season. But, of course not for all.

When summer approaches, you see folk in your surroundings getting out busy, cleaning, preparing places, repairing things and even driving their motorcycles crazy with bombing nosies. But, they get tired very soon and many sleeps early, accept some young.

I personally find myself very tired in summer and very active in winter. Despite this the network, and that's our concern, is getting into summer fever. It expands from the websites to some other platforms.

For example on the HOA Political Scene, every new page is now published with some pictures holding some snippets of poetry I wrote. I just take those snippets from the poetry collection in the book to design on beautiful pictures, so I could give you some beautiful posters to print and use for any decoration purposes.

What's up at the network is always updated at the HOA Political Scene Blog and up to date we have the following new pages to dig our way through revolutionary understanding to our political problems and some other political problems in the universe we share.

Digging wisely is one of the means we have to understanding how some political powers attempts continuously to bring this world into chaos and confuse everything, as through chaos and confusion they gain what they want.

And here we have a disclosure:

Democracy is Not for the Mass in Sudan got a new commentary at Democracy is Not for the Mass in Sudan Comments. What's your pint in this matter? Why not share it with us?

This entry has already an extension at Democracy and Justice in Sudan with short commentaries on it at Democracy and Justice in Sudan Comments.

From there and when you look at the column at the right we call the right column from here on to know it, you will see small images with poetry scriptures on them.


This column starts with some social media activities to do to express your love. I appreciate it when you took 5 minutes from your time to say thank for publishing this network by liking it, tweeting it, pinning the pictures on it and sharing it with your friends through the form at Forward HOA's Political Scene. When you do, take the free ebooks on the second page to enrich your knowledge.

Literary Edition

The collection of literary pages is now about 32-36 pages. One more page has been added at HOAs Arabic Literature.

Some old political articles I have never published because of hundreds of grammar and spelling mistakes and the way they have been written (not organised at all, written in a hurry and carelessness) are now published at Problem Solving Generation (here you can see an example of badly written articles), South East Party Leader (there is no seriousness here. If you know something write it in details) and Compare the Dictators.

Additional articles about the Ethio-Eritrean war is added at The Ethio-Eritrean, a War of Personal Interest.

But, there is indeed great political contribution at Great Political Contribution.

Enjoy and please, be active more by adding political values to this network. We depend on you. Thank you, my friend.

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