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HOA Political Scene 31!

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The HOA Political Scene 31 continues with the referendum in Sudan and the fears imposed by insufficient preparation to the referendum.

It seems that every concerned political power is in a hurry to achieve the referendum in the period mentioned regardless to the lack of supportive requirements both in the north and in the south.

The following article explains it all.

Referendum Challenges Impose Future Threats to Peace in Sudan!

Is the challenge the referendum in southern Sudan faces is the deadline of the referendum or the dead referendum itself?

Here are some big worries about the referendum and the relation between the northern Sudan and the southern Sudan in the future!

However, what worries is actually the dogmatic way the concerned international power and the regime in the Sudan lead every one from its side to run the referendum without having every requirement prepared well.

The process needs time and more efforts and if implemented by what's available today, and which is not enough, that would not be adequate referendum, but a referendum to satisfy the international power and those who think randomly in fateful issues in Sudan.

The requirements of the referendum in southern Sudan have not met while the days' count of the referendum is running fast. Here are some points that rise fears of complicated future conflict.

Participating in the referendum and voting eligibility for southerners in the north and abroad are not clear.

Some contradictions in the numbers of the southerners in the north remain not clear as well, as the estimation of the 2008 census declares that there are 500,000 southerners in the north, while the aid agencies in the south Sudan and the government of the south say the number of the southerners in north Sudan is 1,500,000.

The regime in the north talks mentioning the numbers are higher and they reach between 2,500,000 and 5,000,000, perhaps seeking to play fraud in this demographic map of the referendum, as it did with the rigged elections.

While the time is running out, the time of the registration has changed from 3 months prior to the vote to one month, leaving great worries whether that short time is enough or not!

In addition, while 3,600 registration centres are in the plan to open including the north, people wonder whether the registration will actually begin in the suggest day in November 15 or not!

The full budget of the referendum is still unfilled by releasing the economical commitments of the regime in the north and the government of the south to fill the economical gab in the complete budget of 370,000,000 dollars.

Even the international donors have not yet met their obligations to fill half of the budget expected from them.

The area of Abyei is still living in a complicated situation, as the referendum commission has not appointed yet there and the conflict between the Misseriya and the Ngok Dinka is still imposing fears in the area. The fear of the continuation of the conflict in the future is still rising in the region.

Time is also not enough for the observers from the international community and the regional community to arrive and prepare for practically good observation in this wide area. Logistical challenges are still wide in many areas.

Neither the regime in the north, nor the government of the south has the capacity to address big issues like the $35 billion debt of Sudan, demarcation of the border (although the border is clear), citizenship in the north and in the south, and wealth sharing in the future.

Whom would Sudanese blame for the coming disasters?

The most important issue that we at HOA Political Scene 31 fear is that instead of having the referendum as a good example to encourage other states in the Horn of Africa to consider for their own nations, the referendum in Sudan and according to the mentioned negatives in its recent progress may put all the country at risk.

We already blame the regime in the north and hold it responsible for damaging the integrity of Sudan. We at HOA Political Scene 31 call all the Sudanese nationals to demonstrate on the streets and go in civil strikes and disorder to topple this regime.

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