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How to Write a Short Story?

How to Write a Short Story?

The lessons included on this page in texts and videos with guide you all the way to write good stories and even good novels and poetry as well. All of that learning has started from many experiences in many lands. So, you will get a brief about this followed by the guidelines. This is so important to read the entire page and watch the videos. - How to Write a Short Story?: Lessons with guidelines explained in texts and videos by short story writer Khalid Muhammad - How to Write a Short Story?: Lessons with guidelines explained in texts and videos by short story writer Khalid Muhammad Osman.

As experienced short story writer, I have never wondered about this issue, as the ideas of the short stories I wrote have always been inspired by lifetime experiences, while I was living in different lands, with different people and different cultures.

The streets, the gardens, the work places, the chit-chat on bars and many public places and my own adventures have all provided me with the insights to convert non-fiction into fictions.

Among these personal experiences are tragic events. The suffering of such circumstances has also provided the foundation of short story writing, novel writing and poetry writing. So, I have many books in these forms of literature.

How to be inspired by SHORT STORIES to write your own SHORT STORIES?


  • Did you know what a short story is?
  • Did you know how to discover a knot and unfold it in a short story?
  • Did you know how to get a plot and run it through the short story?

You will learn the following through the series of the videos and read at the same time examples of short stories:

  1. The knot in the short story and how is it different from the plot of the short story.
  2. The plot of a short story and is it different from the plot of a novel, or is it merely a conspiracy.
  3. The techniques of the short story and are they different from the techniques of the novel.
  4. What are the characters of the short story and are the characters are only protagonists?
  5. For example, can animals and insects and supernaturals be in place of characters?
  6. What are the short story techniques?
  7. Is there a specific length for a short story?
  8. How to convert a short story into a radio play, or a television play, or a theater play?

To define the term short story, I say a short story is a defined literary characteristic of a short prose fiction and it has its own defined characteristics. It is a condensed short fiction evolving around a single knot.

It might have a different plot from the plot of a novel. However, the distinction of writing of each sort of prose fiction links them together to have similar plot, sometimes.

So, the short story focuses on a single knot of an incident to evoke a feeling and hence brings awareness. It teaches readers a value springing out of the knot and sophisticate them with positive attitudes.

As I am a short story writer, I am well convinced through my personal short story writing techniques, that it isn't necessary for a short story to have a single effect, as Britannica says.

How to Write Short Stories?

Start by learning the elements that make a short story and learning how to investigate, combine, evolve and inspire by your own experiences, or the experiences of other people in your surroundings.

I am going to answer the question on episode 1 - 1 regarding the knot in the short story and how is it different from the plot of the short story. Some intellectuals confuse these two techniques with each other.

As you knew the knot is made by fastening or tying and looping a rope, or something similar on itself and tightening it.

In the short story it is the tying, fastening and looping of the event or accident, conflict or struggle on itself, which makes the knot for the short story to loose at the end.

The plot is structuring the short story. By other words it is the process of structuring the event or accident, conflict or struggle and looping any of that on itself.

So, it is one of the external elements of the short story. This is the first time you are hearing a definition of a technique, such as external elements.

You might have guessed that there are internal elements and you were right.

It will be the first time that you hear about what I am going to show you here along the way of the episodes. Watch out for the internal elements and external elements of the short story on episode 1 - 4.

These lesson will inspire you. So, make sure to continue this page on the related pages to get the rest of the lessons. Most importantly, pay attention to the following.

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The Elements of the Short Story!

I ended episode 1 - 3 by letting you know that there are external elements of the short story and then catching up with you that you have got the impression that there are also internal elements of the short story. Here we continue on episode 1 - 4.

Inner or internal elements and outer or external elements:

Mark this: I am the first short story writer and critic to identify inner and external elements of the short story in the short story history. So, if you ever referred to these terms, or any new terms in these lessons belonging to me, pay attention to intellectual property rights, by attributing these terms to and my name with live links using the first website address and my name linked to

The inner or internal elements function as part of the event or incident in the short story. They are as follows: event or accident, conflict or struggle, characters, knot and moral, or better say ethics.

So these are five inner, or internal elements. I didn't mention the setting, as an element, as it is not precisely something that you must treat as an element. It could be an element, though.

The outer or external elements focus on the short story writing techniques. They are the theme with its crux, the plot and what I call the connectivity.

How to Write a Short Story?

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