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HOA Political Scene Notes 6: Have you seen the walking dead laughing?
December 12, 2010

I wish you peace of mind and success.

The subject might have caused some exclamations in your head my friend.

But seriously, I ask you two questions --

Have you seen the walking dead laughing?

Have you been in the tight zone this Sudanese girl found herself in it before?

Your answer could help others understand what had happened since 1989 in the wonderland of Sudan, what happens continuously and when that ends! Never feel like Alice in his wonderland.

This is something extremely different, misery and shaaaaiiiiiiiinful in an English Sudanese word!

Thanks to my friends who sent me this video. I worked on it to add some touches and I may reproduce it with more add ons!

Ah, it is time for your newsletter. It is now here at HOA Political Scene 38, with this video included in addition to the main article about the ghost of LRA.

Kind regards

Khalid Osman

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