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HOA Political Scene 13!
April 18, 2010

HOA's Political Scene 13

The thirteenth Edition, 18 April 2010

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How Do You Evaluate the Sudanese Election Results?

We have a new note about the election results in the HOA's Political Scene 13 to read and enjoy commenting on it.

What is your interpretation to the description the EU's head delegation, Veronique de Keyser has given to the elections? This is the first question.

The second is that, why does Carter belief that most of the international community, as represented by their governments, to observe the election, will accept the results, although his centre "found that the process fell short of Sudan's obligations and related international standards"?

Now, signals and predictions of possibilities to forming a national unity government in which the ruling party seizes the lion's share appeared in the country fabricated may be by the ruling party.

You may laugh at this because the game is smart and a vicious game played by the ruling party to slush the opposition parties. In addition, this is obviously the way the ruling party considers that no one is sly in the country except its leaders.

The ruling party knows alone the impact of the malignant played on the strong opposition that could make it accept positions in the so-called national unity government and then became naked in front of the Sudanese people as positions seekers.

However, it is neither about a position nor about positioning!

It is about this malicious dogma, the ruling party uses to drag the opposition and undress it.

Let me hear your voice, read your answers to these questions, or come share me a cheers ;-)

What happens at HOA since the last week?

Well, the HOA's Political Scene 13 comes this week with the following updates, in addition of course to the note above. You read the news last week that ended on April 11, 2010 and here I will continue from that date.

Thanks to our loyal readers, we have more motivated people here to share their opinions and write useful comments. Thanks also to the new susbcribers to the mailing lists both at the HOA's Political Scene Network and the Wise Biz Newsletter. We hope to see more motivated and active sharing.

Once more again fellows, if it is about the convenient language to you, just write in your native language and I will take care of the rest. You can write in Arabic or even in Tigrinya and Amharic. I will test the techniques available for non-Latin characters and get back to you with some suggestions. Thanks.

The Frequent Updates:

Apr 12, 2010 – Somali Pirates have Real Estates Businesses outside Somalia! Somali piracy bloomed starting from the 21st century. However, it began in the early 1990s.

Apr 13, 2010 – Somali Refugees! The Somalis face difficult conditions in Kenya and some other places. Many of the Somali refugees are not registered refugees so they face violations to their human rights.

Apr 15, 2010 – Somalia! I tweaked this page and changed it to be the sitemap 6 and to include all the pages about Somalia. The recent political scene reveals that Somalia is desperate for mercy, love and peace. How could the country retain all that? You may have the answer. Share it to save a country. If not, suggest this website to those you know that they have the answer. We could all make something.

Apr 15, 2010 – Somali Troublemakers! Who are they? Are they al-Shabaab or other groups? However, while the international resolution failed until now to treat the Somali troublemakers and bring peace to Somalia, al-Shabaab know their agendas and their allies in the area.

Apr 16, 2010 – Horn of Africa! I tweaked this page too to be the sitemap 1 and comprise all the other pages about the Horn of Africa. The sitemap notes that, some leaders make the situations worse and this proves that the Nationals are not benefited yet from their national independence!

Apr 17, 2010 – Ethiopia! Who makes Ethiopia's political, business and love problems? There are always some doers to these problems. Problems in Ethiopia or in any place never happen alone!

Apr 17, 2010 – Ethiopian Election Violence raises fears while Ethiopia prepares the coming election this year! Seems that the decision makers do not need somebody to remind them to take care of bad expectations.

Apr 18, 2010 – Sudanese Election Results! How did the horse win the sole pace? The election results has no real meaning since the opposition boycotted to let them dance alone and flock together.

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Your Commitment: If you can make commitments on the weekends, you can schedule only 15 minutes to read 3 pages and another 15 minutes to post 3 comments on those 3 pages. Many thanks.

I will keep you updated to follow up and read what other people think about the entire political development in the Horn of Africa. I have great concerns on these political developments.

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