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HOAs Data Analyzing is the Horn of Africa's Data Analyzing!

Use the HOAs data analyzing or the Horn of Africa's data analyzing to build good profession online either through the forms you see on the Horn of Africa's Network, or on your own website! However, your own website should have all the tools needed to execute this job building and optimizing the website in one place.

The HOAs data analyzing is simply the Horn of Africa's data analyzing we offer either ourselves or with our partners in SUCCESS through three combined tools of Web publishing, self-publishing, analyzing and data social sharing, tweeting and pinning.

The process starts with knowing your data and what is that specific part of your data internet surfers are looking for. And then analyzing that data to know what works and what doesn't. That means knowing the demands and the profitability factors in your data and also those competitors who use this data.

After that, the process teaches you how to pick the best of your data, whether it is about the Horn of Africa, or not and how to analyze it to come with your website name and why you should do this to be professional in your area of knowledge and then achieve what you want from your data.

It has three combined mechanisms any concerned journalist or writer must have to use to analyze data, publish it on this website, or on the Web on a website s/he owns, self publish it in books through one of the HOA's comprehensive projects, or share it in the most relevant website s/he trusts.

The page of the HOAs data analyzing is the best to do the Horn of Africa's data publishing and sharing in the last step, as this website is focused on the Horn of Africa.

Well, I have strong evidence here to consider the HOAs data analyzing the first project of its kind to help you kick it and score your goal, whether you want to achieve that goal on a website you own, or on this network, when you use the HOAs data analyzing.

How to Analyze HOAs Data or Just Any Data?

The following lesson in data analyzing could be used for the Horn of Africa's data analyzing or any other data you think of it. So, consider first the following kick start point:

Create a descriptive short title combined of some focused keywords about your topic.

Want an example?

Here is a choice of two: "American politics data analyzing" or "data analyzing of the Eastern Block destruction". However, it is not necessary to take this example as your topic, but just focus on it as a phrase.

Take it as a short descriptive title that makes a topic concerning something you knew great deal of information about it, or you want to know more about it.

The idea is to focus on the topic you most found yourself attracted to it and read about it so often, or knew much of information about it, or even you always do it. Make that topic a keyword focused title, as set in the example given above.

To make this title descriptive with few focused keywords, define your topic by doing a comprehensive search about it. Since it is data analyzing, let us assume this as political data analyzing, whether about one country or regional authority or international power.

Use the search tool here or at the third right column to do your search about your topic and collect the data you need in a text block. Just enter few keywords about your topic or the data you want to collect. Note that political data analyzing needs two important things.

The first thing is continuous follow-up to the news and good reading in the political history of the state you want to choose as your topic. The second thing is passion to do comprehensive search for your project.

If you intended to use the search box at the right column, follow the news on the search results by last hours, today, yesterday, last week and so on.

If the state is one of the states in the Horn of Africa, then the main pages or site maps in this website could be also a source to do your search and acquire the data you need. See the navigation bar at the left, or the links included on the main column of HOAs data analyzing.

Collect that data in your text block to study it. Do not use it when you write word for word.

Then get deeper in the history of that state. Collect relevant or similar events and facts and combine them. Make notes of the trends and cultures, if any element is relevant to that event.

Organize the data you have collected in your text block and set it up in good order. Read it thoroughly and relax or forget about it. Get out to have a tour in the nature, or do anything that you enjoy to entertain yourself, such as watching a movie, hearing music and so on.

When you came back to work, open your text block and read the data once again. Think of each paragraph you wrote deeply. Combine relevant events or facts through the past until this moment and deepen your knowledge while looking thoroughly in the five well-known questions of what, when, where, why and how.

You can even look at the source of the news to do another search and collect data about the credibility and transparency of that source, its political orientation, its resources and their political orientations, its bias if any and so on. Write your findings in a second text block. Write many notes about your findings while searching your topic.

Take another break and enjoy something else.

When you came back, read the two text blocks. You will find yourself full of energy and information to write down in other text blocks. When you write about any idea, make it a keyword focused title seeded from your main topic.

You can write that way ten or more pages about the same topic using different keywords (but relevant to your main topic) focused titles and descriptions. Include those keywords in the body of your articles in different places to optimize it.

Consider always to write short articles of 500 word count and not less than this.

If you decided to combine these articles and publish them in a book, do one of the following steps:

If the articles are about HOAs data analyzing use the form below. You may need to use it many times to enter your articles. This way, I will prepare your book for you and publish it by your name and my name as a publisher. See important notes about this at HOAs Poets Bookshop.

If the articles have nothing to do with HOAs data analyzing, use the form at Articles and Self-Publish Book to submit them, anyway. I will not publish them here. I will only publish them on the second website, or in a book by your name and my name as a publisher.

Note that, I publish also books, each about similar topics from articles written by more than one writer with full credits given to those writers.

If you want to do it all your way in your own website, use those website publishing, data analyzing and optimizing tools here. When you get them, use the search it tools and the analyzing tools in the brainstormer to build more keywords focused pages about your topic.


Contact us for more information about HOAs data analyzing and how to use this method to either prepare for some degrees in political science or to publish your books. Please, provide full information about you and your topic in details when you use the form on that page.

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