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What has Happened to the Sudanese People We Know?
April 18, 2016

This is a serious question... and of course, if you could answer it, you will make us all in the know. And you will also solve that situation of sorrow and disarray I told you about in the last note number 15.

The sorrow is completely dominating because we see the dilemma running in front of our eyes and we couldn't move to free ourselves and our children from it.

The worst regime in the world moves freely to do anything the shit of the Islamic mantra wants and continue fragmenting the Sudanese one million square land and selling the most important projects, whether agricultural, or educational.

Our children moves in the universities and face the beating of the security agents and the gas and the plastic bullets and suffer from injuries and we don't move a step.

What a shame is this?

In our daily life, we walk, though from here to there.

The walking dead, are we again, the Sudanese people.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect poet yet to curve that poetry we are longing to, describing in a tragical epic the tragic way we are dying.

That is because creativity has long faded away in a tragic way itself, because it thought that we are not her real lovers. So, why should it remain with us?

There is no question as good as this.

I am all sorrow my friend because everything we wished in our home and in so many places in the Horn of Africa and even in the diaspora is changing a degree towards being not OK, if not bad.

Despite all of this sorrow I am thankful to the little ability I have to update you and the network by the impulse of what happens and makes us so living in such position.

Here are the new pages in the network:

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* If you couldn't move, could you write my friend?

Let's write then, as this is the low point of faith.

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