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HOAs Dynamics to Make Your World a Better Place!

HOAs Dynamics are thoughts to help you pick yourself all together and empower you at the same time to save the world, with other people like you.

Save the world from what?

Are you really not aware, while asking a question like this?

  • Don't you hear, or see what has happened to our world since the end of the Cold War?
  • Don't you read or see how bacterial, nuclear and chemical weaponry threaten the masses everywhere?
  • Don't you read or hear these weapons are Ozone-depleting substances and that what causes Climate Change and Global Warming?
  • Don't you hear or see how burying hazardous waste and radioactive waste in poor countries leads to the destruction of the poor, green, and dry in these countries?
  • Don't you hear or see the impacts of how hazardous waste poisons our planet and our food?
  • Don't you hear or see what has happened to our planet after Climate Change?
  • Do't you hear or see what has happened while the snow melts in many snowing lands and from the North Pole and the ice shelf breaks away from the South Pole?
  • Don't you hear or see how epidemics have spread after Climate Change?

Have you ever thought about who causes all these misfortunes?

This is What HOA's Dynamics about!

This is an educational process to help you open your mind into series global issues that affect your life daily. The educational materials are combined in the methods of what I call the "LPE of the Masses Era". The LPE itself holds components in every letter of this term to provide you by the knowledge tools to participate in the preparations and the launch of the masses era.

At the same time, HOA's Dynamics gets you together with other people to get some of the educational materials linguistically by reading them in your language. So, the page is a category page to smooth your way through the pages of the dynamic ideas.

These ideas are explained through the projects I planned earlier during the seventieth, eightieth and ninetieth to get you familiar with how the dynamic ideas work and how to use them to empower the people to do great jobs.

Examples to these dynamic ideas are:

  1. The idea of the Masses Era.
  2. The idea of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree.
  3. The idea of the 3 mechanisms of the Sudanese revolution.
  4. The idea of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree.

You'll get through these ideas on the sections of this page.

The Dynamic Idea of the Masses Era!

The idea of the masses era and how it is developed through the years since the seventieth has great achievement. From this idea, my experiences of empowering the masses have developed.

The mass idea has freed Eritrea from the colonization of Ethiopia, which had been associated and assisted two times by European colonial powers, when these powers helped the emperors of what's called Ethiopia to be just like the European colonization.

Before that time the land was just two places in the north, south of Eritrea controlled by the Tigray, neighboring Eritrea and at the main central heights controlled by the Amhara, while the east was Somalis and the south was  southern tribes with their own kings.

Get my book "Horn Africa's Political Tragedy" to read in depth political analyzes and know more.

The main Eritrean revolutionary principles and the main Eritrean revolutionary body that worked out the idea of the mass, during the time I cooperated with it was the Eritrean People's Liberation Front - EPLF.

I have developed the term of the masses era from the term this revolutionary front used, which is "mass". The development has gotten into global dynamics, as you read below:

HOA's Dynamics Turned into Global Dynamics ...

The Dynamic Idea of the Eritrean Martyr's Tree!

How the Empowerment of the Masses Achieve Great Jobs?

The Dynamic Idea of the 3 Mechanisms of the Sudanese Revolution!

Although the Revolution Broke... Sudanese aren't Like Eritreans! There are many conspiracies ...

The Dynamic Idea of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree!

Not only politically and Revolutionary, but also Environmentally Sudanese are not Like Eritreans ... They did nothing.

How HOA's Dynamics Save the World?

HOA's Dynamics are thoughts to save the world, as all of the dynamics intended to do and as I mentioned in so many pages.

The question you might have in mind right now, if you didn't read anything in this matter and if you are just reading this section of the page (sometimes most people tend to scan the top section of the page horizontally and then scroll vertically through it, keeping their focus on the left of the page, which will naturally be the navigation bar section), the question in your mind is how HOA's Dynamics Save the World?

Keep on reading.

Keep Your Mind Open!

The Answers

  • Read the main HOA's Dynamics on the main linked pages and you will find the answers. (You can read in your native language, if you didn't find it, stick with the English versions).
  • Ask any question you have in your mind, if you didn't find the answers, of if you didn't understand any of them. Use Contact Us form for this. I'll respond to your quires and explain the matter in 24-48 hrs anytime of the day. You can also use the same form to indicate your desire to be part of this global project.
  • Subscribe to the Horn Africas Network through the small orange RSS button on this page.
  • Better, subscribe to the HOA Political Scene Newsletter to keep on with the updates of the network and advice your friends to do the same.
  • Convinced by the answers? If you are content by the answers, start grouping people around these dynamics. You have a form to use for this on Forward HOA Political Scene and then ask your friends to do the same, using the same form.
  • Distribute the HOAs Dynamic Ideas' posters everywhere possible and publish them on the internet on family oriented websites.
  • Link to all of the pages of the HOA's Dynamic Ideas in family oriented websites.
  • Get any of my books to support this global project. You'll find them on the badges of Apple Books on this page.

HOA's Dynamics in Filipino!

* Filipino:; Dinamikong Ideya: Ang buhay ng tao ay nasa panganib, hangga't ang mga panganib na nakakaapekto sa bawat aspeto ng buhay ay nagpapatuloy. Ang lupa ay nasusunog at ang kalangitan ay nalason ng pang-industriya na carbon dioxide.   

The interpretation to this Filipino version is: Human life is in danger, as long as the dangers that affect every aspect of life continue. The earth is burning and the sky is poisoned by industrial carbon dioxide.

* Filipino: Dinamikong Perspektibo: Ang mga problemang kinakaharap ng ating planeta ay mahusay dahil sa mga tiwaling pamahalaan ng mga klasikong partidong pampulitika.

The meaning of this Filipino version is: The problems facing our planet are great because of the corrupt governments of the classical political parties.

* Filipino: Dinamikong Pag-iisip: Ano ang gagawin mo tungkol dito, bilang isang indibidwal? Mayroong mga paraan upang puksain ang mga gobyerno ng mga klasikong partidong pampulitika, kaya ang masa ay maaaring maitaguyod ang mga sistema ng masa at lanuch ang panahon ng masa. Dagdagan ang nalalaman.

The translation to this Filipino version is: What do you do about it, as an individual? There are ways to eliminate the governments of classic political parties, so the masses can establish mass systems and color the mass era. Learn more.

HOA's Dynamics in French!

* French: Idées Dynamiques: Tout ce qui a contribué au changement climatique empoisonne notre alimentation. Examinez la nourriture que vous mangez et ne mangez pas simplement comme un dépotoir. Vous êtes une personne gentille, vous ne savez tout simplement pas comment les élites dirigeantes des partis politiques classiques sont responsables du changement climatique, et comment le changement climatique pourrait être la cause d'épidémies. Apprenez-en davantage en vous abonnant à la newsletter de l'activiste, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The connotation of the French version is: Everything that has contributed to climate change is poisoning our food. Examine the food you eat and don't just eat it as a dumping ground. You are a nice person, you just don't know how the ruling elites of mainstream political parties are responsible for climate change, and how climate change could be the cause of epidemics. Learn more by subscribing to activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman's newsletter.

* French: Perspectives Dynamiques Françaises: Il est temps que les masses prennent le pouvoir partout pour mettre fin à l'ère des élites dirigeantes des partis politiques classiques et construire les systèmes des masses pour remplacer les systèmes classiques. Cela résoudra tous les problèmes de la planète. Pour ce faire, les masses doivent prendre le LPE de l'ère des masses du militant vétéran, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The explanation of the French version is: It is time for the masses to seize power everywhere to end the era of the ruling elites of classical political parties and build the systems of the masses to replace the classical systems. It will solve all the problems on the planet. To do this, the masses must take the LPE of the era of the masses of veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* French: Opinions Dynamiques Françaises: Nous sommes les masses, nous élisons des gouvernements, tant qu'ils ne travaillent pas pour nous, alors nous prenons le pouvoir et changeons les systèmes politiques MAINTENANT. Nous remplaçons les gouvernements corrompus des partis politiques classiques par des gouvernements des masses pour sauver les intérêts des masses, et non les intérêts des élites dirigeantes.

The insights of the French version is: We are the masses, we elect governments, as long as they don't work for us, then we take power and change political systems NOW. We are replacing the corrupt governments of classical political parties with governments of the masses to save the interests of the masses, not the interests of the ruling elites.

* French: Avis Dynamiques Français: Le nouveau concept de l'ère des masses avec son LPE, qui est la dynamique de l'ère des masses, avec toutes ses étapes scientifiques pour mettre en œuvre l'ère des masses, est la création et la planification du militant, journaliste et poète vétéran Khalid Mohammed Osman. Vous devez donc vous abonner à la newsletter pour l'obtenir, l'étudier et en discuter. Si vous êtes bien convaincu.

The interpretation to the French version is: The new concept of the era of the masses with its LPE, which is the dynamics of the era of the masses, with all its scientific steps to implement the era of the masses, is the creation and planning of the activist, journalist and veteran poet Khalid Mohammed Osman. So you need to subscribe to the newsletter to get it, study it and discuss it. If you are convinced.

* French: Pensées Dynamiques Françaises: Les segments du LPE de l'ère des masses avec ses unités assurent les méthodes scientifiques de construction des systèmes des masses dans le monde entier pour remplacer les systèmes classiques et résoudre les problèmes qu'ils ont posés à la planète. Apprenez à faire cela avec le militant chevronné, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The meaning of the French version is: The segments of the LPE of the mass era with its units ensure the scientific methods of building mass systems around the world to replace classical systems and solve the problems they have posed for the planet. Learn how to do this with veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* French: Vues Dynamiques Françaises: J'ai créé le LPE et ses composantes d'idées mondiales pour les masses mondiales afin de les aider à construire l'ère des masses et les systèmes des masses à travers le monde pour remplacer l'ère des élites dirigeantes des partis politiques classiques et de leurs systèmes classiques. Militant vétéran, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The summary of the French version is: I created the LPE and its components of world ideas for the world masses to help them build the era of the masses and the mass systems across the world to replace the era of the ruling elites of the classical political parties and their classic systems. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* French: Théorie Dynamique Française: Pour que les masses connaissent et enregistrent les spécifications de l'ère de masse, elles ont besoin du LPE de l'ère de masse, qui contient des segments avec des unités qui ont été construites pour le lancement mondial de systèmes de masse. Le LPE et ses composantes sont la propriété intellectuelle du militant chevronné, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The summary of the French version is: In order for the masses to know and register the specifications of the Mass Era, they need the Mass Era LPE, which contains segments with units that were built for the worldwide launch of mass systems. The LPE and its components are the intellectual property of seasoned activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

* French: Plans dynamiques Français: Les masses doivent prendre le pouvoir et changer les systèmes politiques classiques partout pour soigner le climat et améliorer la santé. Les méthodes scientifiques pour y parvenir commencent par l'étude des spécificités des réunions de masse. Le militant vétéran, journaliste et poète Khalid Mohammed Osman enseigne cela aux masses pour lancer l'ère des masses.

The translation to the French version is: The masses must seize power and change conventional political systems everywhere to heal the climate and improve health. Scientific methods to achieve this begin with the study of the specifics of mass gatherings. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman teaches this to the masses to start the era of the masses.

Like HOAs Dynamics?

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