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HOAs Insights are Breakthrough Dynamics!

HOAs Insights are the first breakthrough dynamics in human history for the masses to launch the mass systems everywhere and thus the mass era. All of that is my creation and my heartfelt present to the global masses.

You will know that HOA's Insights are produced from some dynamics I discovered earlier and so I created some dynamic ideas out of them since the 1970s, for the masses in the Horn of Africa. Then these dynamic ideas have evolved from regional dynamics to global dynamics. The main factor behind the evolvement is how these ideas have been practical and successful at the regional level.

But, why these dynamics have evolved from regional to global dynamics, that precise question has two answers. One of the answers is that the dynamics work with the masses to make the masses work out these dynamics. Since the masses everywhere are one, as a human race, so the global masses are no difference from the regional masses.

The second answer is that the principles, as well as the causes, as from where these dynamics have originated are global, regardless to the fact that they have started regional. That also indicates the fact that there are events, materials, negative changes and occurrences in the world that thrust and so the dynamics have been generated from.

The Mass Lights of HOA's Insights!

Get the insights of HOA?

If not yet, you are in fortune, as a human asset in human development and you didn't know it, until the fortune got you here to me and on this page.

I'll be your ethical guidance.

When did the world has changed dramatically, you think?

From such changes the dynamics have originated.

The changes are so many and they are tragical and sarcastic.

Any change in anything has causes and causers.

When you investigate the causes, you will discover the causers and their intentions.

The intentions are indicated in actions through behaviors and conducts and in direction through regional and international interests.

The behaviors and conducts reveal the beliefs, the goals and the positions of the originators.

Are you following logically, with an open mind?

Some Important Facts about HOAs Insights!

The indicated intentions in regional actions through behaviors and conducts have all combined motivated the dynamics I started working with to get the masses to my side and to follow my dynamic ideas to implement some projects for the masses, by the masses.

The mass projects are following through the sections of the page below. This is to understand how I react with the masses, when I see regional actions through behaviors and conducts that are not with the masses, but rather with the ruling elites, either of classic political parties, or dictatorship.

Then when the Cold War era ended, international terrorism flourished and many conflicts followed and climate change has also followed with global warming and disappearance of the snow and its epidemics.

So, the regional dynamics have turned into global dynamics to get the masses of the world together around my dynamics and achieve exciting goals, as the regional dynamics have achieved. Again, the achievements are in the following sections of the page.

What is interesting in turning the regional dynamics to international dynamics is that they serve all of the masses around the world... that means the global masses combined, to eliminate their differences and motivate them to work together to achieve human values.

The most interesting value in the global dynamics is that they serve the global masses and the interests of the global masses.

The main goal in the global dynamics is getting the global masses together to achieve launching the systems of the masses everywhere in the world and to build the era of the masses. This is the best replacement to the classic systems of the ruling elites of the classic political parties.

How to achieve this marvelous goal is explained in the LPE of the masses era, which is the guidance BOOK of the masses.

Dynamical Ideas that Converted HOAs Insights to the Following Mass Projects!

The sections of the following dynamics get you more of HOA's Insights and how they are used to motivate the masses to implement mass projects for the environment and for national values.

HOAs Insights Worked with the Eritrean Masses to Plant More than 5,000,000 Eritrean Martyr's Trees ...

HOAs Insights Mobilized the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Insights Presented the Dynamics of the Sudanese Martyr's Tree ...

HOAs Insights Achieved 3 Mechanisms for the Sudanese Revolution ...

HOAs Insights Unfold the Conspiracies of the Muslim Brothers, the Founders of International Terrorism ...

HOAs Insights Could Fulfill Your Interests Well!

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Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

HOAs Insights in Other Languages!

* Swedish: - Svenska Dynamiska Åsikter: LPE för masstiden är massteorin som är tillämplig enligt dess vetenskapliga metod för att ersätta de klassiska systemen som leds av eliterna från de regerande klassiska politiska partierna. LPE innehåller de vetenskapliga grunderna för att initiera massornas system och de fullständiga metoderna för att utföra denna ädla uppgift.

The connotation of the Swedish description are: LPE for mass time is the mass theory applied according to its scientific method to replace the classical systems led by the elites of the ruling classical political parties. LPE contains the scientific foundations for initiating the systems of the masses and the complete methods for performing this noble task.

* Swedish: - Svenska Dynamiska Insikter: Masspisternas LPE profilerar också de internationella regeringarna från deras beteenden och uppträdanden, baserat på livstidsobservation till internationell politik, som har engagerat mig hela mitt liv och tjänat de regionala och globala massornas intressen. Veteranaktivist, journalist och poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The explanation of this Swedish description is: The LPE of the masses era also profiles the international governments from their behaviors and conducts, based on lifelong observation to international politics, which has engaged me all my life and served the interests of the regional and global masses. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

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