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Climate Change Requires Classic Systems Change!

Climate Change, as well as all that has happened and keeps happening after ending the Cold War Era require classic systems change. This change should have happened long time ago.

Striking the climate by harm industries with great emission of carbon dioxide and hazardous waste had led to so many disasters everyone knows great deal of. But, many people don't know that global warming is in fact a product of the ruling elites of classic political parties and their classic systems. That requires changing classic systems to masses systems and this is what this issue, which is included through some dynamics all about.

The indications get further to the production of global warming and the powers behind the global warming and then what the global warming has done to the world so far. Every act that has led to sabotaging the ecosystem is done by governments everywhere.

The governments are either led by ruling elites of classic political parties, or by totalitarian systems, whether they are military dictatorial systems or monarchies. All of them are the producers of global warming and they do that by continuing heavy industries of bacterial, chemical, microbial and nuclear weaponry, invading the space and authorizing food industries to use chemical to keep food fresh as long as they can. Regarding this issue, we are actually eating poisons in our food.

Simple people have no time to check the food they are eating and many consume fast food, which is all poisons. For instance, milk companies use chemical in milk and in cheese. You will never anticipate that there is plastic in your milk, until you get the hard stuff over the milk when you warm it and massage it between two fingers and then you will see soft nylon between your fingers.

In your cheese, or mortadella, you will see stuff of lightweight plastic. Just take a piece of it before putting it on your bread and put it on fire. On your onion and especially when you buy it fresh and ecology organic, you will find many pieces tough from the outside, but when you cut them you will see dirt, or rotten stuff  inside, and even in the heart of the onion, which is the sweetest part. From where that comes from?

See a picture of a fresh milk that is yet to expire and it was kept in good temperature form the first day and opened after a couple of ours to find such chemical stuff.

This is not anything that you get angry with. It is a thing to think of it and to work on it. With a little sense you will also see that we have got epidemics that have followed immediately after climate change, in addition of course to the impacts of Tsunamis and other weather disasters it created in many places, through which it destroyed villages and towns and harvested many lives.

Type "impacts of climate change" in search and you will read about the disasters it made. But, no one has written about climate change causing epidemics and the causes of climate change other than me.

These global disasters are all the motivation of thinking of dynamic ideas, long time ago to come with scientific resolution plans to address these disasters. The dynamic ideas were first projected to discover ways to lead the masses to participate in environmental activities and revolutionary activities. Not only that, but to study some conspiracies and disclose them to the masses.

These are the dynamics included in the following sections of Climate Change:

Climate Change Escalated My Efforts to Invent the Martyr's Tree & Lead the Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

Climate Change with Dynamic Ideas Mobilized the Sudanese Revolution ...

Climate Change with Dynamics Inspired the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

Climate Change Led to 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution ...

Climate Change Motivated Dynamics to Fragment the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

So, Climate Change is evidence of CREATION too. Therefore, you should be motivated enough through these sections you have read to believe in my dynamics and devout your efforts wiyj m to change the world. When we change the world, we change arts, beliefs, cultures, economies, ecosystem, environments, health, policies, societies and well-beings of humans.

Are you obliged enough to become a good citizen of the world by following these dynamics to learn how to be and solve the problems of the world?

If so, subscribe to HOA Political Scene Newsletter and confirm your subscription and use the Contact Us form to tell me that you are interesting in the LPE of the Masses Era.

Climate Change in Other Languages!

* Russian: - Invitation to Comments 168: Динамические идеи: ЭРА МАСС, как новая динамичная культурная, политическая и социальная концепция моего творчества, имеет LPE. Это научный метод эпохи масс, который состоит из УЗНАТЬ, ПРОЦЕССИРОВАТЬ И ВЫПОЛНЯТЬ и включает в себя компоненты всего этого. Вы никогда не пропустите свой путь, если вы прошли его терпеливо и страстно, чтобы внедрить эпоху масс в вашем регионе. После этого мы встретимся в мире процветания!

The interpretation of this Russian description is: ERA MASS, as a new dynamic cultural, political and social concept of my work, has LPE. This is the scientific method of the era of the masses, which consists of LEARNING, PROCESSING AND FULFILLING and includes the components of it all. You will never miss your path if you have walked it patiently and passionately to bring the era of the masses to your area. After that, we will meet in a world of prosperity!

* Russian: - Invitation to Comments 169: российских динамических мнениях: ЖПЭ эпохи масс - это основа эпохи масс. Метод, состоящий из трех частей, содержит некоторые элементы, касающиеся каждого аспекта жизни. Он представляет собой карту пути, по которому интеллектуалы могут сделать каждого интеллектуалом и улучшить все в жизни.

The meaning of the Russian description is: The LPE of the era of the masses is the basis of the era of the masses. The three-part method contains some elements that address every aspect of life. It is a map of the way that intellectuals can make everyone an intellectual and improve everything in life.

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Note this: The second global problem after the problems of ending the Cold War is Climate Change, as you read. So, read about the affects of Climate Change with Dynamic Thoughts at and watch movies containing Dynamic Thoughts at

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