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I wrote at the last of the article at the mentioned link saying that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has influenced the Muslim Brothers in Sudan.

But, those elements in Sudan has developed effective business sharing with almost all of the members in the leadership level to strengthen the NIF and weaken the economy of the so-called Sudan.

Not only that, but they also build octopus arms inside Sudan to manipulate and dominate and other octopus arms to spread to other countries in the Horn of Africa while cooperating with the terrorist elements in Asia. They even use such arms to heckle The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The last words I said at the post at the mentioned political stories are about the connection of business and politics the NIF used to do all of that and how they claimed that there is another economical theory rather than Capitalism and Communism. Here is the continuation...

The NIF's leaders of the coup think of a third way although they have created the biggest deterioration in the economy of the country before the coup, by creating what they call the Islamic banks and the marginal currency markets.

At that time you could simply wear a "jalabia" (Sudanese national dress) with big pockets to deal on the currency market on the streets. The police would actually catch you. But, you could take a policeman a side and then give him a sum of money to go back to your corner, where you sell and buy currency.

They did that in what we call the "false third democratic period" to topple the government of the Sudanese Sectarian Parties, led by the Prime Minister Sadiq El-Mahadi, although the brain behind the coup, Hassan Abdullah El-Turabi is his brother-in-law.

According to their vision, the leaders of the coup leading the Sudanese Military Religious Regime organized the first economical conference in the country in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, which I had attended as journalist correspondent of Ad Dastor Magazine in London, at the same time I worked a correspondent to Al-Watan Newspaper in Kuwait.

I asked the colonel who was the sole head speaker in the conference about the third economical way he mentioned stressing on that there are only two well-known economical ways named Communism and Capitalism, he nodded and expressed that he was upset and very angry.

When a confrontation happened, at the close of conference, between me and the regime first economical decision maker, Colonel Salah Karar, I got under the ground and then fled the capital city of Khartoum to the eastern Sudan, where I engaged in small dealing merchandise, on one of the people's marginal markets.

Those marginal markets were different from those marginal
markets created by the dictatorial regime. They were simply unauthorized markets for some poor people to sell local goods and products for very low profits to make a living.

I did that business the way I was carrying out my job as a journalist saying the truth about my goods and disclosing how much they cost me like my father did. I knew I would sell more by keeping low profits on those items.

It was also a way to hide myself for a while, wearing local dresses, dealing like small handlers, and sharing their visions and the way they talk. I forgot everything about my professional language, while getting to the ground, chatting with them and sharing the same feelings those local marketers have.

I fled the market place with them, whenever the municipality guards rushed on their way to check for licenses and confiscate the goods to use for their own benefits.

However, through this business experiences and while being there I found a way to get through the eastern borders, escaping the hell on the other side of the mountain to the Eritrean Red Sea Paradise.

Eritrea was a real paradise that time. It had the best European climate and my daughter (when she joined me) found her pleasure to run after the mist in Asmara to catch it while it was on the air at her reach. I am missing it so much and I still have political views from there!

In addition, it has strong impression on my daughter until now. She still prefers to hear the Eritrean Tigrinya songs. She has not forgotten the Eritrean Tigrinya language that much.

Well, to connect your thoughts while reading the political views, please read about one of my fabolus activities in Eritrea at the Eritrean Environment and follow it to the Environment Protection.

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