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COVID-19 Among Other Catastrophes Prove the Failure of Int. Governments!

HOA's Economical Forums: How Does COVID-19, Among Other Catastrophes Proves the Failure of International Governments? Is it the only effective proof of the failure of international governments?

In the HOA's Economic Forums: Everything that has followed the plans to destruct the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which has existed from 1922 to 1991 and to destruct at the same time the Eastern Block is a leading periodical scheme to control the fates of people on this planet.

There is nothing that  has happened just accidentally, or fortunately and without a scheme to bring the world into this tragic situation.

The first plan in that scheme is to destruct the competing power to ease the process and release this scheme to continue. There wasn't any anticipation that this scheme will create disastrous situations. 

No one has predicted the rise of international terrorism by the Muslim Groups, which the planners of the scheme have created to help in the destruction of the USSR and the Eastern Block to assume "changing plans" to fight their creators.

No one has predicted that the climate would change with what was known, as climate change and epidemics would follow, despite the warnings of weather scientists and Green Peace activists.

No one has cared about the possibility of the rising of conflicts that contributed to the killing and displacement of millions of people, despite the expectations of political observers.

No one has expected economic shrink, or disorder, or deteriorating health and social conditions in any country although these conditions have been possible.

All the attention was directed towards the dissolution of the Soviet Union so that it did not pose a threat and remain in competition with capitalist powers in the long run, and therefore any outcomes of that dissolution were not important in the minds of those who contributed to this scheme.

The world is aghast with the economic downturn and worried about solutions. And some global political powers are thinking of solving this through the weak states that own most of the world's stock of natural resources.

Hence, it is possible to understand the indicator of armed conflicts and political conflicts in those countries and the dependence of some fighting parties in them on the international powers to help them.

They do not realize what that means in terms of interference in regional affairs, and what will follow that of controlling the sources of these countries of wealth.

Such plans in the scheme I am talking about have not any damn mutual interests called international co-operation, as long as any assistance is conditioned by subordination and dependency on the auxiliary state.

You have complete global dynamics to read, understand and become active in the global political campaign of the mass era to build the new systems of the masses in the world. Connect with the source network and subscribe to HOA Political Scene Newsletter.

There is no any solution what-so-ever, unless we change the way we are thinking about governments and constructing governments, and all the process that follows to do this job.

As long as the matter is all about democracy and democratic systems, we will not solve these catastrophes, unless we change the way we are thinking about democracy.

Democracy does not always shape with the presence of political parties. It is not necessary to have political parties to indicate, or express democracy.

Folk, we need to revolutionize the way we are thinking about such matters and other essential matters in our lives to revolutionize every thing in our lives.

Well, then, how could we build democracy without having political parties?

That is the secret weapon of the LPE of the Mass Era. This weapon is not a nuclear bomb, but rather a green weapon to enrich the established set of attitudes of the masses everywhere.

The revolutionary ideas with the complete explanations create a new mindset for everyone.

Such new dynamic ideas I organized as a break through global system to launch public projects like this one will only be available to members of the network. So, join through any of the dynamic pages.

That's because some of my dynamic ideas have been stolen, especially by some hunters of new ideas, that find FaceBook ready to publish pages about these stolen ideas.

So I'll need to have millions of people to join my network and then we shall come to study the strategies I have not revealed and agree on the dynamics of the LPE. Be sure that my principle goal in this life isn't making money, but making a revolution.

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So, HOA's Economical Forums reference 100-beautiful-sites-in-the-world.com, where many topics about climate change have been published.

* You can watch movies about climate change on TVCinemaApp.com.

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