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The Tragicomedy of Democracy in Sudan!

The Democracy in Sudan has always tragicomic practices. The democratic experiences in the biggest country in Africa proved to be the democracy of the ruling elites, whether they are syndicates, military adventurers, or Islamic sheikhs wearing bikinis under their jubbahs!

For this reason, the matter appears to be in whose hands that the democracy is relaxing and even sleeping, which proves that the democracy in Sudan is always nonsense for the public through the tragicomedy it plays on the political theatre of the traditional rightist parties.

When the theatrical tragicomedy reaches its climax, the military adventurers in the army who are actually allies to one of the sects take the gloves to perform a coup de état.

This is interpretation to the first coup, invited by the Ansar sect of the Umma Party in 1958 and the last coup in 1989, invited by the same party in sake of the Muslim Brothers' party called the National Islamic Front (NIF) and led by the brother-in-law of the leader of the Umma Party, who was a prime minister at that moment.

The prime minister, al-Sadiq al-Mahadi, had the favor of the coup, because his government was about to fall.

You see from this picture that, the Democracy in Sudan has always proved to be nonsense through a sort of tragicomedy played by the traditional rightist parties.

So, how could the Sudanese people move out of the tunnels of dictatorship, which have always been constructed by a non-national military and treacherous civil leaders of sects?

How could the Sudanese people move out of the dark tunnels of both, the military dictatorship and the civil dictatorship?

The people are (donkeynized) and the national treasures go to either the military or the civil sectarian and Islamic dictators to invest it in their Islamic banks. This robbery is well known and running in front of the eyes of the people.

In addition, through my personal long engagement in this political scene in the Horn of Africa (HOA) and according to the recent crises in Sudan and the call to submit the last Sudanese dictator to the International Criminal Court (ICC), I said long time ago, that neither the dictatorial regime in Sudan, nor the rebels are innocent.

This is How Democracy in Sudan Being Fucked!

They have both committed political crimes. Justice channels should bring them to the International Criminal Court.

The political crises in Sudan are not in Darfur region only. What those International channels have done up to date is that they decided Omar al-Basher's indictment and issued the arrest warrant against him as the leader of the worst dictatorial regimes in Sudan.

Then the dictatorial regime falls under pressures from the USA to agree to some conditions to drop the arrest warrant.

The pressures will make this international power, which is the sole player in the international political scene able to benefit with its allies from many recently discovered Sudanese national treasuries invested or not.

So this is one phase of the tragicomedy of democracy in Sudan.

This phase begins when those so-called democratic governments bring military dictators to refresh the civil dictatorship and bring it into power again to continue the evil circle of the continuing changes between false democracies and military dictatorial systems.

Democracy in Sudan Has Always Tragicomic Practices!

I can't stress on this concept enough because it becomes a belief in those hard times of the Sudanese national history.

Unfortunately, the new generations, and let us presume that those are only four generations starting from the second dictatorial regime in 1969, the complete four generations have been blind and their abilities to good political understanding are leashed by either religious beliefs, or family and territorial tribal beliefs.

However, I believe there are only few well-educated and sophisticated people who stand against this tragicomedy in the Sudanese political life.

Traditionally, traditional people classify those sophisticated people by either being communists or just atheists. It is natural to have those traditional people call sophisticated people that way.

But, it is absolutely not natural when graduates from the universities ally themselves with traditional people instead of being sophisticate and modern people.

They forget that, hours, days, months, years and all the history goes forward not backward, and the beautiful history begins tomorrow.

However, the challenge will remain, as it has always been, not since the beginning of the earth, but since the beginning of leadership in the societies, those who work hard to fulfil their duties and achieve success to their political gaols will change this history and make it beautiful tomorrow.

We hope those will be our comrades, who believe in the people and their historical determinism.

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